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Summoners War: Sky Arena Beginners Guide and Tips

Becoming the Ultimate Summoner!

Summoners War: Sky Arena is an action-strategy RPG brought by Com2uS. In this game, you take on the role of a Summoner, collecting and battling an array of monsters in a strategic and engaging world. If you’re just starting in Summoners War: Sky Arena, our Summoners War: Sky Arena Beginners Guide is here to help you get off to a great start.

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Summoners War: Sky Arena Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Battle Basics

In Summoners War: Sky Arena, battles are a big part of the game, and I’ve learned a few important things. Energy is the in-game currency needed to engage in battles. Energy is the in-game resource you need to enter battles, and your maximum Energy storage increases as your Summoner Level progresses.

Forming a team of monsters with different attributes (fire, water, wind, light, and dark) is essential for creating a well-rounded team. Each monster has unique skills that can deal damage, heal, or provide buffs and debuffs, so picking the right abilities is key.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Beginners Guide, Summoners War: Sky Arena
Image via Com2uS

Battles are turn-based, so understanding the turn order will help your moves better. Equipping monsters with runes boosts their stats and abilities, and matching rune sets enhances their performance. When you’re in a hurry, the auto-battle feature speeds things up.

Completing Quests

Completing quests in Summoners War: Sky Arena is crucial for your progression in the game. You can earn valuable rewards and advance through the game’s content by fulfilling various objectives and tasks. Quests encompass a wide range of activities, such as winning battles, leveling up monsters, exploring dungeons, and more. I’ve found that each completed quest grants experience points, energy, crystals, and sometimes even rare monsters or runes.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Beginners Guide, Summoners War: Sky Arena
Image via Com2uS

Additionally, quests serve as a helpful guide for new players, providing direction and insight into the game’s mechanics. Therefore, it’s essential to actively pursue and complete quests to maximize your rewards and progress efficiently in Summoners War: Sky Arena.

Upgrading your Monster

Upgrading your monsters is key to becoming stronger in Summoners War: Sky Arena. From my experience, leveling up your monsters through battles or using Angelmon and material monsters at the Power-up Circle is essential. Evolving your monsters with the right materials boosts their star rating, improving their base stats.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Beginners Guide, Summoners War: Sky Arena
Image via Com2uS

Skill Power-Ups enhance your monsters’ abilities, especially when you use the same monsters at the Power-up Circle. Awakening your monsters with essences from the Cairos Dungeon unlocks new skills and boosts their stats, making your team more powerful. By focusing on these upgrades, you can build a strong team that performs well across the game.

Runes and Artifacts

Runes and Artifacts are key components for enhancing your monsters in Summoners War: Sky Arena. I’ve learned that selecting the right runes for your monsters can greatly impact their abilities and overall performance. Choose rune sets that complement your monster’s strengths, such as Swift for increased speed or Fatal for boosted attack. You can adjust rune placement and upgrade to improve stats like HP, defense, or accuracy.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Beginners Guide, Summoners War: Sky Arena
Image via Com2uS

Artifacts, on the other hand, provide additional bonuses and can offer boosts to your monster’s skills or reduce incoming damage. Pay attention to their sub-properties, as they can vary significantly. Regularly manage your rune and artifact inventory, I recommend selling off your weaker ones and keeping your best pieces upgraded.

Joining a Guild

Joining a Guild in Summoners War: Sky Arena is a big step forward in your game journey, offering new perks and teamwork opportunities. To join, go to the community, there you can either create your guild or find one to join. I’ve found that there are many benefits you can get by joining a guild, it allows you to connect with other players and participate in collaborative gameplay.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Beginners Guide, Summoners War: Sky Arena
Image via Com2uS

After finding a suitable guild, you can request to join. Once accepted, you unlock exclusive features and rewards. Guilds have chat channels for communication, guild battles for teamwork and rewards, daily check-in rewards, a guild shop for special items, and achievements for bonuses.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks

1. Visit the Cairos Dungeon

To level up quickly in Summoners War: Sky Arena, don’t forget to visit the Cairos Dungeon as soon as you can. While the tutorial and story mode are essential, the Cairos Dungeon offers even greater challenges and better rewards. Focus on dungeons like Giants Keep, Dragon’s Lair, and Necropolis for high-quality runes to strengthen your monsters. Additionally, explore element-based dungeons like the Hall of Fire to gather essences for awakening your monsters.

2. Boost your monsters with Runes

Runes are key to boosting your monsters’ strength. Even weaker monsters can become powerful with the right runes. Start with basic one-star quality runes and upgrade them gradually. Focus on leveling your runes up to level six first, as even these basic upgrades can significantly improve your monsters’ performance. Save your mana stones for better runes rather than investing heavily in low-quality ones.

3. Lock the Monsters you want to keep before powering up

The power-up circle is crucial for enhancing your monsters. However, it’s easy to accidentally sacrifice valuable monsters during this process. To avoid this, lock any monsters you want to keep before powering up. If needed, you can always unlock them later.

4. Make the most of Events

Events in Summoners War: Sky Arena are like treasure chests full of goodies. Sometimes, you can snag special monsters or valuable items like crystals, runes, and scrolls. Complete event missions for extra resources and use event currency to unlock even more rewards.

5. Join a Guild early

Joining a guild early can bring big benefits. Guilds offer special events and battles where you can earn valuable rewards like monster pieces and super angelmon. Plus, you’ll get access to the guild shop, where you can spend guild points on awesome items. So, find a guild that suits you and start reaping the rewards.

Final Thoughts

As you set off on your Summoners War: Sky Arena journey, remember that every victory and defeat is a step towards mastering the game. Take your time to learn the ropes, experiment with different strategies, and make the most of what the game offers. Whether you’re battling in dungeons, facing off in PvP matches, or teaming up with guildmates, enjoy the adventure and embrace the challenges that come your way.

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