Soccer Manager 2024: The complete Regens Guide and Tips

Find the future legends of the game

Regens in football manager simulation games are quite common, but are sometimes awkward topics, and can be very confusing in how they work or why they even exist in the first place. This is pretty much the same for Soccer Manager 2024 as well; regens very well exist but are difficult to understand for many of us players. Luckily, we are here to break down what regens are, why they exist, and how you can find them in Soccer Manager 2024.

Introducing the Regens in Soccer Manager 2024

In simple words, regens are close copies of players that are created when that player retires, hence the term regen (regenerate). For example, once Cristiano Ronaldo retires in your save, you can no longer find him anywhere in the game. That’s because as a retired player, he no longer exists in the world of SM24. However, the twist is that he might still exist, just not as Cristiano Ronaldo.

Soccer Manager 2022 Regens
Image by Invincibles Studio

In the image above from last year, 2 players are shown. The player on the left is Cristiano Ronaldo, and on the right is a 17-year-old called Ahmed Marmoush. Compare the attributes of Ronaldo and Marmoush. Both of them have the same preferred positions, roles, and strong feet, as well as similar attributes for weight and height. Marmoush is the regen of Ronaldo, who will have retired in this save and has been replaced by Marmoush.

Players that retire in SM24 are replaced by a youth regen, so eventually, you will start to get regens of regens, if you choose to play that far into the career.

Understanding the Regens in Soccer Manager 2024

Regens tend to spawn into the game as youth wonder kids. They may appear at other clubs, or in the free-agents list as well. As with all youth players, regens will spawn in with a low overall, but their potential will be around the peak of the player it is a regen for.

For example, a player that had a peak overall of 94 would have a regen with a potential around 94. The stats of the regen will also likely be different from the original player. The regen of Messi may not have identical stats to Messi, or may not even reach that level at all. It all depends on how the player’s growth is managed. Keeping track of a player’s contract who is old or you think might retire would be the best place to start.

SM24 Luka Modric
Image via Invincibles Studio

Focus on the player’s development to allow them to reach their potential. To summarise, regens are just normal youth players, like the ones you can get from your youth academy intake. The only difference is that the regens share similarities with other players who have retired, which makes it easier to understand their play style and potential.

However, do note that not all youngsters are necessarily regens. There may be some high-potential wonder kids who don’t share a resemblance with familiar players.

How to find regens in Soccer Manager 2024

It’s all well and good knowing the A about regens, but finding them is the tough part. Below is a list of tips and tricks you can use to quickly and easily find regens and pick up the next world-beaters.

1. Keep tracking the free agent’s list

SM24 Scout Report Free Agent
Image via Invincibles Studio

The free-agent list is your best friend in Soccer Manager 24. During transfer windows, filter by players under 21 and sort by the value. You might see a few players with low overall but with pretty high value, these could all be top wonder kids and might have some regens hidden amongst them.

2. Keep an eye on the older players

It would be helpful to know who you’re looking for when you’re trying to find a regen in SM24. Keep a tab on the older footballers in your save, such as Messi, Ronaldo, Modric, Benzema, etc, as these are the ones expected to be retiring earliest. Once the players are no longer in the game, a regen should pop up soon, so it will be easier to find them, knowing who they are a regen of.

3. Know what to look for in potential regens

There are a few things to look out for when researching potential Soccer Manager 24 regens, which are as follows:

  • Preferred positions (exact match)
  • Preferred role (exact match)
  • Preferred foot (exact match)
  • Weight/Height (close to exact)
  • 3D facial features (close to exact)

The first 3 should be an exact match with the original player, whilst the player’s weight and height should be close. You can also compare the 3D face visuals of the regen and the original, as they should be quite similar as well.

4. Use the Soccer Wiki website to find Soccer Manager 24 regens

SM23 Soccer Wiki Website
Image via Soccer Wiki

The Soccer Wiki website is actually where Soccer Manager 2024 gets some of their player data, including images, positions, and roles. Use this website as a tool to compare the stats you find on a regen since when the player retires, you can’t find them in the game.

5. Use the Soccer Manager Discord server

The official Soccer Manager Discord server has a dedicated section where the key decisive attributes of the player about to retire are showcased in an easy-to-read list. This is another great tool to identify players who are about to retire and use the parameters to find consequent regens.

Did you find our Soccer Manager 2024 regens guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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