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Nexus War: Civilization: Tips to level up easily in the game

Advance in Nexus War with these reliable tips!

Nexus War: Civilization is an open-world strategic game developed by Phantix Games. In this game, the players need to redevelop their city and take revenge upon the invaders of their home planet. In such a case, the player feels the need to advance themselves and rank up in the game to achieve the motive of their lost planet, Origin Star. To counter this issue, they can check out some of the best ways following which the players can become more powerful and rise in the race through our Nexus War: Civilization Level Up piece. 

How to level up easily in Nexus War: Civilization

Follow up on these reliable tips to become powerful:

1. Prioritise Defeating The Astras

The Astras are the prime enemies of the players. These are the creatures that invaded Origin Star ages ago and drained the life out of their home planet. The players will hunt down places to search for the Astras either within the City or through the World Map.

Nexus War Civilisation Gameplay
Image via Phantix Games

After locating a possible Astra, the players need to form an army and assign a strong hero to lead the unit. The rest is assured by the hero and his/her army. Defeating the Astras provides the players with various in-game resources and items that help them function across their city.

2. Lead Troops with a Suitable Hero

There are three major units of army in the game: Artillery, Infantry, and Tank. Corresponding to this, the players will get to see four classes of heroes namely: Artillery, Infantry, Tank, and Balanced. Apart from the Balanced heroes, the rest three classes are unbalanced.

Nexus War Civilisation Heroes
Image via Phantix Games

For instance, the Artillery class hero is suitable for troops having artillery skills. Although, Balanced heroes are capable of leading all types of units. So the players need to assign heroes that are capable of leading the correct troop type in order to activate their skills on the field and defeat the enemies easily.

3. Participate in Events regularly

The players will witness several events held in the Event Center of the game. Some of the current going on events include Surging Power, The Rise of Cities, and Lord of Origin. The players should participate in the ongoing events to stay active and progress regularly in Nexus War.

Nexus War Civilisation Event Center
Image via Phantix Games

The players can increase power to obtain rich rewards such as General Accelerators, Rare Beacon, and Epic Beacon, and basic resources such as Origems, Talac, Megafruit, and Cohegen. Following and completing the latest tasks will ensure their progression over the game.

4. Research new Technologies

As the technology becomes more advanced and specialized in your city, we recommend building a large scientific complex to ensure steady research progress and allocate our lab resources more efficiently.

Nexus War Civilisation research center
Image via Phantix Games

The Research Center is the scientific hub of the City, capable of conducting scientific research such as for GMO Crops, Fusion Reactors, Construction Robots, Laser Cutting, and many more. Also, by mobilizing available resources, the players can achieve breakthroughs in almost every field and level up in the race to revenge upon the Astras. 

Final Thoughts

By way of tiers, progressing beforehand in any creation is the prime motive of the players. Nexus War Level Up piece presents the players with a stable idea of ways to rise above in combat and kill enemies at a faster fee to be ranked as the ultimate player worldwide. Therefore, comply with this exact piece in case you’re a beginner to know about the lead approaches to degree up faster in Nexus War: Civilization

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