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Soul Land Reloaded Beginners Guide and Tips

Awaken your soul power in Soul Land!

Soul Land Reloaded is a story-based idle gacha RPG that has been directly inspired by the Soul Land light novel. Although its game mechanics are nothing spectacular than most idle gacha RPGs, its plot and story are worth investing in. The game also has several distinct game mechanics that are different from other RPGs available. In this Soul Land Reloaded beginners guide, you will learn about the game mechanics and gameplay of Soul Land Reloaded as well as the elements needed to form a proper team. There are other game modes other than the story mode, so you will learn about those as well.

Getting started with the basics of Soul Land Reloaded

1. Story Mode

The story mode of the game closely follows the Soul land light novel and you can play it for yourself from the Story option that can be found on the game’s main menu. The story mode is quite simple as it consists of several stages – each themed around a different biome with a variety of different enemies to defeat.

Story mode
Story mode

Each stage consists of several levels within them and also boss battles in the middle of those levels. Each level has several rounds with 2 rounds being the most common before boss battles. On each level, you can earn a maximum of 3 stars depending on how much damage you took and how many of your soul masters have been defeated. Each stage has a star gauge that rewards you with chests filled with many items such as Martial Soul Essence, Diamonds, and Gold Coins.

Soul Land Reloaded Game play
Soul Land Reloaded Beginners Guide Gameplay

Each stage has a different star requirement and offers 3 chests, trying to get all stars to receive all 3 chests. The Story mode consists of 3 different difficulties: Normal, Elite, and Epic; the latter two will be unlocked after you have completed the first two stages in the Normal difficulty.

Unlike Normal difficulty, Elite and Epic difficulty levels consist of only boss fights so there are no normal levels. But like Normal mode, you can also acquire stars to unlock chests as well.

2. Combat System

The combat system is very plain and straightforward similar to other idle RPGs in the market: Select characters to form a team, each having the same or different classes and they face off against a wave of enemies. The soul masters attack the enemy on their own and do not require much interaction from the player unless you choose to move a character to a different location in the battlefield to evade enemy attacks.

combat system
Combat system

But one thing that makes Soul Land Reloaded stand out from other idle RPGs is that you have the ability to choose whether or not you want the Soul Master’s abilities to be automated or not. This is a game-changing mechanic for an idle genre game because it allows the player to choose how the battle turns out.

3. Soul Master Class System

The combat outcome of a battle heavily depends on what class Soul Masters are in your team. You cannot hope to win all battles with Soul Master of Atk class or Def class – a good balance of all classes is needed.

 Soul master class
Soul master class

There are fundamentally 4 different Soul Masterclasses in the game:

  1. Defense
  2. Heal
  3. P.Atk or Physical Attack
  4. M.Atk or Magical Attack
  • Defense class Soul Masters are very tanky and can act as the shield and lightning rod for the entire team. They often distract the enemy by only attacking them while the P.Atk or M.Atk class masters dish out the enemies. Defense class masters can withstand heavy damages for a long time due to their high defense but generally do not have high Atk. To keep them alive for a long while, put a Heal class master in the team as well.
  • Heal class becomes a very vital piece of a well-constructed strategy as well as making your team persistent against strong enemies. If you have a good defense class master distracting the enemy while your heal class master is healing it, you will have enough opportunity to use your Atk class masters to clear up the enemy.
  • P.Atk and M.Atk classes are the most important classes of the game. They deal damage to the enemy and help you move on to the next stage. However, there is a difference in the pattern of both of these classes – P.Atk soul masters tend to have very short attacking range and therefore they need to be directly in front of the enemy to deal damage. In the case of M.Atk soul masters, they also attack the enemy but unlike P.Atk class, they attack the enemy from a long distance – essentially making them invulnerable against P.Atk-type enemies.

