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Soul Knight Prequel Character Class Tier List

Eliminate your enemies with the lead class character!

Soul Knight Prequel is a pixelated action RPG offered by the famous developers, ChillyRoom. The game involves you, role-playing as a character of an impactful class, making it easier for you to defeat your enemies. Each of the class has distinctive abilities and skill sets. However, along with the presence of powerful classes comes the confusion of selecting the finest one among all. It gets pretty simple when you just have to follow our Soul Knight Prequel class tier list to get a precise idea of which class you should be putting your attention to.

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Soul Knight Prequel Character Class Tier List

If you are wondering how many classes are there and what is the best class, then let me tell you, Soul Knight Prequel comes with 15 classes: 6 Primary and 9 Prestige/combined, for you to choose for your character in the game. The classes are categorised into 5 Tiers: S, A, B, C, and D where S signifies the best characters in Soul Knight Prequel.

TierCharacter Class
Strong (S)Assassin, Bastion,
Elementalist, Pyroknight
Good (A)Warrior, Artillerist,
Ranger, Stormblade
Average (B)Aegis, Archer,
Fair (C)Tempest Mage, Thief
Poor (D)Stormwarden, Warliege

Best Primary Character Classes in Soul Knight Prequel

Let us learn about all the Primary character classes with this Soul Knight Prequel tier list you can choose within the game:

1. Warrior Class

The Warrior class is one of the primary classes at the time of character creation. The class character specializes in close-range combats, with weapons such as swords, lances, greatswords, and shield types. They are known for extremely self-proclaiming behaviour towards their enemies and are easy to handle during combats.

Soul Knight Prequel class - Warrior
Image via ChillyRoom

They do not excel much in the speed department but deal great damage to their opponents. The main influencing factor of this class is the Strength (STR) stat. Warriors serve as the component with Thief, Aegis, and Pyromancer classes to form combined classes Assasin, Warliege, and Pyroknight respectively. 

2. Aegis Class

The Aegis class is one of the six primary classes. The class character excels in its defence capabilities. The influencing factor for the Aegis class is the Strength (STR) stat. The active skills of this class allow you to deploy a force barrier that absorbs any forthcoming damage and activates buffs for the character’s allies.

Soul Knight Prequel class - Aegis
Image via ChillyRoom

The attacks deal more damage when they have Resolve in them. The Aegis class serves as one of the main components in forming secondary classes that include Warliege, Bastion, and Stormwarden. The other primary components are Warrior, Archer, and Tempest Mage respectively. 

3. Archer Class

Archer is another primary class you witness while creating their character. They specialize in inflicting damage from the long range. The main factor governing the stats for this class is Dexterity (DEX). The active skills are proficient in avoiding enemy attacks while performing normal attacks of their own.

Image via ChillyRoom

The Archers can mark their enemies to slow them down and release arrows in a fitting position to directly inflict the nearby enemies. The class serves as the main component in secondary classes Ranger (also called Rogue) with the Thief class, Artillerist with the Pyromancer class, and Bastion. Thus it is placed at number 3 on this Soul Knight Prequel tier list.

4. Pyromancer Class

Pyromancer, a primary class, focuses on dealing damage with magic. Fire damage is still the best among all the elements. The active skills enable you to send multiple fireballs forward to track the enemies, and the nearby allies’ weapons gain the flaming enhancement. The Flamethrower unleashes flames in the shape of a frontal cone with high chances to burn your enemies.

Image via ChillyRoom

The prime guide factor of the Pyromancer class is intelligence (INT). The Pyromancers combine with other classes such as Archer, Warrior, and Tempest Mage to produce combined classes Artillerist, Pyroknight, and Elementalist respectively. 

5. Tempest Mage Class

Tempest Mage is among the six primary classes in Soul Knight Prequel. This class of characters excel in magic damage where Ice and Shock are the prominent elements of this mastery. The skills involving Shock summon a lighting blast to eliminate the targets and trigger a chain reaction that branches into additional shock arcs.

Image via ChillyRoom

The active skills corresponding to Ice release multiple icicles against the enemies. The influencing factor of the Tempest Mages are Intelligence (INT) stat. The secondary classes emerging from this class are Stormblade with the Thief class, Stormwarden, and Elementalist.

6. Thief Class

The last of all the primary classes, the Thief class, deals great physical damage. The Thief class possesses skill sets that enhance Agility, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage. They are not means for head-on combats but some of the fusion classes make up for the lack of healing skills.

Soul Knight Prequel Thief class
Image via ChillyRoom

The active skills allow you to throw multiple daggers at the enemies while avoiding their attacks to trigger a second time on the cast. The main deciding factor for the Thief class is Dexterity (DEX). They serve as one of the components in forming the secondary classes that include Assasin, Ranger, and Stormblade.

How to change your Class in Soul Knight Prequel

As you launch the game, you must create a character you want to roleplay. The characters can be customized based on face, hairstyle, and hair colour options. You are required to select the gender for your character. After all the modifications have been made, type down a name that will represent your character. Then comes the class selection out of the six primary ones.

Following our Soul Knight Prequel class tier list, you have a precise idea about the classes you should keep in your options. Choose a desirable class and start your tutorial. Now, how do we change or switch between the different classes within the game? You are allowed to create Eight characters in total. Each one of them can have a different class or the same class can be repeated for different characters.

Soul Knight Prequel Character selection
Image via ChillyRoom

All the characters along with their class, name, and level, created so far will be displayed on the screen once you click on Tap to Start. You need to select a character to switch between the different classes in this manner and press the tick icon to begin or continue where you left off in the game. 

The skill sets are received according to the class you select to begin your journey. The locked ones will be available as you level up your other unlocked skills. Also, when one of your created characters reaches level 5, you are allowed to choose three other basic classes depending on the class you chose initially. These are termed as Secondary classes.

When you further reach to level 8, a Prestige class arises from the combination of two basic classes. Check out this Soul Knight Prequel Level Up guide to know how to be quick with your progress. The choices available for the Prestige classes are governed by the primary and secondary classes chosen in the previous levels.

Each class character begins the game from ground zero and the rate at which it progresses will highly depend on how you function with the powerful abilities of that class. There’s also Season system added in the game recently if you don’t know already.

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