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Soul Knight Prequel: Tips to level up easily in the game

Retain valuable tips to destroy the monsters swiftly!

Soul Knight Prequel is a pixel-art action RPG offered by ChillyRoom. The game’s story begins before the events of Soul Knight take place. The game requires you to slash monsters and showcase your class skills in front of the bosses and their minions to walk the way to victory. If you are starting with the game recently, take a look at our Soul Knight Prequel: Beginners Guide for some of the best tips out of there! Additionally, some of the finest tips would be of great help in the healthy progress of your character. Thus, keep up with our Soul Knight Prequel: Tips to level up piece to upgrade yourself at a quick pace in between the challenges in your journey. 

How to level up easily in Soul Knight Prequel 

Following these valuable tips, the players can level up easily in the game:

1. Allot Stat Points

You obtain Stat Points as a reward when you level up during the quest. These points can be allotted to the basic stats governing the gameplay for better progress. Strength(STR), Dexterity(DEX), and Intelligence(INT) are the three primary attributes in the game.

Soul Knight Prequel Stats
Image via ChillyRoom

They affect your health and attack power, speed and evasion rate, and mana regeneration and magical capabilities respectively. The Stat Points enhance these attributes and allow you to deal higher damage compared to your previous stages.

2. Upgrading the Skills

There are two types of skills in Soul Knight Prequel: Active and Passive. The active deal damage during fights and have a cooldown period. These skills can be only used when set up in the Skills panel. The passive skills are permanently effective and help you to achieve buffs and stat bonuses.

Soul Knight Prequel Skills
Image via ChillyRoom

The Skill points are also one of the assets obtained when your character levels up. They are handy in upgrading class skills depending on the primary, secondary, or prestige class you choose at their respective stages. The upgraded class grants improved skills that destroy your enemies efficiently. 

3. Collect Fatebound Nodes

The Fatebound Nodes are a necessary asset for any equipment in the game. Every equipment has three properties including Stats, Fatebound Effect, and Modifiers. Among the three, the Fatebound effect arises from the synergy of different items that are linked by the same Fatebound Nodes.

Soul Knight Prequel Fatebound nodes
Image via ChillyRoom

When you equip a gear having the same Fatebound Nodes, the respective effect becomes active. The effect enhances the gear mechanism and offers better support during combats. Thus, it is always advisable to collect the Fatebound Nodes if encountered on your way. 

4. Use Charge-Up Attacks

The Charge-Up attacks are special attacks enabled after holding the respective skill button down. The direction is set after holding the skill button and released to activate the attack. The charge-ups focus on the enemies within the circle and they cost some amount of mana.

Soul Knight Prequel combat
Image via ChillyRoom

A charge-up attack inflicts higher damage on the enemies. More and more opponents are killed at a fast pace if you have a sufficient amount of mana to activate the charge-up attacks. This enables you to level up swiftly without taking much effort. 

Final Thoughts

Soul Knight Prequel is an amazing dungeon-crawler theme game that features loot farming. The game offers a range of playstyles and skills to keep you invested in the game. The various class distinctions along with exciting quests are also one of the aspects that pull the audience towards the game.

The above-mentioned tips give you the insight to gain a headstart for better combats and game progression. Therefore, keep up with our Soul Knight Prequel: Tips to Level article to justly move ahead in your adventure. 

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