Terraria 1.4 Common Issues: Here’s how to fix them

Having in-game issues? No worries!

The Terraria 1.4 has recently been released on mobile devices. But as it is a huge update, it also brings about a few bugs and other problems. These problems vary among different mobile devices. Here is a list of the most common issues in Terraria 1.4 and how you can fix them to have a smooth gaming experience.

Terraria 1.4 Common Issues

1. Black Screen

Terraria 1.4 common issues

Players have faced a black screen upon opening the game. Also, the sound plays without you being able to tap the buttons (where they used to be).


  • Make sure you have downloaded the application from the official stores (Play Store, App Stores) and no third party market. If the issue still persists, it could mean your device does not support that particular Terraria build. So consider downgrading to lower versions using the online stores.
  • Clear the game data or delete and reinstall Terraria, as it might be an installation bug that occurred.

2. Corrupt Background

In some cases, the background of the game may appear to be corrupt, with linings appearing that intervene with the animation.


  • Make sure your Background Quality is set to low. You can do that by going to Settings -> Graphics-> Background Quality-> Low.

3. Phone heats up abruptly

The developers make sure the game is optimized to its finest, however, some devices like iPhones and some Android models have common heat issues.


  • Close all apps in the background if any are active. To do this, restrict the background process limit in developer settings. Go to Settings->About phone->tap build number until “you are now a developer!” pops up-> exit->developer options->restrict background process limit-> change to “no background processes”.
  • If playing in offline mode disable WiFi and/or Bluetooth or just turn on Airplane mode.
  • Turn down volume to silent. This also works sometimes

4. App crashes/Game freezes

Terraria may crash at certain times and there can be many reasons for this: insufficient ram, the application doesn’t fully support your phone model, insufficient storage space, etc.


  • Insufficient RAM/Storage might be the reason. Try cleaning up your phone’s memory by deleting files and closing or restricting background processes.
  • Phone model not supported:  Get a new phone, or consider using a modified version of the application that does support your model. (Terraria 1.4 requires at least Android 4.3 and iOS 10.0)

5. Lag spikes

Lagging is one of the most common issues of Terraria mobile as it is a very RAM-intensive game. Lag can occur during the game, but also after the app is closed.


  • For the phone settings, closing or restricting background processes can solve this issue.

6. Weird Control scheme/Game functionality

Terraria 1.4 common issues

Players that take the big hop from Terraria 1.2 to 1.4 will be taking a big step into the new UI added since 1.3 and now even more refined in 1.4. For instance, the jump and aim buttons may feel very strange, due to the new settings.


Go to the game settings and apply the following at the Controls interface:

  • Stick Jump: Swipe Up
  • Auto swing: On
  • Autopause: On

Recommended Settings for Terraria 1.4

General Settings

Terraria 1.4 common issues
  • Autopause: On
  • Tutorials: Off


Terraria 1.4 common issues
  • Event Progress Bar: Off
  • Map: Off
  • Pinch zoom map: Off
  • Pinch zoom world: Off
  • Magnifier: Off
  • Health and Mana Style: Classic


Terraria 1.4 common issues
  • Frame Rate display: Off
  • Frame skip: On
  • VFX Quality: Low
  • Frame rate cap: 60
  • Backgrounds: Off
  • Blood and Gore: Off
  • Screen effects: Off


Terraria 1.4 common issues
  • UI Quality: Low
  • Characters Quality: Low
  • Projectiles Quality: Low
  • Backgrounds Quality: Low
  • Gore Quality: Low
  • Glows Quality: Low
  • Environment Quality: Low

Hope these fixes for the Terraria 1.4 common issues will be useful for you. If there’s something new, please feel free to let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to come up with a solution.

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