State of Survival: Plasma Core Guide and Tips

Tips to obtain Plasma Core more efficiently

State of Survival is one of the most popular RTS games with its unique Zombie-based gameplay. As usual, the game revolves around building settlement and strengthening it with building and troop upgradation. The usual level is 30 where all the buildings are maxed out except five buildings i.e. the Headquarters, the Hero Precinct, the Barracks, the Range, and also the Garage. These buildings can be upgraded through 15 additional levels (3 main levels, each consisting of 5 sub-levels). These are the Plasma Levels. Here are some tips in our State of Survival guide on how to obtain Plasma Core quickly and efficiently.

What is the benefit of Plasma Level

The primary benefit of Plasma Level is that it will unlock Plasma Troops who have increase +1 or +2 their stats (Attack, Defense, Health, Lethalit). These troops will boost the strength of the settlement significantly and are considered OP troops in the game.

Requirements to upgrade building through Plasma Levels

The resource and time requirements per sublevel are minimal compared to the upgrading Headquarters to level 30, but there’s a catch. An additional ingredient is very essential and that is Plasma Cores. And as usual, these are very hard to come by.

State of Survival: Plasma Core Guide

The rest upgrading prerequisites are as usual. To level up any of the buildings to a higher plasma level, you need to level up the Headquarters first. And to level up the headquarters you will need to level up the rest of the buildings, usually the Hero Precinct + Another building.

State of Survival Plasma Core Guide: Tips to obtain them

There are 3 main Plasma Levels and each level has 5 sub levels. Therefore to upgrade 5 buildings, a lot of Plasma Core is required. To get an idea of the number of Plasma Cores required to clear each main level are:

  • 1st Plasma Level: Requires 1,650 Plasma Cores (HQ-660, Hero Precinct-330, Barracks- 220, Garage- 220, Range 220)
  • 2nd Plasma Level: Requires 1,980 Plasma Cores (HQ-790, Hero Precinct-395, Barracks- 265, Garage- 265, Range 265)
  • 3rd Plasma Level: Requires 2,970 Plasma Cores (HQ-1190, Hero Precinct-595, Barracks-395, Garage- 395, Range 395)

So, a total of 6600 Plasma cores are required to get the up-gradation through 3 main Plasma Levels. The difficulty comes here, How to get them?

The Plasma Cores can only be obtained through completing Intel Missions or by using some redeem codes (or use real money). However, if a player has reached Headquarters level 30 a new type of infected will be available in those missions that give one or two Plasma Cores. On average, a player can obtain around 14-15 Plasma Cores.

Therefore, analyzing the amount required, one needs to farm for a little more than 100 days to get through the first level of Plasma. But nonetheless, having Plasma Troops is very essential if one is going against an enemy having Plasma Troops.

Did you find our guide to understand the use of Plasma Core and how to obtain it in State of Survival useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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