4. Game Menu

One of the best things about Soul Land reloaded is the abundance of game modes it offers, if you do not want to play just the story mode – there are several other things for you to explore and enjoy

Soul Land Reloaded Game menu
Game menu

Story Mode

The Story mode has already been discussed above but it should be noted that you can play the story mode repeatedly for several benefits. Playing the story mode not only lets you gain XP over and over again but also can be used to farm items needed for Soul Master breakthroughs. So you will often discover yourself playing the story mode repeatedly in order to grind materials to level up your soul masters.


The Arena might be the most favorite of all game modes if you are a fan of PvP battles. Arena battles are locked at first and have to be unlocked after playing the story mode. In this mode, you will encounter several other real-world players who are ranked according to their BP, Battle Power. You will get the opportunity to duel your team against another player’s team in order to take their rank.


Sadly, Arena battles are limited to only 5 rounds per day so you have to choose wisely who you choose to battle. The BP of each player is displayed under their nameplate along with the rank they hold. You should ideally battle players with a slightly lower BP and a rank higher than yours to ensure victory. Unfortunately, manual control of the soul masters is disabled in this mode and instead, the game AI will do the fighting for you.

Slaughter City

If you played the Elite difficulty of the story mode, then Slaughter City mode will seem much familiar to you – but there are some nuances in this mode that makes this gameplay totally different from the story mode. In Slaughter city, you will be faced with 3 stages of enemies of increasing difficulty in every round. After you clear all 3 stages, you will be rewarded with the Stage Treasure Chest that contains different materials or Gold coins, or Diamonds.

Slaughter city
Slaughter city

Afterward, you will be given a choice of 3 to get a buff from. Usually, you are given to choose Atk, Def, Acc, Eva, Block, etc buffs at random. These buffs make your team get an additional stat boost while in this game mode. The mode continues and you keep accumulating stars until you get defeated and the streak breaks. This game mode has different winning conditions: you may be required to defeat the enemy within a time limit, HP limit, or even death limits.

Soulforce Trial

Soulforce Trial is not a game mode, instead, it offers your team stat boosts if you can complete certain tasks and move forward in the Soul Master Trials. In Soulforce Trial, you are given a title and you are required to meet certain conditions in order to move to the next title.

The general rules are that you meet the conditions mentioned at the bottom of the current trial and when both conditions are fulfilled, the “Light Up” will glow up for you to move to the next trial.

The last trial of each title requires you to hit a minimum BP requirement before you can click the challenge button. You will be conferred a new title after clearing this stage. Getting new titles will boost your HP, ATK, P.DEF, and M.DEF attributes.

Douluo Martial Soul

Douluo Martial Soul
Douluo Martial Soul

Douluo Martial Soul is similar to the Soulforce trial but is much different as well in terms of how it operates. It Soul is a constellation tree type mechanism that requires Martial Soul Essence to activate, which you can find from chests. Each constellation tree has 4 fragments that offer different stat boosts to your team when activated such as Def, Atk, M.def, and P.Def. There are 22 separate constellation trees for you to fill up, and for every tree, you activate – your team gets more and more strong and versatile.


Soul Land Reloaded Sect

The sect is what is commonly known in other popular RPGs as clans. Sects serve a simple yet powerful purpose of uniting players in order to compete or play Soul-Beast Invasion together. Other features such as chat, resource trade are commonplace in Sects.

Soul Hall

Soul Hall is the cornerstone of the game’s gacha element. You will find yourself pulling for high-tier Soul Masters as you discover that high powerful and versatile higher-tier Soul Masters are compared to lower-tier ones. In Soul Hall, you can use a specific currency called the Pontiff and Elder Decree in order to summon new Soul Masters.

Soul Hall
Soul Hall

There is a Normal summon and a Premium summon for you to choose from. Normal summons gives you 5 free chances to summon soul masters with a guaranteed A or A+ tier soul master shards after 9 summons if you haven’t already. Afterward, you can summon more soul master shards using Elder Decree.

