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Super String: The complete Reroll guide and tips

Rerolling on the global version is as simple as it gets!

Super String is a newly-released hero collection RPG-style game with gacha elements. The game has a vast array of characters among which some characters are very strong from the very start. Aside from luck, you can try your hands at rerolling in hopes to get them using our Super String reroll guide and tips.

How to reroll efficiently in Super String

The game developers have made some heavy restrictions on the reroll process, to even unlock the gacha system you will have to play through the tutorial which contains a lot of chapters and it takes a lot of time. So it is highly advised not to do it, however, if you want to then continue. 

Super String Reroll Guide
Super String reroll (Image via Factorial Games)

Super String reroll guide for Android

Make sure to log in with a guest account and play through the tutorial until you unlock the gacha system, and then roll for characters. If you didn’t get what you wanted then, quit the game and simply reinstall the game.

There is another method but this doesn’t seem to work for every device:

  • Locate the folder com.fs.ssaos in the obb folder of your Android device. The obb folder is located in internal Storage -> Android -> obb.
  • Copy the folder com.fs.ssaos to another location.
  • Now, get an apk copy of the game, you can use tools like Extract Apk or find the file online.
  • Next, uninstall the game after a failed reroll, copy the folder com.fs.ssaos back to obb, and then install the apk file, make sure you copy first, and then install the game
Super String available
Super String gameplay footage (Image via Factorial Games)

If things go right then you won’t have to download the internal-game files all over again which will make the process a bit easier. If it doesn’t work then the only way to is to reinstall the game again and again.

Super String reroll guide for Emulators

First, install the game on any one instance of the emulator, and after that, don’t open the game. Close the emulator and make a few clones of that instance. After that start as many instances as your machine can handle except the base instance where you installed the game the very first time and start playing them together. 

Every emulator has some form of sync system which will clone your input to all the instances, so turn that on, for Bluestacks that option is called Sync Operation. Play through the tutorial and roll, and if you didn’t get your desired units, delete those instances. Clone the base instance again to continue the cycle.

How to bind a Super String account

Super String Reroll Guide
How to bind an account (Image via Factorial Games)

Locate the settings button at the top-right corner of the screen from the main lobby, then find the Info tab. You will see options to log in with Apple, Facebook, and Google Accounts. Bind with any one of them and you are good to go.

How to delete a Super String account

You will find the delete option from Settings > Info tab. Tap on the Delete Account option, then type Delete Account, it will initiate the deletion. However if you log in to the account again in the next 7 days, it will get canceled. A thing to note is that guest accounts cant be deleted or signed out from, you will have to connect the account to another account, and only after that, you will be allowed to delete an account.

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