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The Eminence in Shadow RPG Character Tier List for December 2022

Choose from only the best characters of this month!

The Eminence in Shadow RPG is a manga story that was recently adapted for the anime medium. The game’s settings lend themselves to the Isekai genre, which is Japanese for “another world.” The protagonist of the game is overpowered, and it has created a shadow group that fights for justice while eliminating its adversaries covertly. The hero saves the group at various stages, which includes a team of powerful ladies. Fret not, we will help you by providing our The Eminence in Shadow RPG Tier List of all the Characters in the game.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG Character Tier List for December 2022

There are mainly 3 tiers for the character which are also distributed by rarity. These characters are listed from the strongest to the weakest. There are a total of 14 characters in the game, however, each character is also available in different rarities. The SS tier rarities are more powerful. While the A-rated rarity characters are less powerful. The game however has different versions of each character. This list is a generalized formatted order that takes the characters listed from episode 1 to episode 6. 

TiersCharacters (Rarity)
Strong (S)Delta (SS),
Iris Midgard (SS),
Alexia Midgard (SS),
Cid Kagenou (SS)
Good (A)Delta (A),
Rose Oriana (SS),
Alpha (S),
Gamma (SS),
Cid Kagenou (S),
Alpha (SS),
Sherry Barnett (SS),
Beta (SS),
Claire Kagenou (SS),
Epsilon (SS),
Nu (SS),
Zeta (SS),
Delta (S),
Eta (SS),
Rose Oriana (A),
Iris Midgar (A)
Average (B)Epsilon (S),
Sherry Barnett (A),
Zeta (S),
Beta (S),
Alpha (A),
Epsilon (A),
Eta (S),
Gamma (A),
Cid Kagenou (A),
Nu (A),
Gamma (S),
Claire Kagenou (A),
Beta (S),
Alexia Midgar (A)
The Eminence in Shadow RPG Character Tier List for December 2022

Best Meta Characters for The Eminence in Shadow RPG in December 2022

The following is a list of the best characters the player can acquire to develop a balanced side using meta characters from each grade in The Eminence in Shadow RPG. These are:

S-Tier Characters

Image via Crunchyroll

In this tier, the best pick would be no doubt Delta (SS). She has the highest base stats and powerful combat power. Her initial HP is over 100 and thus provides a highly balanced stat distribution to both defense and attack for an attack-type character. 

A-Tier Characters

Image via Crunchyroll

In this particular tier, the best character would be Rose Orianna (SS). She has a very high HP and a decent balance between attack, and critical attack rates. Her defense is a bit low but the high HP compensates for that. For this tier, she is the best character in the tank category.

B-Tier Characters

Image via Crunchyroll

In this category, the characters are not particularly strong. However, if the player had to choose for the initial stages of the game, the best character would be Epsilon (S). For an attack-type character, her defense is high. Her HP is quite low but the attack and the critical attack rate compensate for that for her position as the attacker. Hence she would be the best choice for this tier. 

Final Thoughts

The game has only 14 characters. However, there are different versions of each character based on their rarity and story type. Story type means which episodic era have they been acquired from. The higher the number of episodes, the stronger they will be. The character Cid Kagenou as the protagonist also has two different types of cards. One is the shadow card where he is the eminence in the shadow. While the other is his role at the school. The shadow card is obviously more powerful however it is rare to acquire. 

What do you think about this The Eminence in Shadow RPG Character Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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