Teamfight Tactics: Blaster Brawler Comp Guide

We are back with another comp guide for Teamfight Tactics and today we’ll be talking about the Blaster Brawler comp. With the mid-set update, we lost one brawler Cho’ Gath and one Blaster Miss Fortune who was replaced by Gnar and Kog’ Maw. Despite the changes, our main carry remains Jinx, and secondary carry will be Gnar. So without any ado let’s jump right into it and get you guys blasting away to the Victory screen.


Blaster Brawler was the most played comp of set 3.5 in Teamfight Tactics and even after the mid-set update which pretty much changed the entire game, the comp is very much playable and very effective too. Jinx our main carry has to be reinforced with some classic Blaster – Brawler items and we’ll be good to go. We have a new brawler Gnar who is really great as a Frontline and also has a great ult which we will be talking about later in the guide. So let’s quickly see through what the main requirements for this comp are.


To push for the Blaster – Brawler comp, keep in mind that you have these things.

  • 3 B. F. Swords as you be building a Guardian Angel, Giant Slayer, and a Shojin’s Spear.
  • 2 Giant’s Belt and 2 Chain vest to build 2 Red buffs
  • A Jinx and a Gnar

Champions and Items

MalphiteNo items needed.
GravesNo items needed.
BlitzcrankNo items needed.
Kog’ MawNo items needed.
EzrealSShojin’s Spear and Red Buff.
ViNo items needed.
GnarIonic Spark, Frozen Heart and Dragon’s Claw.
JinxGiant Slayer, Red Buff and Guardian Angel.
Aurelion SolMorellonomicon.


Firstly prioritize on getting the items necessary for jinx i.e. B. F. Sword, Recurve Bow, Chain Vest and Giant’s Belt.

Early Game

Level 2

The optimum board you can have is Malphite and Illaoi. Hold onto all the Graves that you find as he is a very important unit in the comp and a great Frontline, so pushing a 3 – star Graves is essential.

Level 3

The ideal unit to place at level 3 would be a Kog’ Maw as he is a core unit of this comp and also a Battlecast so it will give you the Battlecast buff too so your frontline Illaoi will also get some sustain healing from there.

Level 4

Add a Lucian to your board, so now you have 2 blasters, 2 brawlers, and 2 battlecast lots of synergies but you’ll also need items, firstly build your Red Buff on Lucian, as this is the Bread and Butter of a good Blaster unit, it gives a massive amount of true damage and drains the tank Frontline of the enemy team.

Mid Game

Level 5

There are two great units that you can add now, which are Blitzcrank or Vi, both are brawlers and will be a good addition to your lineup but it depends mostly on what kind of comp your opponents are playing, if they are playing a Frontline heavy comp, then select Vi otherwise select Blitzcrank because he’s really useful in pulling out the backline units.

Level 6

Now is when you start looking for Jinx. As soon as you get a Jinx, replace Lucian with her. Giant Slayer is great on her as it helps her drain the tank units with true damage and Giant Slayer damage increases with the max health of the enemy unit. Add another Brawler and now you’ll have a 4 Brawler and 2 Blaster Comp. You can stack Gnar items on Illaoi until you can get the Gnar. You can either chose to Keep Ezreal or Kog’ Maw as your second blaster, personally I’d prefer Ezreal as he not only provides the Chrono bonus, which buffs the entire team’s Attack Speed, but also has a great ult which prevents the enemy carry from casting early. With a Shojin’s Spear and a Red Buff Ezreal dishes out a fair amount of Damage too.

Level 7

Now we can put in the Graves as by now, he’ll most probably be 3 – star, he’s a great Frontline plus also has the Blaster Buff so can also damage multiple enemies. As soon as you get Gnar, replace Illaoi with him. Gnar is a really great 4 cost brawler, his AOE ult is really helpful and with Ionic Spark and Frozen Heart he is damn tanky and dishes out quite a fair amount of Damage also. Frozen Heart plays a vital role in slowing the enemy Frontline and his ult can be very useful to CC out their carry. If you’re lucky, Gnar will knock back the entire enemy team for you.

Late Game

Level 8

With this level, you finally pool in your last unit necessary for this comp which is Kog’ Maw. And you’ll have the final Brawler – Blaster comp. Now in case you want to push level 9, you can check out the next paragraph.

Level 9

If you’re here means you’ve pushed level 9. So what do we add? The answer is quite clear, it’s none other than Aurelion Sol. He’s a Rebel which gives your Malphite the extra shield and Jinx and extra punch to her attacks. So we pop a Morellonomicon on Aurelion and his attacks will also prevent healing and drain mana too. The drain mana feature was just added to Aurelion with patch 10.12 so we can very well use and abuse it to the fullest.


The final comp positioning at Level 8 will look like this.

Comp Positioning at Level 8


With all that, we finally are at the end of this guide and as you all have seen, Blaster Brawler comp is still very much playable, thanks to the fact that Riot blessed us with Gnar in Teamfight Tactics. This comp gives you a great Frontline and a really good carry Jinx, but this comp is a bit weak against infiltrators as the backline is crucial for the damage and infiltrators take them out very soon into the round. One counter to infiltrators is to sandwich your carry Jinx between two lines of tank units like Malphite in front and Graves behind. Otherwise, this is a fairly good comp and with the right items, the top 4 is a guarantee. So now you all know the intricacies of this comp, go out and try it out and have fun playing Teamfight Tactics!

That does it for the Teamfight Tactics Blaster Brawler guide. Hope you find it useful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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