Soccer Manager 2024: The Complete Scouting Guide and Tips

Find the gem among the pebbles with the best filters and scouting tips!

Scouting is one of the most important aspects of club management to sign great talents, and in Soccer Manager 2024, it isn’t any different. The process of evaluating and recruiting players is done by scouts to assess the skills, strengths, and weaknesses of athletes to determine their suitability for a team. To find the best additions most suited to their requirements, scouts travel all over the place in search of the next new signing. So, we brought you the complete guide on scouting in Soccer Manager 2024 to help you find the next best player for your squad.

In Soccer Manager 2024, building a good Scouting Network can be a very helpful tool when it comes to signing new players in the transfer window. Not only does it help profile key players to accurately pick out which ones suit the team better, but scouting also reveals hidden talent that may not initially be on the shortlist already.

Upgrading the Scouting Facility in Soccer Manager 2024

In the beginning, the Scouting Network facility may have some limitations, but it’s advisable to invest in early upgrades. Upgrading the Scouting Network yields several benefits, including a reduction in report return time, an increase in the number of available scouts, and an improvement in the accuracy of their assessments in the compatibility offered to your club.

Soccer Manager 2024 Scouting Process
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Having about three-fourths of the scouts assigned for basic scouting is generally sufficient. While some scouts can be sent on specific assignments, it’s wise to leave a few unassigned, allowing flexibility in case you need more detailed information about a particular player.

Understanding the Scout Reports

Following each assignment, scouts present a comprehensive list of players they’ve assessed, presented in a structured format. This format typically includes various filtering options, allowing you to tailor your analysis. Alongside these filter choices, the scouts highlight a selection of players who, based on their evaluations, appear to be the best fit for your club’s requirements.

SM24 Scout Report
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Every time a new scouting assignment is returned, it’s a good idea to run through and clean up the analyzed players. For any player on inspection that does not fit your vision, simply click the bin icon to remove them from the report. Once the report builds up with more players, the names you definitely don’t want won’t obscure the view. Below are a couple of things important to look out for on this menu.

Potential Rating

In a few of the player reports, you can get to see a Potential bar with a rating mentioned. This element will only show for players under a certain age cap. Depending on which kind of player you’re looking for, there are 2 ways the potential can be interpreted. For potential starter players who are expected to make an instant impact, the higher the potential the better.

Soccer Manager 2024 Scouting Potential
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However, for Wonderkids, look at the difference between the current rating and the potential rating as well. A greater difference in the range shows that the player has a lot of room for growth. In addition, a low current rating might also impact the price of the player.


The report also outlines how well the player would fit into the squad given the squad dynamics. Obviously, over time, players naturally try to adapt to the environment around them. However, if the player in question should be making an instant impact on the starting XI, they should fit in well before signing. With most youngsters, this makes less of an impact as they are intended as long-term options anyway.

Best Scouting Filters in SM24

1. Valuable Youngsters

Soccer Manager 2024 Scout Report Young
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Most of the fresh Wonder Kids come under the 18-year-old range, but this could be raised to 21 if needed. The Player Value function is a very good way of singling out the higher potential players, and so anyone that young, with a value of 10 million+ will very likely be a youngster with a high ceiling.

2. Loan-Listed Youngsters

Soccer Manager 2024 Scout Report Loan Listed
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It is very common for the leading clubs to loan-list their youngsters as they may not find regular playing time in the first team. The above filter is a great way to pick out the more valuable youngsters on the loan list and could help uncover some hidden gems. Actually loaning them is also a good method to get players for lower-league teams.

3. Youth Free Agents

SM24 Scout Report Free Agent
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The Free Agents list slowly becomes a source for some of the best youngsters in the game, including regens. Rather than regularly checking in to see what’s new, a scout assignment is a nifty trick to get someone else to do the job for you. Again, the maximum age is set at 18 in the filter, but for younger stars, 21 and below is another alternative.

4. Transfer-Listed Players

SM24 Scout Report Listed
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Clubs commonly look to offload some of their fringe players throughout the season and transfer-listing them is a great way to attract interest. With this filter, the aim is more to try and pick up some cheap squad players for the short term. You can also set a minimum value say 10 million for just a way of getting rid of the players that might not be good enough, but this can be altered accordingly.

5. Contract Expiry

SM24 Scout Report Contract Expiry
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Managers can approach players with less than 12 months left on their current contract, to sign them on a pre-contract agreement. Essentially, you offer them a contract, and if they agree, they’ll automatically transfer over as soon as their contract ends. The filter above helps identify the best bunch out of these players. Additional filters like value and age might come in handy as well, for picking out the more valuable names.

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