Teamfight Tactics: Rebel Demolitionists Comp Guide

With update 10.12, Riot almost completely changed Teamfight Tactics. Many Traits and many units were replaced with newer ones and almost all the comps were affected. The Rebel Demolitionists Comp is the only one that can still be played with some minor tweaks in Teamfight Tactics. So dive right into the guide and get you guys cruising through the tiers.


Sadly, Ziggs can’t carry anymore because Seraph’s Embrace has been replaced with Blue Buff which does almost the same thing but unlike Seraph’s it doesn’t stack that’s why Riot has limited it to one per unit. So no more Shaq & Kobe, hence our only carry will be Jinx and Gangplank.

With the right items and a good early game substitutes for your carries, this comp will guarantee a finish in the Top 4.


  • Having at least 3 B.F. Swords.
  • Making sure that not more than 2 players are contesting you, or going Blaster-Brawler comp as getting jinx will become a tough thing in that case.
  • Having a good early game item carrier for your carry.

Champions and Items

ZiggsNo Items needed.
MalphiteNo Items needed.
YasuoNo Items needed.
Master YiNo Items needed.
EzerealNo Items needed.
JinxInfinity Edge(preferably)/Deathblade, Giant Slayer, Red Buff.
GangplankGuardian Angel, Ionic Spark, Rabadon’s Deathcap.
Aurelion SolMorellonomicon, Ionic Spark.
ThreshNo items needed.


Try to prioritize B.F. Swords in the carousel as you’ll be needing at least 3 of them for the crucial items on Jinx and Gangplank. Then you can get Chain Vest, Recurve Bow, Giant’s Belt, Sparring Gloves and Needlessly Large Rods.

Early Game

Level 2 – Try Opening with Malphite and Illaoi to get the brawler Synergy going early on. Malphite is a crucial unit and holding onto itfrom early game will only increase your chances to 3-start him in the late game. Pair malphite up with the brawler buff and he’s really tanky, not to mention the shield he gets at the start of every round.

Level 3 – Drop in a Nocturne to get the battle cast buff too. Illaoi and Nocturne can keep up the damage while Malphite tanks for them.

Level 4 – There can be two possibilities here, either pop in a Zed and get the infiltrator bonus or replace Nocturne with Lucian and add Kog’ Maw for the Blaster-Brawler. Either Zed or Kog can be the item carrier for Jinx till you hit level 6. Hold onto the Yasuo and Master Yi that you get as they’ll be useful later on

Mid Game

Level 5 – You can add a Vi to your team to strengthen the front-line so that your blasters get ample amount of time to damage the other team. Try to level up to 6 fast as it improves your chances to get a Jinx

Level 6 – Start looking for jinx and pull out Lucian and Kog’maw for Jinx and Ezreal. Add Gnar to your brawlers and you can sustain the 4 brawlers 2 blasters.

Level 7 – Add Master Yi as it also gives you the rebel Bonus and improves Malphite’s tankyness and Jinx’s damage, plus Yi has been buffed in Patch 10.12 and is a better choice over Yasuo for a frontline.

Late Game

Level 8 – By now you should have found Gangplank and Aurelion Sol so you can remove the Brawlers and Replace Them with Ziggs, Yasuo, Gangplank and Aurelion Sol. Gangplank has a great AOE damage and stun which gives Jinx a lot of time to kill the enemy units. Aurelion Sol too does a lot of damage especially during the staring 5 seconds of the round and also his attacks drain mana of the units it hits.

Level 9 – If you push level 9, the best choice I think is a thresh as it not only gives you the chrono bonus which gives an attack speed boost to the entire team, but also pulls units from the bench to your board during the round. Having an extra unit on your board is a great advantage especially if it’s a 2-star or a three star unit.


Teamfight Tactics Rebel Demolitionists Guide
Positioning of Final Compositions

If you push Level 9 and put Thresh then you can move Malphite up front and put thresh in his place.


The new Rebel-Demolitionists comp in Teamfight Tactics has been narrowed down to the only jinx carry with the removal of Seraph’s Embrace but as Master Yi and Aurelion Sol have been buffed, the late game for this comp has been improved drastically. One weakness of this comp is that it suffers greatly against infiltrators in the early and mid-game. The comp is not very item heavy but requires specific ones that can be tough to come across at times but otherwise, it’s great one which can be played even after the changes that have been made to the game. The mid-game involves using brawlers and blasters which also gives you the opportunity to transition to that comp if the circumstances are suitable. Playing this comp with the right items and proper strategy can easily ensure you a position in the top 4 every single time.

That does it for the Teamfight Tactics Rebel Demolitionists guide. Hope you find it useful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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