Soccer Rally Beginners Guide and Tips

Sharpen your skills and become a Soccer Rally Champion!

Soccer Rally is a football and sports car-based game developed by Lava Skull LTD, where you take control of a car and play soccer with another player via that car. The intent of the gameplay is pretty simple as your sole objective is to score the most goals in the given time limit. The fast-paced intense game is mostly based on 2v2 mode, making you choose and build a stellar car while you become a soccer pro. Players can find leisurely fun in this fun game, and to help those players we have this Soccer Rally Beginners Guide walkthrough of the game to guide any beginner through the initial phases of the game.

Game Overview

In the beginning, the game throws you into a tutorial match where it will explain all the features and mechanics of the game like how to control your car and use Nitro for a speed boost. It features 2 game modes 1v1 duel and 2v2 Team.

Image via Lava Skull LTD

It is basically what it says for the former game mode you will play against another player and for the latter, you will form a team of two to play against another team of two. The game tells you to first play 3 matches to unlock ranked matches. Playing the 3 matches will unlock an active skill called magnet at match 2 and a car named Hurricane at match 3 unlocking the ranked matches just after that.

Introducing the Basics of Soccer Rally

This game has two types of in-game currencies, one is named SRD, the main currency which can be used to upgrade your car or buy packs from the store. The second currency is skill points which are used to upgrade and unlock skills in your skills tree.

In-game Rewards

Every day you get a chance to spin a wheel to get prizes like SRD or a Car. You can spin up to 5 times a day and you have the option to change the prizes on the wheel. You also have the option to buy and spin the premium wheel to get premium prizes.

There is also a Daily Reward System which rewards you with prizes daily as you log in to the game starting from day 1 you get a  Rally Car till day 7 where you get an Infinity GT car between rewards are SP and SRDs. Also, you have the Academy where you can get SRD after you complete a certain task in a certain field like Attack, Defense, or Basic Training.

In-game Profile

Profile in game
Image via Lava Skull LTD

On the top left side there is your profile which shows your player card with MVPs Win% and Win streak along with your current skill loadout which you have equipped and the page also shows you your current statistics of playing the game like Wins, Shots, Clears, Loses, Goals, Saves, Matches, Conceded and MVPs. There is also the option for you to choose the region you want to play in which you can change anytime you want to.

Multiplayer mode

After you unlock ranked and you start playing the ranked matches you start getting RP and you get ranked based on your RP, the rank goes up as follows

Competitive scene Soccer Rally Beginners Guide
Image via Lava Skull LTD
  • Bronze I 
  • Bronze II 
  • Bronze III
  • Silver I 
  • Silver II 
  • Silver III
  • Gold I 
  • Gold II 
  • Gold III
  • Platinum I 
  • Platinum II 
  • Platinum III
  • Diamond I 
  • Diamond II 
  • Diamond III
  • Master 
  • Grandmaster Legend

There is also a leaderboard where you can see where you rank among the world’s top players!


This game features multiple types of skills which you can use to change the tide of the game. There are 2 types of skills Active and Passives.

Image via Lava Skull LTD
  • Active: These are skills that you use by your command during a match. 1 active skill named Shockwave is activated by default when you start playing the game. If trying to unlock ranked you will unlock the Magnet Skill. There are a total of 15 active skills for you to master.
  • Passive: These, as the name explains, are skills that activate themselves when you start playing the game without the user intervening in between. In this section there too are 15 skills for you to master some of which can be very useful like Nitro Regen, Srd earner, and Quick Cooldown.

Introducing the in-game Cars

There are four tiers of cars which you can use and are Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary, as the name says Common cars are the lowest tier of cars and has the car you begin with called Invert and there is the Legendary tier where there are the best cars. You can unlock more cars as you start getting card packs. You can also upgrade your car to make it better and gain an advantage over the opponent.

 Car Customization and its advantages

There is a huge range of customization in this game. Starting with your own profile customization where you have the option of choosing your own avatar among 45 different available avatars. You can buy avatars using SRD.

Image via Lava Skull LTD

In your profile, there are also options of selecting your own profile banner among 68 available designs from which you can choose and equip any after buying it with SRD. There are emojis that you can equip in your loadout in-game to show to your opponents and team expressing your current feelings while playing the game. Emojis can also be bought using SRD. Then you have patterns that you can apply to your car for amazing visuals and design. There are 60 different patterns for you to unlock and apply!

There are 59 available decals that you can apply to your car and make it look much cooler! Also, there are 24 shades of color you can apply to your car to make it more unique. These shades differ as you select different team colors. Lastly, there are 41 different Nitro types you can customize from so when you use a nitro in-game it will show your desired effect.

Soccer Rally Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Soccer Rally is a game of dexterity, patience, and endurance where winning a game largely depends on the skills one inherits. Here are some of our tips in our Soccer Rally Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

Soccer Rally release
Image via Lava Skull LTD
  • Make sure to collect your daily rewards because on day 7 you get a premium car Infiniti GT which can give you an edge above others as in this game different cars have different stats.
  • Make sure to use your SP (Skill Points) on the skill tree wisely, read the description of the skill before unlocking it.
  • Use your nitro in the game wisely and only if it’s really needed during that moment.
  • Save up your SRD and buy card packs to get as many cars as possible for your play style.
  • Do spin the wheel daily to get prizes as they give you cars and a lot of SRD and SP.

Final Thoughts

Soccer Rally is a really fun game with rocket league vibes that gets really competitive in between matches, the mechanics are smooth and easy to understand, and the skills and skill tree they provide can really change the tide of the game if used at the right time. The game also is really fun to play in the 2v2 team mode where you and your teammate team up against the opponent player to score and win all the games. Additionally, if you love all things car and might be looking to buy one, you may consider availing car title loans.

Your profile is public to the world for you to flex your stats. You can also join Soccer Rally’s Discord Server which is there on the main home screen. So go ahead and give it a try! If you find trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back on this Soccer Rally beginners guide for tips.

That’s all for the Soccer Rally Beginners Guide! Did you find our Soccer Rally beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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