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Time Raiders Beginners Guide and Tips

Delve deep and explore the vast eastern undergrounds!

Time Raiders is an RPG developed by Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. LTD. In this game, you will choose one of the three existing classes, such as Blademaster, Gunslinger, and Sage. In addition, you will be taken to the vast eastern underground world to explore. Search for historical treasures, fight different bosses and have spooky forms, look for unique artifacts that can make you stronger, and also form a team so that you can pass all challenges more easily. In this Time Raiders Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Introducing the Basics of Time Raiders


Before starting the adventure, you will be asked to choose an available class, there are Blademaster, Gunslinger, and Sage. These three have differences in terms of weapons, gameplay, and stats.

Time Raiders Class
Image via Yoozoo Games

Blademasters use swords that focus on close combat, Gunslingers use rifles to shoot enemies, and Sages use kunai and umbrellas. Tips and tricks for choosing a class will be detailed below.


The skills in this game depend on the class you choose, because each class has different skills, in the picture above, we chose the Blademaster class. The skills here are divided into various, there are active skills, namely skills that you can activate yourself.

Skills Time Raiders
Image via Yoozoo Games

There is a no CD skill, which is a skill that you can use continuously without a cooldown. There is passive and there is also awakened, which is a skill that has been strengthened.


Status time Raiders
Image via Yoozoo Games

Status is very important in increasing the rating. When your status increases, you will get many rewards, such as statistics, items, and game currency. You need to follow the quests available in the status panel, then tap go to follow the quests.


There are about 14 chapters that you can complete from this Time Raiders game which is divided into 3 parts, first there is the Seven Syar Lu King’s Palace section which is divided into 6 chapters.

Chapter Time Raiders
Image via Yoozoo Games

There Xisha Underwater Tomb is divided into 4 chapters and There is a Bronze Divine Tree of Qinling divided into 4 chapters. The 14 chapters have different stories and backgrounds, which makes this game quite interesting.


The quests here are fairly easy for beginners because you only need to tap the quests on the left which when you tap, will auto-play automatically. Like talking to NPCs, moving to a different city, etc.

Quests Time Raiders
Image via Yoozoo Games

There are several different quests, such as Main Quests which are useful for your main quests in completing the storyline in this game, Status Quests to promote, tutorial quests to understand some features, and other things in this Time Raiders game.

Time Raiders Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Time Raiders Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Choose the appropriate class

blademaster time raiders
Image via Yoozoo Games

As explained above, there are three classes that you can choose one to use, and each class has its uniqueness. First, there is Blademaster, an expert in close combat. Blademaster is perfect for those of you who like to fight on the front lines because he uses a sword as his weapon. In addition, he also has pretty good statistics for survival in the game and has good control. This class can be your choice who usually plays solo in the game without a team?

gunslinger class time raiders
Image via Yoozoo Games

The second is a Gunslinger who uses a rifle to shoot at his enemies. This class has excellent stats in support and range which is perfect for those of you who usually play as support in a team because it can hit from a distance, so there’s no need to advance into the middle of battle when playing as a team.

sage class time raiders
Image via Yoozoo Games

The third is Sage, a master of the eight trigrams who kills foes with loaded umbrellas. This class has the greatest stats for doing damage, so if you like a class that can carry, this Sage is perfect for you.

2. Collect and upgrade Artifacts

Artifacts are one of the important things in this game because from there you can increase your character rating, therefore you need to collect artifacts that you can get from the Archeology Blind Box using artifact vouchers.

Collect and upgrade artifacts
Image via Yoozoo Games

When you have got some of these artifacts, you need to increase them by starting up using Remnant Scrap then when you reach 5 stars, you need to break through using Remnant Essence.

3. Maximizing the training ground

training ground time raiders
Image via Yoozoo Games

This training ground is a very effective way to collect rewards and increase the exp of your character, so you will quickly level up. We have tips for this training ground, so when you enter the training ground, usually the enemy is quite weak because there is no boss in it, so you can use the auto combat feature in the middle, then you can leave it temporarily to do various activities. without needing to fight it manually.

4. Managing your Inventory

Manage inventory Time Raiders
Image via Yoozoo Games

Inventory is where you store various items that have been obtained. In this game, you will often get various items when defeating the boss. Therefore you need to tidy it up like an item that is no longer used, you can recycle it or sell it at an auction so that your inventory does not pile up and is full.

5. Always craft Equipment

craft equipment time raiders
Image via Yoozoo Games

If you want to increase your character’s rating, the craft is one way you can use it. By enhancing equipment using Lazurite, the equipment can increase your stats. In addition, there is also a blessing to increasing basic and special stats.

6. Using the HP potion

When fighting a boss, there are times when you will have difficulty fighting it, therefore you need to use HP Potions so that your character does not die. One of them is by consuming Energy Drink through inventory which can recover 2000+Max HP*1%, which is very useful when your blood is low.

HP potion Time Raiders
Image via Yoozoo Games

You can activate the feature provided by this game, namely auto-use HP Potion which is available in the settings in the Quick section.

Final Thoughts

Time Raiders is an RPG game set in China, it can be seen from the name of each NPC and the design that appears in the game. This game is quite interesting from that much story although you need to read the dialogue to understand the plot. In addition, this game is suitable for those of you who occasionally have to leave the game for activities, because this game has auto-play and auto-combat features.

That’s all from us for Time Raiders Beginners Guide! Did you find our Time Raiders beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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