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Summoners War: Lost Centuria Team Building Guide and Tips

Craft the perfect strategies and battle your way through an epic adventure

Summoners War: Lost Centuria is a strategic team-building RPG where your main objective is to gather the strongest, fiercest monsters and take on other players. This Summoners War: Lost Centuria Team Building Guide serves to show you a few teams that you’ll encounter on the ladder and also give you insight into how teams are built. Hopefully, after reading how these teams are organized you will have a better understanding of how you should organize your teams.

Best Team Compositions in Summoners War: Lost Centuria

Composition 1

This is a beginner F2P ladder-climbing team, if you can just start the game and pick up Khmun in the beginner summon you should be able to make the team. As you would most likely get the rest of these characters along the way then, you can rank up with this team while you try and obtain better units.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria Team Building Guide


  • This team uses Ramagos and Khmun as the two main frontline tanks that will soak up most of the damage while also both being able to deal copious damage themselves. Khmun also has the added benefit of being able to heal Ramagos so that he stays extra tanky.
  • We also have placed Lucia and Colleen in the front to be able to support our tanks. As stated in our previous tier list guide. The healers depreciate once you are down to 4 characters so once your tank is dead it’s okay for both supports to just stall until they die.


  • Prilea is a good AOE unit that can damage deal great chip damage to an entire enemy row.
  • Sieq is a great single target DPS, when you counter with him you can generally guarantee a kill on whoever it is especially at lower ranks vs less coordinated teams.
  • Fynn is just a water equivalent to Sieq, if you manage to score a crit it freezes the unit which also interrupts their ability Our backline uses DPS from each element, this means that we will always have access to their weakness when attacking.
  • The last unit is Bernard who we use to ramp by accelerating our mana gain to play cards faster and out tempo the opponent.


  • Chain Lightning is a good spell to interrupt and deal damage to the opponent.
  • Chain of Despair is a great spell to interrupt and deal massive damage to the enemy team, when used on the last few units it can chain from unit to unit until you win the battle.
  • Flame Strike is another interrupt but this only works on the backline, its good to stop a strong spell or finish a hard-to-reach unit in the backline.

Composition 2

This is another beginner F2P build, but this one is more geared towards AOE and DOT damage. This build can be supplementary towards building a more Meta AOE comp if you get lucky with your pulls. If playing a more controlled style is your forte, then this comp would be for you.

composition 2
composition 2


  • Ramagos and Khmun make a really strong tanky frontline that will allow you to deal massive damage with your backline and AOE Units.
  • Lucia makes another appearance as a great healer and Prilea’s AOE damage brings more damage to this comp. If you can manage to replace Prilea with Konamiya this build can be even more effective, however, using Konamiya can be a little tricky for beginners hence why I left him out here.


  • Baretta is the reason this team works, his AOE Damage over time ability is the lynchpin holding this comp together. Just use his ability whenever you get a chance and keep your tanks alive, and you’ll watch the opponent struggle to keep up.
  • Kahli exists to do massive damage and just delete units whenever they’re made low enough from all the AOE effects.
  • Thrain can stun units that are under continuous damage, which is the damage inflicted by Baretta, when they’re used in combination it can be a very large team stun which can cripple many comps.
  • Bernard is still really good at cycling cards so that you can play more AOE attacks and just whittle away at their health.


  • Spoil, this ability is very similar to Baretta’s ability. It deals damage to the opponent and then follows it up with DOT damage. You can combo this with Thrain to turn it into a team-wide stun + damage over time.
  • Transfer, when you’re playing against other DOT or debuff comps this ability is good as a counter. You give the enemy team all the debuffs they stacked on you then you combine it with your own to cripple their plays.
  • Soul Cleans, this ability removes all debuffs while also healing your team. Just a very useful spell to keep your tanks alive long enough to get the most out of your DPS.

Composition 3

This is my variant of the meta AOE comp, this team is very good at surviving while whittling down the enemy’s HP. Sadly as this Build uses a few legendary units, it’s something you’d have to be lucky to make, or maybe you can just spend some money.

composition 3
composition 3


  • Ramagos makes a return again, he is by far the tankiest frontline that I have and when combined with his epic skill stone, he can cast DEF UP III whenever he defeats an enemy with his clean shot ability. This allows him to become even tankier and almost impossible to clear from the frontline.
  • Khmun is gone and replaced with the unit I spoke to before, Konamiya is very good as even though he’s just a common unit he’s very tanky and more importantly his ability to allow you to recast skills, so use him to cast Baretta then recast Baretta again for 2x the AOE damage.
  • Perna, this is a legendary unit and two things make this unit so good. First of the unit deals good AOE and DOT damage which is great for this team. Secondly, Perna serves as a great supplementary tank as when this unit dies its passive allows it to revive itself making it annoying to take down.
  • Elanor is a great unit as well and being legendary she also has fantastic ability. Elanor when not being targeted is a great healer who removes all debuffs on your units, this is why she’s on position 4. Once the rest of the team dies, however, Elanor transforms into her Mystical creature (Pony as we call it) form. In this Mystical creature form, Elanor becomes tanky, and her ability changes from healing into def up and reflect to allow her to deal massive damage to all the units trying to finish her off.