Premium Summons gives a free chance to summon afterward you have to use Pontiffs to summon soul masters. A premium summons has a sure chance of summoning an A+ shard or a complete soul master after 10 summons.

Trial Treasure House

Treasure House
Trial Treasure House

Trial treasure house is a fun game mode that allows you to battle as well as farm resources such as gold coins, Soulforce vials, and soul ring breakthrough or enhancement items. For each ‘House’, you can only challenge 2 times for free and you have the liberty of defeating all the enemies to get the maximum amount of resources.

Soul Beast Invasion

Soul Beast Invasion
Soul-Beast Invasion

Soul-Beast Invasion mode houses a powerful soul beast that cannot be easily defeated within the time limit. The soul beast is a mega boss in the game and requires you to damage it in multiple rounds within a limit of 10 rounds or fight alongside your Sect-mates to defeat it. Upon defeating the soul beast, you will be awarded Soul-Beast Spirit which you can use to redeem items from the Soul-Beast shop.


The shop is an essential mechanic to every game out there in order to speed up your level up. However, unlike most RPGs Soul Land Reloaded has a wide variety of shop classifications within the main shop. There are Grocery, Soul Master Shop, Arena Shop, Slaughter Shop, and Soul-Beast Shop.

  • Grocery: In grocery you can use Gold coins as well as diamonds to buy various items such as soul master shards, Soulforce vials, etc.
  • Soul Master Shop accepts diamonds as well as an item called Soul Stone to buy items such as soul master shards, cultivation stones, and breakthrough materials.
  • Arena Shop sells items similar to Soul master shop but they accept only diamonds and Arena coins for each purchase.
  • Slaughter Shop has a wide array of items such as shards, cultivation stones, and ring break-through stone, and enhancement dust as well – they also accept diamonds and a currency called slaughter coin.

Finally, the Soul-Beast Shop is no different than other shops with its exclusive items being Necklace breakthrough stones and Necklace enhancement dust. They also sell shards here – all in exchange for diamonds or Soul-Beast spirit.

5. Soul Master tiers

Tiers are a way of ranking the soul masters based on their abilities and skills which makes them superior or inferior to each other. Soul Land Reloaded also has its very own tier list that sets apart each soul master from the other.

Soul Master Tiers
Soul Master Tiers

Primarily, there are 5 tiers of varying rarity found in the Soul Hall. The tiers are given below in order of their strength and rarity:

SS > S > A+ > A > B

As you can already tell, SS is the strongest tier and also the rarest tier to obtain and the logic follows for the rest. At the beginning of the game, you have given some A and B-tier characters for free, while the A+ to SS-tier soul masters have to be obtained from gacha.

The noticeable difference between the tiers is the difference in stats and BP. For soul masters of a higher tier, their BP and stats will be significantly higher than soul masters of the same level but lower tier. Higher-tier soul masters also tend to have skills of greater impact and damage.

6. Achievements, Missions and check-in rewards

Achievements and Missions are the easiest way to gain materials and items in order to progress in a game. If you wish to be a free-to-play player, then you will notice how important the rewards are that you gain from completing achievements and missions.

Achievements list provides a set of milestones for you to complete in each game from spanning across: Soul Master, Story, Arena as well as others. Underneath each achievement title, there will be a subheading that describes the completion conditions of the achievement as below it is the reward that you will get upon completion. You can choose to complete specific achievements based on the items you need.

Soul Land Reloaded Achievements
Soul Land Reloaded Beginners Guide Achievements

Missions on the other hand are fundamentally different from achievements because they change daily and they give you an active set of activities to do within the day. Unlike achievements, you have to finish them within the day to get their rewards and they refresh daily.

Check-in rewards are similar to missions but the activities needed to get the rewards are more like achievements – but in essence, it is just an easier way to collect resources than grinding. That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Soul Land Reloaded Beginners Guide and Tips!

That’s all for today’s Soul Land Reloaded beginners guide. Did you find our Soul Land Reloaded beginners guide helpful? 

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