Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch Beginners Guide and Tips

Return to your family ranch and begin your adventure in the small town of Heartside...

Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch is a newly launched simulation game that lets you in running your own horse ranch is called. In order to compete in different horse competitions, you will need to take care of, breed, and train the horses in this game. To get you started, we’ll go over several key game elements in our Star Equestrian Horse Ranch beginners guide.

Introducing the Basics

You are given a modest ranch with a few horses when you initially start playing the game. By breeding and training horses, you have to expand your ranch and eventually break into the top equestrian ranks. You must first decide whatever horse you want to breed.

Star-Equastrian-Horse-Ranch-overview Star-Equastrian-Horse-Ranch-beginner's-guide

This choice is crucial because to produce fresh foals, you will breed this horse with other horses. You should take into account a horse’s stats, which include speed, stamina, agility, and strength, before deciding which one to breed. The performance of the horse’s offspring will be influenced by these statistics.

How to take care of the Horses

The game places a high priority on horse care. If you neglect your horses, their stats will decline, and they will become sick. Make sure you routinely feed, water, and groom your horses to prevent this. To keep them content, you can also give them extra food and other perks.

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You should feed your horses various types of vegetables like turnips, carrots, spinach and others. Moreover, meals are also available to feed them, which will surely give them more power. Also, gathering horses of the same breeds is beneficial for you. This is because you will earn levels of Horse mastery. The mastery will help in gaining the horse massive upgrades. As a result, taking care of horses is important, because if you cannot take care of one horse you cannot maintain numerous horses.

How to Upgrade Horses

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Another crucial component of Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch is training your horses. You must take part in activities like horse races and shows in order to train your horses. The stats of your horse will rise as a result of these occasions, making them more powerful and quick. To assist you in training your horses, you can also hire trainers.

Understanding the in-game Maps

Star Equestrian Horse Ranch’s map is quite straightforward, yet it does a lot. You can first observe where each building on the farm is located. Also, you can see how many animals are housed in each structure, how much space each animal requires, and how much space is still available for you to expand your herd. It’s all beautifully organized so you can see at a glance everything that’s happening with your farm, which makes it incredibly user-friendly and simple to use.

Star-Equastrian-Horse-Ranch-maps Star-Equastrian-Horse-Ranch-beginner's-guide
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The map can also be used to locate supplies so you don’t have to go looking for them. You may find out exactly where an item is by clicking on an icon. This is useful if there is a specific item you require, such as hay, fertilizer, or food for your animals, all of which are indicated on the map with icons.

Finally, since we’re talking about maps and such, let’s discuss our favourite part of this one. When you click on one of those icons that locate something and then click again on another icon that locates something else. They both appear side by side and atop one another when they are located. That technology is really cool.

Mastering how to win Championships

The main goal is to win championships, and doing so needs a lot of effort and commitment. Here are some guides in order to play the championship strategically:

  • Earning a Spot in the Championship: In Star Equestrian Horse Ranch, you must take part in numerous events to earn a spot in the championship. Each competition includes a set number of points that can be collected by placing, winning, or just showing up. Your chances of making the championship are increased by accumulating more points.
  • Getting Your Horses Ready: Getting your horses ready for the competition is essential. You’ll need to check to see if your horses are well-trained and have superior speed, endurance, agility, and strength attributes. You can take part in training competitions, take the help of trainers, and feed your horses various diets to boost their stats.
Star-Equastrian-Horse-Ranch-championship Star-Equastrian-Horse-Ranch-beginner's-guide
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  • Choose the Ideal Events: Show jumping, dressage, and racing are just a few of the events you can take part in during the competition. It’s crucial to select the competitions in which your horses shine and to concentrate on preparing them for such competitions. Each event’s geography and weather should also be taken into account because they can impact your horse’s performance.
  • Participating in the Competition: You can now start competing after you’ve earned a spot in the championship. The championship consists of a number of competitions that happen over a time frame. To collect points and raise your chances of winning the championship, you must perform well in each event.
  • Winning the Championship: In Star Equestrian Horse Ranch, winning the championship is every player’s ultimate objective. You will need a combination of well-trained horses, impressive numbers, and clever strategy in order to win the championship. Also, you’ll need to be ready for a challenge from other gamers.

Winning the championship is everyone’s ultimate objective. You must take part in numerous activities and accumulate points to be eligible for the championship. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll need to get your horses ready and decide which competitions to enter. Winning takes a lot of effort, commitment, and careful planning to win the championship, but the reward is well worth the trouble. Good fortune!

Training your Horses

Training your horse is also very important in order to progress in the game. Thus, here are some top strategies to do so:

  • Evaluate your horse’s statistics: Before starting any training, you should evaluate your horse’s statistics to identify the areas that require improvement. There are several various stats in the game including strength, agility, speed, and endurance. By clicking on the horse’s profile, you can check its statistics.
  • Choose a training activity: Star Equestrian Horse Ranch offers a range of training activities, such as sprint training, hill training, and dressage training. Choose the event that will boost the stat you wish to work on since each event has a distinct stat it focuses on.
  • Take part in the training event: Choose the horse whom you want to train for the event. You will need to lead your horse through a variety of difficulties and obstacles during the competition while monitoring its energy level. Your horse will become fatigued and lose strength if its energy runs out.
Star-Equastrian-Horse-Ranch-horse training Star-Equastrian-Horse-Ranch-beginner's-guide
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  • Get benefits: If you complete the training event successfully, you will receive awards including experience points, coins, and gems that will aid in your horse’s subsequent training. These benefits can be used to pay for better gear, get trainers, and take part in harder competitions.
  • Repetition and improvement: As training is a continuous process, keep taking part in training activities to increase the horse’s statistics. You can take part in harder events and contests as your horse’s stats advance.
  • Take the help of trainers: You should use a trainer to work with your horse to hasten the training process. Trainers can provide you with more training opportunities, point out areas where your horse needs to develop, and even boost his stats.

Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some top tricks and tips for beginners in order to progress in the game:

1. Follow the Directions accordingly

In order to complete the mission in a quicker way following the direction is the most important thing. The game has a direction counter which reduces when you go close to the given mission. Hence, your aim will be to reduce the meter to 0m to complete your goals quickly!

2. Master Riding your Horse

Horse riding through given roads is more beneficial than going off-road. If you go offroad then choose long off-road paths. Or else, you will end up drowning in some lake or will get hurdles like trees, and hills. Moreover, sometimes a blue wall will appear across which you can’t move.

3. Control your Horse using the Whistle

The whistle is an important element that will help you to call your horse near you and control it. Suppose under any circumstance you have gone too far from your horse. Thus, you have to travel back to your horse to ride on it. But now you can use the whistle to call it much quicker.

4. Collect Vegetables to Feed the Horses

It is highly recommended to collect vegetables like Carrots and Pumpkins on your way. Hence, race through streets surrounded by gardens to collect food items. You can store the food and use it to feed your horse for its development.

5. Prefer Walking in lanes than Galloping

While you are traveling through short lanes with your horse try to walk than gallop. Horse riding has four types – walk, trot, canter, and gallop. Without overcomplicating choose to walk as you will then come across more opportunities like meeting new friends, collecting gems, and much more which you may have missed while running fast with your horse.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the game is entertaining and interesting, and it lets you run your own horse ranch. You must take care of your horses, breed them, train them, and compete in competitions if you want to succeed in the game. With the help of this Star Equestrian Horse Ranch beginners guide, you should be able to grasp the basics of the game and begin creating your own prosperous horse ranch!

That’s all from us for Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch Beginners Guide! Did you find our Star Equestrian – Horse Ranch beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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