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Tales of Grimm Character Tier List for March 2022

Choose from only the best characters of this month!

Tales of Grimm, a game based on famous fairy tales around the world, even the place setting Land of Oz will ring a bell about a certain story to people who play the game. The game is about Dreamers who try to restore the Land of Oz from the darkness of black magic that turns everyone in it into demons.
The game itself is interesting in some aspects, one of them is that most of the heroes that you will be fighting together with come from famous stories. Here is our Tales of Grimm tier list of characters based on their stats and abilities to give you insight on what to pick for your party for March 2022.

Tales of Grimm Character Tier List for March 2022

In this opportunity, we would like to provide some information about the tier list of heroes in this game, we will rank the heroes, the ranking will be based on their skills. We will rank them from rank S+ as the highest and B as the lowest, while heroes below B are not recommended to pick in battle. We will also provide the best heroes among all heroes included in this tier list to help you consider your lineup in battle.

Overpowered (S+) Red Queen
 red queen tales of grimm
Wonder Allish
wonder allish tales of grimm
triton tales of grimm
nesy tales of grimm
Strong (S) Wukong
wukong tales of grimm
Black Swan
black swan tales of grimm
Quasi Mortal
quasi mortal tales of grimm
thumbelina tales of grimm
Good (A)Rogue Jack
rogue jack tales of grimm
britney tales of grimm
Dark Night
dark night tales of grimm
thumboy tales of grimm
Fair (B)Timid Leon
timid leon tales of grimm
Red Flora
red flora tales of grimm
Frog Prince
frog prince tales of grimm
Fox John
fox john tales of grimm

Tales of Grimm Guide: Best Team Composition Tips

We have provided you with some of the best heroes according to the tier list, but the tier list is just a ranking of heroes individually, with a good combination in one formation, every hero can be strong and useful.

1. Team One (1 guardian, 2 warriors, 1 mage, 1 support)

This formation is good when you want to focus on offense, the recommended heroes in this formation are:

  • Take Triton as guardian, Triton’s second skill, Neptune Aid has the ability to cover your ally with the highest attack stats, so you have a well-protected damage dealer, and you won’t need to worry about your damage dealer being taken out of battle quickly.
  • Red Queen’s passive skill, Weakness is excelled at sensing her enemy’s weaknesses. Her attack also has a 20% chance to burn her enemy, combined with their first skill, Blade Furry, dealing high damage to enemies in front and mid-row, also this skill gives her another 50% chance to burn the enemy. This attack also deals 40% higher damage to the enemy guardian
  • Wukong is also a good choice to add as the other warrior, Wukong’s ultimate, Clone Combo has the ability to summons multiple clones to attack the enemy in front of him. If the enemy is defeated with this skill, he will attack again and heal himself.
  • For Mage, it is recommended to take Britney to your formation, Britney’s Apple Bomb skill is a skill where Britney throws three apple bombs that target three enemies in front and mid-row, dealing 100% magic damage, the explosion of this attack will deal another 20% increased damage if the enemy has HP more than 60%.
  • The support you will need here is Thumbelina, her ultimate skill Mind Burst is the important skill that needs to be present in the formation, using her ultimate, Thumbelina will heal all allies for 112% of her attack, and it will give a shield to her ally with the lowest HP.

2. Team Two (2 guardians, 2 warriors, 1 mage)

This formation is to balance the defense and the offense. This formation is most suitable with the second lineup formation since you can put two guardian heroes in front of the formation and one mage at the rear of the formation. The only thing you need to keep an eye on is the guardians, the guardians recommended in this formation are:

  • Quasi Mortal, with his passive Void Protection, Quasi Mortal has 50% to inflict Flaming on the attacker. Flaming is a status where the attacker will lose HP equal to 7% of Quasi Mortal’s max HP.
  • Frog Prince, using his third skill, Flame Shield, turns his fiery magic into the shield, increasing his own defense by 30% and creating a flame shield for himself. Flame Shield itself is also a status where the enemy will receive 20% of damage dealt with Frog Prince.

As for warriors, you can choose any one that you think is suitable for the formation and deal high damage, but for the mage, you need to decide, you want to have a mage with support and damage skills or do you want to have extra damage from the mage. These two roles are free to choose because you already have two guardians protecting these roles behind them, all you need to do is just pick damage dealers.

Final Thoughts

The tier list is just a guide to make good formation and to decide what hero is strong, but there is countless way to make a good formation. You can try another combination in the game, you can also be creative with the composition.

Sometimes the common mistake that players make is too dependent on the tier list that exists, which makes them worry when they don’t have the heroes. It is true that the heroes in this tier list are mostly strong heroes and must-haves, but that is not always the case, with a good understanding of the heroes, sufficient level, and good equipment, you can build your own formation.

What do you think about this Tales of Grimm Character Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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