  • Lapis, this is one of the best units in the game, her AOE ability allows her to finish most teams solo and also makes her very tanky which is why she’s in position for our backline tank.
  • Soha, this unit is another healer but her main purpose is to move enemy buffs and place them on your team. When playing against units such as Lapis Soha is one of the only units able to kill one that managed to set up.
  • Baretta, even with all the legendaries on the team, Baretta still manages to be the most important unit on the team with his consistently damaging AOE, and also since he’s only an uncommon unit he’s a lot easier to upgrade.
  • Jeanne, this unit is very tanky and her healing + stun makes her a nightmare to deal with in the last slot. We normally had Lapis in the last slot but as people started countering her with Soha more she became harder to solo with. Jeanne has been fulfilling this role very well for me now though.


  • The spells have stayed the same since the F2P Build, most likely you’ll have upgraded them by now.

Composition 4

Mid Tier climbing comp, this team comp isn’t Meta, but it’s what I used to climb as we searched for more meta units and leveled them up. The Ragdoll legendary isn’t needed and he can be replaced with Hwa or Sophia if you have them instead.

composition 4
composition 4


  • Ramagos as said multiple times he’s extremely tanky when combined with Jeanne in the frontline, she can protect and heal him whenever the enemy tries to kill him. Then once he’s low enough he can use his ability to heal himself back up and kill any units low enough.
  • Lucia and Bernard are just here again as a good healer/ ramp combo to help your team out.
  • Verdehile is a very good damaging backline, he serves as the backline tank because his ability allows him to lifesteal while dealing massive damage, this allows him to be surprisingly tanky for a DPS unit.
  • Orion is a really good unit when he’s in your last few. Since the cards will always shuffle back to him and if your opponent is also low on units, he guarantees a stun and good damage and debuffs to the opponent’s team at a low cost of 2 it’s a steal.
  • Ragdoll is just DPS, his ability allows him to be one of the only units who you can choose what unit you attack with. But that’s not entirely important and he can be replaced with Hwa or Sophia as just another hard-hitting DPS spot.
  • Lapis is the most important part and if you play at lower ranks where most people aren’t playing Soha as a specific counter to her, you’ll steal dozens of games with Lapis in the last slot.


  • Spoil, good damage, and AOE at that, there’s no loss by adding this spell to your pool.
  • Reckless Devotion, when you’re down to Lapis as your last unit, popping Reckless Devotion vs 4 units usually guarantees the win.
  • Vitality Conversion is one of the best spells in the game once a unit is almost dead just swap its health with your opponent’s healthiest then just poison it with spoil for a free kill. It’s a stupid combo and there’s hardly any counter besides using your vitality conversion back.

Composition 5

This last build was posted by user Nicoplaynick on Reddit who has a discord where they upload builds for this game. According to him, this isn’t the best comp but there are only a handful of players that we’re able to beat him. This comp enabled him with a 10 win streak in challenge mode as well.

composition 5
composition 5


  • Ramagos again makes his way to the frontline, he’s one of the units with the highest health making him an obvious choice for the frontline tank. This build uses Lapis as a secondary tank due to her shield generation and good damage, If she’s able to cycle abilities a few times in the front she can do a lot of damage.
  • Poseidon is used here as another AOE unit and a replacement for Bernard. Instead of speeding up your card generation, Poseidon slows the enemy team which allows you to still out tempo them. He is also very tanky to boot. Elanor is in the same slot again for similar reasons as before, she cleanses and becomes tanky towards single target DPS when she is being targeted.


  • Megan and Collen allow you to stack ATK UP III when used together and Megan has the added effects of giving you Accelerate I, it’s not as good as Bernard Accelerate II but when combined with Poseidon’s ability it’s an even better advantage over your opponent.
  • Tesarion is the main damage dealer for the team, once you give him ATK UP 3 just spam his ability and see how much damage his AOE cleaves from the enemy team. The last unit is Khali, her use is for taking down big units such as Ramagos which your AOE just doesn’t do enough damage to beat through all his healing and defence.


  • Flamestrike, this is a good stun for pesky backline units and healers.
  • Transfer, just use this to move over any debuffs so that you can do more damage to the enemy team and punish them for trying to weaken you.
  • Soul Cleanse can act as a quick cleanse or just a big tempo swing up by removing a bunch of debuffs from your team then debuffing them all with a big Tesarion hit.

Go ahead and give the compositions a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Summoners War: Lost Centuria team building guide for tips

That’s all for today’s Summoners War: Lost Centuria Team Building Guide. Did you find our Summoners War: Lost Centuria Team Building Guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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