Teamfight Tactics: Best comps for TFT patch 10.15

Have you been wondering which teams and units you should be fighting for in Teamfight Tactics after the TFT patch 10.15? You feel some combinations really strong, but lacking the damage that only the perfect item could give? If so, prepare your fingers for the next rankeds: Understanding these comps and learning how to adapt their combinations, the next step will be getting your victorious Little Legend. We will be guiding you all through the best available comps for patch 10.15 in Teamfight Tactics (TFT).

The guide will be divided as following:

  • (Tier) – Name
  • Method of economy

Units and early comp, items that you should focus on the carousel and whom to equip.

S – Astro Snipers (Fast 8)

Teamfight Tactics Comps for Patch 10.15 Astro Snipers

With this comp, your goal is to do a Infinity Edge, a Guardian Angel and a Last Whisper. So keep a sharp eye for B.F swords and Gauntlets. Once you have them, put it on Jhin and focus on upgrading him. At the meantime, gather snipers and Astronauts, get a Nautilus and a Mordekaiser on the early levels. And get an unit to be your damage dealer (We recommend Shaco for Dark Star synergy and Critical damage reasons).

Fast 8 means skyrocketing your exp to get level 4 and 5 units before others, ideally at round 4-3.
Jhin will be your main source of damage, so roll your units looking for the virtuoso. Since you will be using Teemo as part of the snipers, save Morello’s, Shojin or Blue buff for him. 

S – Vanguard Mystics (Slow Roll)

Teamfight Tactics Comps for Patch 10.15 Vanguard Mystics

A known one, now back on top because of the Sorcerer trends and nerfs on the Giant-Slayer.
Slow Roll: get 6 ASAP and spend all your gold rolling to get Jayce and Cassio 3 star.
Itens of interest are a Dragon Claw and a Guardian Angel on Jayce, and a Blue Buff+Morello on Cassio. If you can’t build a Spark, try a Hextec Gunblade, which will greatly increase durability from Jayce.

Bard will help to close the gap once you get you 3-star units, as you will sell the meeps for exp. If at first you are having trouble getting Vanguards, Pirates or just Jayce by himself, try to keep your comp as Battlecast, and then transition to Vanguard mystics. Depending on the lead you get, you might not even need to transition!

S – Blademasters (Hyper roll)

Teamfight Tactics Comps for Patch 10.15 Blademasters

Blademaster variations can also can be done as slow roll or Fast 8, depending on whom you choose to be your main damage dealer (Master Yi, Yasuo, etc) But the specific build here is based on Xayah, Jarvan and Fiora, and to work needs to be a Hyper roll.

This one requires some endurance and to scout your enemies. Since it needs you to not upgrade at all and save all of your gold until 3-1 round. Where you should be just one round away from level 5 and the last round with high chance of dropping 1 cost units. If you see someone else doing it or have a rough start, you can either abandon and try to do other comps or you can commit and see where it gets you.

The other Blademaster variants range from giving Master Yi a Cannon, transforming Zed on a blademaster or even transform Irelia on an infiltrator.  If you have chosen to commit, fasten your seatbelts and spin to win.

That does it for the Teamfight Tactics Best Comps for the Patch 10.15 guide. Hope you find it useful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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