Soccer Manager 2023: Top 10 Best Utility Players that can play multiple positions

These versatile players have always got your back!

Winning the league title in football isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. There is a long journey to go before a team can be crowned champion, and in addition to the league, there can be several other competitions to compete in as well. With so many matches to play, it’s important to have a squad that can handle all those matches. Managers may have to rotate the starting XI to avoid injuries and control the fitness levels in the squad. These utility players are all important in Soccer Manager 2023 as well.

Having good squad depth and being able to rotate the team comfortably is key in the long run. One of the ways to manage the squad in this way is by investing in utility players. These players have a preferred position like everyone else, but they are also capable of playing in several different positions as well. So in essence, we are taking out multiple birds with just one stone. In this Soccer Manager 2023 article, we have picked out 10 of the best utility players varying from high budget to low budget. It might be worth considering one of these players to help cover any gaps in your squad.

Best Utility Players who can play in any Position in Soccer Manager 2023

1. Phil Foden (Manchester City)

Manchester City‘s 22-year-old star, Phil Foden, is a versatile attacker in Soccer Manager 2023. Foden excels in technical ability and creativity and is able to play as a striker, on the wing, and in midfield as well.

SM23 Utility Players - Phil Foden
Image by Invincibles Studio

What’s more though, Foden is still developing and has a high potential rating in SM23 of up to 99. Not only does Foden make an impact instantly, but he is also an investment for the future. This is a great signing to add quality and depth to the squad for years to come.

2. Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund)

Bellingham has shined on multiple big occasions in his career so far and is still only 19 years old. He is one of the most high-value wonderkids in Soccer Manager 23, and one of the reasons for that is his versatility.

SM23 Best Midfielders - Jude Bellingham Soccer Manager 2023 best utility players
Image by Invincibles Studio

Bellingham can adapt to multiple positions such as at the heart of midfield, as a DM, and as an attacking midfielder. In addition, he can also play as a winger on either side as well. This won’t be a cheap signing, but Bellingham is a potential superstar and he will likely live up to the price tag.

3. Achraf Hakimi (PSG)

Hakimi has proven to be one of the best wingbacks in football at the moment, but he can do even more than that in Soccer Manager 2023. With incredible running power and control, Hakimi is capable of playing anywhere on the right side, from right-back to right-wing.

SM23 Utility Players - Achraf Hakimi
Image by Invincibles Studio

That’s not all, Hakimi can also play an inverted role on the left side of the pitch, anywhere from left-back to left-wing. He could be a massive upgrade to the starting eleven already, but Hakimi is still 23 years old and can still develop further. He has a maximum potential of 97 in Soccer Manager 2023.

4. Thorgan Hazard (Borussia Dortmund)

Sometimes, a team might need experience from a utility player, someone that can come in, do the job, and set an example for the youngsters at the club. Thorgan Hazard can do just that – his best role is as a winger where he can make use of his speed, dribbling and finishing stats.

SM23 Utility Players - Thorgan Hazard
Image by Invincibles Studio

However, Hazard can also slot in as a creative attacking midfielder and can cover as far back as the fullback position. Furthermore, the fact that he is ambidextrous helps him to play naturally on either side of the pitch. This could be a great signing for an upper-level club looking to add depth to their first team.

5. Mauro Junior (PSV)

SM23 Utility Players - Mauro Junior Soccer Manager 2023 best utility players
Image by Invincibles Studio

23-year-old Mauro Junior offers a more budget alternative to Thorgan Hazard on this list of utility players in Soccer Manager 2023. Primarily a left back, Junior can also fill in on the wing, and can also play on the right side as a right back or a right winger too. His versatility comes coupled with a devastating pace and a great work rate. Mauro Junior is still young too and can develop to a potential rating of up to 87.

6. Siebe Schrijvers (OH Leuven)

SM23 Utility Players - Siebe Schrijvers
Image by Invincibles Studio

Whilst mainly a box-to-box central midfielder, Schrijvers has the versatility to play in attacking midfield and even across the front three too. At an affordable price, Schrijvers can add much-needed depth to help support the starting XI. The game also notes that Schirjvers is still developing at 25 years of age, which means he still has another year or two before he enters his prime.

7. Robert Bauer (Sint-Truidense VV)

SM23 Utility Players - Robert Bauer
Image by Invincibles Studio

Bauer plays primarily as a defensive midfielder in the Belgian league, however, his defensive skillset allows him to play in any position in the back four as well. He is a solid option to have behind the first team to cover in case of injuries or for rotation. At 27 years old, he is close to his peak but certainly still has a few years left to play at his best and so is worth considering for a move.

8. Devyne Rensch (Ajax)

SM23 Utility Players - Devyne Rensch Soccer Manager 2023 best utility players
Image by Invincibles Studio

The Ajax academy has always been great at producing young talents, and Rensch is more of the same. Mainly a ball-playing defender, Rensch can also play as a full-back or as a wing-back on either side and also covers for the defensive midfielder position. Still just 19 years of age, Rensch has a great potential of 93 to work to, and is definitely worth investing in.

9. Mario Barbery (Nacional Potosí)

Barbery plays for Bolivian side, Nacional Potosi. Whilst this team is in the game, it isn’t possible to be the manager of it yet. Not to worry though, it’s still possible to sign Barbery, and for an affordable price too. He can play in a whole host of different positions from left-wing to right-back.

SM23 Utility Players - Mario Barbery
Image by Invincibles Studio

It’s also worth noting that he’s just 20 years old too, and has a maximum potential of 78. Whilst this isn’t “wonderkid“-level, it’s still something worth working towards. For that price as well, this could be a player worth considering particularly for lower-league teams.

10. Peter Therkildsen (FK Haugesund)

Only two players in Soccer Manager 2023 can play in every central position: center-back, defensive-midfield, center-midfield, attacking-midfield, and finally as a striker. Therkildsen is one of those and he could be a good signing to consider for those lower-league clubs as part of road-to-glory campaigns.

SM23 Utility Players - Peter Therkildsen Soccer Manager 2023 best utility players
Image by Invincibles Studio

He only has 12 months left on his contract and so could be signed for cheap, or even for free in the next season, provided he doesn’t sign a new contract. This is more of a short-term option to consider as immediate cover for the first team in various different positions.

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