Teamfight Tactics: Best comps for TFT Patch 11.3

Have you found the best comps for the new TFT patch yet?

It is common for players to think about teams and units you should be fighting for in Teamfight Tactics. As the immense changes from 11.2 Patch settle and the new balance changes from 11.3 turns in, we can see what comps stand out. You might feel some combinations really strong, but even they might be lacking the damage that only the perfect item could give. To help you with it, we will be guiding you all through the best available comps for Patch 11.3 in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) with the highest win rate for your ranked (or casual) use.

Best comps for TFT Patch 11.3

The greatest teams to climb and guarantee your next ranked rewards. We divide the tiers like this:

  • Tier-Name (Economy method)
  • How to play, what items to look for, and who to equip.

S – Warlord Sharpshooters (Slow Roll)

Teamfight Tactics Comps Patch 11.3

With the buffs on Sharpshooters, a Nidalee throwing spears throughout the map has just become even scarier. In this comp, you will focus your initial efforts on giving Nidalee a Jeweled Gauntlet and an Infinity Edge. If you get lucky, putting a Shojin will pretty much grant your victory. Make your way to the 3-star Nidalee by rolling your gold every round, keep the Cultist trait active at the beginning and try to bring Sivir. If you are unlucky, just play it with Tristana or Teemo until she appears. This comp has no Chosen needs, but finding a chosen Warlord or Sharpshooter will help you a lot.

S – Divine Syphoners (Slow Roll)

Teamfight Tactics Comps Patch 11.3

If you like to see your almost dying team just get full HP and wipe your enemies, this is the comp you should go for. Also, Slow Roll as you are better off with a 3-star Nasus, you will be looking forward to getting either a Divine Chosen or a Synphoner one. Given that you will be low level until 4-1, if you can get the Nasus as the chosen, it is even better. Focus on getting a Morello for the upcoming Morgana, but go for the Titan’s Resolve for Nasus. Additionally, if you get your hands on a Guinsoo or Firecannon (or both) save them for Kayle, as she will be very pleased to use them.

S – Chosen Brawlers (Normal)

Ah, if it ain’t our favourites giants. This comp is one of the most disputed right now, so keep an eye, if anyone else is already doing it before you commit. Get a Runaan’s and just go with the flow along with the Brawler trait, looking for a Chosen Brawler. In the meantime, 3-star your Shyvana as she will be your (unbelievably strong) carry. No need for special rolls or savings, just keep your economy healthy and your eyes sharp to upgrading Shyvana and seeing if anyone else is trying to get for her.

S – Chosen Duelists (Slow Roll)

Having seen our other posts, this comp shouldn’t be anything new. Get a Glove and a Tear, give it to Yasuo and after you 3-star your initial comp, just watch them destroy all enemies. Itemize Yasuo with a Guardian Angel and a Hand of Justice. Throw in a Quicksilver, if you can. From there, get a Runaan and a Guinsoo for Kalista, who should also be maxed out. For this economy, you will want to get to level 5 and then keep rolling all your gold.

S – Chosen Executioners (Normal)

One of my personal favourites, This comp is great to do because of its versatility. Once you get the Guinsoo and the Rapid Cannon, you are able to change it to a Sharpshooter, Brawler, Divine comp and many more. But if you like to deal tons of damage, this comp is just perfect. Try to be level 8 by 5-1 and keeping a good economy, as there are only 3 executioner champions, and to get one of them to be the Chosen you want is a bit of a challenge. If everything goes according to plan, sit back, relax and watch Kayle wipe the board.

S – Chosen Warlords (Normal)

Teamfight Tactics Comps Patch 11.3

It is one of the most frustrating comps to play against recently. Once you get your Katarina to be immune to Crowd Controls and heal from her skill, the game is practically over! From there, find a chosen Warlord and put it on the board, and keep throwing in some other Warlords as well. Throw in a Pyke, so Katarina can crit, and from there combine slayers for more sustain.

Be sure to keep checking on our guides as we continuously update them as the meta progresses.

That does it for the Teamfight Tactics Best comps for Patch 11.3 for the same. Hope you find it useful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below!

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