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Summoners War: Chronicles: The complete Currency Guide and Tips

Tips to earn and farm more resources in-game!

Summoners War: Chronicles is one of the most fascinating RPG action games which has recently come up with a great blast. The game follows up with the storyline where Tefo, who was once defeated, is reincarnated again from the unstable rift and is back to seek revenge. Players have to select a Rahin Clan Guard and appropriate monsters who will accompany them while they are on the move. In this section of the guide, we will discuss the different types of currency and ways to obtain the resources in Summoners War: Chronicles.

One of the key features of the game is the currency and the resources. These are the main factors that are required to upgrade the monsters and the Summoners as well. Thus, we will know the best ways to earn more resources and currencies, so that players can upgrade their squad in just no time. 

How to earn currency and resources easily in Summoners War: Chronicles

1. Summoners Pass

Summoners War Chronicles Currency Pass
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The game comes along with a Game Pass which is quite interesting and comes up with great rewards as well. Players can get resources and currencies such as Gold, Crystals, Shards, Scrolls, Sky Stones, and many more. The game offers a Premium Pass as well that asks for an in-app purchase. Players can earn far better rewards from the Premium Pass. The Summoner Pass section has a Daily Challenge and Weekly Challenge. Players can follow up on the challenges, complete them and earn some more resources and currencies as well. 

2. Quest

The Quest comes along with three best sections that can help the players to earn more currencies and resources in the game. 

  • Rahil Kingdom Story: In this section, players can earn resources and currencies such as Gold, Crystals, Scrolls, and Shards at the most. Players have to complete the stages and chapters of every Act and thus on completing every chapter, they will get resources and currencies in the form of rewards on completion. Hence, players have to follow the main storyline and they can end up winning lots of resources to boost their account and companions. 
Currency Rahil Kingdom
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  • Area Exploration: The Area Exploration runs on the basis of the current location of the players. Players have to continue further into many resources and currencies in the form of rewards.
  • Repeat Request: In this section, players can win mainly resources such as Normal EXP Portions, Scrolls, and Breath of life. Players have to reach up to a level and complete some assigned missions which will then let them win these resources. With the help of these resources, players can then upgrade their monsters and the Summoners, to make them stronger. With the help of the Scrolls, players can unlock more powerful monsters to help out the Summoners and conquer victory over every land. 

3. Guard Journal 

The Guard Journal is another specific storyline mission section where the players are assigned some of the important tasks, like defeating a particular Enemy or leveling up a certain type of monster. Players have to follow up on the assigned job and complete them to earn resources and currencies. There are three important sections under it:

Summoners War Chronicles Currency Guard Journal 
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  • Adventure Record: Here players can check up on the assigned tasks for each and every chapter they are moving onto. Players have to complete that assigned job and they can earn rewards like gold, weapons, potions, and other important resources. 
  • Area Dungeon: This section is a location-based section, where players have to perform some of the important tasks assigned in certain areas on the map. By completing those, players can win great rewards such as crystals, portions, and some monsters as well. 
  • Monster Story: The game allows the players to follow up the storyline of certain monsters. To get access to this section, players must unlock the required monster first, and then they can go for playing the story of different types of monsters. 

4. Achievements

By acquiring certain achievements in the game, players can win great rewards in the form of resources and currencies, which are thus, one of the most important aspects of the game.

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Rewards such as different types of Scrolls, Crystals, Portions, and weapons are mainly won by the players. Players can even win some 3-5 stars monster piece Boxes that can help them receive the monster they desire for. 

5. Game modes

The game offers different types of game modes for the players, apart from the main storyline. These game modes include:

  • Arena
  • Battlefield
  • Party Dungeon
  • Cairos
  • Road of Growth 
  • Expedition
Summoners War Chronicles Game Modes
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These are some of the game modes that can help the players to win more resources and currencies. These game modes are very interesting and way more difficult than the storyline. Thus, players will find it very much interesting and can earn many resources. 

Final Thoughts

Summoners War: Chronicles has come up with a banger and has many more interesting features compared to the previously launched Summoners War titles. Players must know the best ways to earn resources and the in-game currencies that can help them win the game in just no time. Hence, players must follow the above-mentioned points and climb the ladders in a fraction of the time.

What are your thoughts on our Currency guide on Summoners War: Chronicles? Let us know in the comments below.

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