Soccer Manager 2023: Top 10 Best Wonderkids with high potential

Looking for some Bargain buys, Gaffer?

In the whole Soccer Manager franchise, finding wonderkids has always been one of the most exciting tasks. There are tons of players around the world who are yet to fully start their careers but still show signs of great potential. From South America to Europe, every corner of the world could have a hidden gem just waiting to be uncovered. Here is a list of 10 young players that you can sign for your squads in Soccer Manager 2023 (SM23).

Soccer Manager 23 boasts an impressive 35 different countries across three continent groups, so there is a countless number of wonderkids in the game. Unfortunately, though, not every wonderkid goes on to fulfil their utmost potential. These players need to be carefully developed and some projects could span over several seasons.

Eventually, they will either be useful to the starting eleven or sold for a bit of profit. In this article, we look at 10 special wonderkids in Soccer Manager 2023 that are worth investing in for the future. Some are fairly known and have already secured a contract at a top club whilst others are still waiting for their chance.

Best Wonderkids and Young Players in Soccer Manager 2023

1. Felipe Endrick (Palmeiras)

Arguably the best wonderkid in the game, Endrick is the striker of the future. At just 15 years old, the Brazilian has been in the headlines in real life. Recently, he made the switch to Real Madrid for a deal worth €70 million which had raised eyebrows.

Soccer Manager 23 Wonderkids - Felipe Endrick
Image by Invincibles Studio

However, Endrick’s potential is undeniably brilliant though and reaches as far as 99 in SM23. As he is very young, it is really important to manage Endrick’s development very carefully to ensure he can become the world-class striker he is destined to be.

2. Xavi Simons (PSV)

Simons recently signed a deal with PSV, having made the switch from PSG last year. It won’t be possible to sign him in the first couple of transfer windows, but he is still very worth keeping an eye on. In Soccer Manager 23, Simons has a brilliant potential rating that reaches up to 99.

Soccer Manager 23 Wonderkids - Xavi Simons
Image by Invincibles Studio

Primarily an attacking midfielder, Simons works best as an advanced playmaker, pulling the strings in midfield. That’s not all, the 19-year-old also offers versatility, and can deeper in midfield or on the wing, or even as a false 9.

3. Fernandes Kaiky (UD Almeria)

With a maximum potential of 98, Kaiky is a hidden gem in Soccer Manager 2023. He plays as a centre-back for the newly promoted Spanish side, UD Almeria. A natural defender, Kaiky offers great positional awareness and defensive stability, despite such a young age.

Soccer Manager 23 Wonderkids - Fernandes Kaiky
Image by Invincibles Studio

Although his preferred role is as a Stopper, Kaiky has decent passing which means he could be moulded into a good ball-playing CB, which is generally more suitable at the highest level of modern club football.

4. Gabriel Slonina (Chelsea)

Slonina recently signed for Chelsea for around $15 million, meaning it won’t be possible to sign him in the first season. However, he is certainly one to watch thereafter though. With a potential rating of up to 98, Slonina could well become a leading goalkeeper.

Soccer Manager 23 Wonderkids - Gabriel Slonina
Image by Invincibles Studio

At 18 years old, he is still very young and inexperienced so make sure to have a development plan in mind for him. Goalkeepers need game time more than anything, so a loan move is a good strategy here.

5. Warren Zaire-Emery (PSG)

16-year-old Zaire-Emery is one of the best youngsters to sign in to Soccer Manager 2023. He offers a potential of up to 98 and functions in midfield as a defensive, ball-winning midfielder.

Soccer Manager 23 Wonderkids - Warren Zaire-Emery
Image by Invincibles Studio

As he is playing for PSG, a high-reputation European giant, Zaire-Emery will not be cheap but based on how bright his future is looking, he is probably worth the investment.

6. Victor Kristiansen (FC Kobenhavn)

Soccer Manager 23 Wonderkids - Victor Kristainsen
Image by Invincibles Studio

Boasting heaps of natural pace and physicality, Kristiansen has the foundations to go on and become one of the best in his position. The 19-year-old is best suited on the left side of a defence where has the freedom to make runs up and down the pitch. With a maximum potential of 97, Kristiansen is a great investment in Soccer Manager 2023.

7. Andreas Schjelderup (FC Nordsjaelland)

Schjelderup likes to single out rival defenders in 1v1s on the wing. He has the speed and control to pin them back and create real problems for the opposition’s defence.

Soccer Manager 23 Wonderkids - Andreas Schjelderup
Image by Invincibles Studio

With a high potential of up to 96, Schjelderup could become one of the best in his position if his growth is managed well. Whilst he doesn’t offer immediate impact, the 18-year-old is a solid investment for the future and should not be too costly either.

8. Heriberto Jurado (Necaxa)

Jurado comes from one of the lesser-known corners of club football – he is a winger for Mexican side Necaxa. With good speed and passing stats, Jurado is capable of creating lots of chances for his teammates, and he also offers a bit of versatility in that he can play on either wing too.

Soccer Manager 23 Wonderkids - Heriberto Jurado
Image by Invincibles Studio

A potential of 96 in Soccer Manager 23 is enough to justify his place on this list. As Jurado only has 12 months left on his contract, it may be possible to sign him for a good price.

9. Julio Enciso (Brighton)

Soccer Manager 23 Wonderkids - Julio Enciso
Image by Invincibles Studio

Brighton‘s crop of youth players is showing signs of great potential. One of those players is Julio Enciso, a deep-lying forward with a particularly impressive pace and dribbling. His potential overall rating in SM23 can go as far as 96, meaning Enciso could find a place in the world-class category of forwards.

10. Barbosa Vanderlan (Palmeiras)

Image via SM23

Palmeira is the club behind the development of high-value youngster Endrick, but that’s not the only gem at the club. Vanderlan is a left-back who is still raw at the moment but has a bright future ahead of him. With a potential of 94 in SM23, Vanderlan could be shaped into a world-beating wingback under the right management.

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