Static Shift Racing Cars Tier List for January 2023

Be sure to select the fastest ride possible for your races ahead!

Static Shift Racing is an open-world racing title developed by Timbo Jimbo an Australian game development studio. The game offers a gaming experience very reminiscent of the classic racing title Need For Speed Underground, with players taking on real-time players in the game and testing their skills against the opponents. The game also offers the players an opportunity to customize and select the car of their choice, which would make people ask the question, what are the best cars to be selected in the game, in this Static Shift Racing Tier List we will aim to answer just that.

Static Shift Racing Cars Tier List for January 2023

The game is very recent as of now and just has been released by the developers and thus only has a few options to select the cars from, however, the developers have made sure that with every upcoming update of the game, players can expect new cars being added to the game.

With that being said, to further simplify things we will rank the best cars in the game and divide them into 3 different tiers namely Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B). The basis of ranking will be based solely upon the engine power of each car as not much detailed classification is available in the game.

Strong (S)Leistung RL30,
Sakurai Wabler
Good (A)Sakurai Eighty
Average (B)Matsudoki Ruse,
Tokai Public A11
Static Shift Racing Tier List for January 2023

Best meta Cars in Static Shift Racing for January 2023

Now going forward with the tier list we will try and mention the best cars available per tier, as mentioned before there are not many cars available in the game but the developers have promised to bring new cars into the game with the upcoming updates.

Hence be sure to follow this guide closely as we will update this space with new cars the moment they will be available in the game. The game divides the cars based on the engine power and we have done the same in this tier list, following are the best ones from each tier present.

S-Tier cars – Leistung RL30

Although Leistung RL30 and Sakurai Wabler have the same engine power, it is the physicality and looks of Leistung RL30 which would give the car an upper hand in comparison to Sakurai Wabler.

Static Shift Racing Tier List, Static Shift Racing
Image via Timbo Jimbo

The car offers a rough and tough gameplay option for the players and has better handling than the prior, although it has a disadvantage while doing stunts in the game, it still offers better maneuverability in close corners and thus assists players while drifting.

A-Tier cars – Sakurai Eighty

The only entry for this tier, the car looks the fastest out of all the options available in the dealership but that should not cloud your judgment regarding the car as the car while being alright is not as fast as it appears to be.

Static Shift Racing Tier List, Static Shift Racing
Image via Timbo Jimbo

In terms of handling, however, there cannot be any questions as the car offers very good handling, thus making it a good option for circuit races as it has many sharp turns and requires more maneuverability than speed to win the race.

B-Tier cars – Tokai Public A11

For this tier both the cars are pretty basic and offer the same engine power, however, Tokai Public A11 is a hatchback versus the sedan option of Matsudoki Ruse, and thus offers quicker handling on sharp turns and provides better-drifting options with the vehicle.

Static Shift Racing Tier List, Static Shift Racing
Image via Timbo Jimbo

Matsudoki Ruse is sometimes hard to control while drifting and takes a while to turn in sharp corners which result in the cancelation of the drift points accumulated. Thus Tokai Public A11 will take the top spot over here in this tier.

Final Thoughts

The game is still very early and only has a total of 5 cars available for players to choose from, which will change in the future as there would be more cars with the upcoming updates. We will update this tier list if such things happen.

However, with this guide players would be able to make well-versed decisions while selecting the cars in the game. We hope that with this Static Shift Racing Tier List, we hope that we were able to help the new players in selecting the best possible cars as of now in the game.

Did you find this Static Shift Racing Tier List Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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