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Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains Character Tier List (SSR) for May 2024

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KOMOE TECHNOLOGY‘s strategy RPG called Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains is based on the popular anime series Tokyo Ghoul. In the gripping world of Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains, choosing the right characters can be the key to dominance on the battlefield. To guide you through this intense journey, we present the Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains Tier List, spotlighting the most powerful and effective characters and Ghouls ready to be at your command.

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Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains Tier List: Best Ghouls and Characters

In this TGBC Tier List, we assess and rank the top Characters in Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains. I’ve categorized the characters into four categories: Overpowered (S)Strong (A), Good (B), and Fair (C) to make it easy for you to understand each Character’s benefits and strengths and help you understand which is the best character in TGBC. Keep in mind that these rankings are based on my experiences, so feel free to customize your choices to suit your preferences.

Overpowered (S)Uta, Ken KanekiEto, Iwao Kuroiwa, Juzo SuzuyaHinami Fueguchi [Growing Maiden], Enji Koma, Shu Tsukiyama [Gourmet]
Strong (A) Kureo Mado [Fueguchi Two], Kohtaro Amon
Shu Tsukiyama [Bloody Feast], Take Hirako, Hinami Fueguchi [Fledging Butterfly], Yoshimura, Yukinori Shinohara,Itori, Matasaka Kamishiro, Tatara, Akira Mado
Good (B)

Kosuhe Hoji, Yashiro Yasuhisa, Rize Kamishiro
Naki, Ayato Kirishima Yakumo Omori, Kisho Arima, Toka Kirishima, Chu Hachikawa, Nishiki Nishio, Mogan Tanakamaru
Fair (C)Nashiro Yasuhisa, Nico, Kurona Yasuhisa, Noro, Kaya Irimi, Renji YomoRyoko Fueguchi, Kyoji Misaka, Kori UiKureo Mado [Quinque Maniac]

Best Meta Characters and Ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains for May 2024

Speed – Uta

In my experience, Uta is one of the best characters in Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains due to his high-speed stat and powerful buffing abilities. His passive skill, Lone Wolf, allows him to deal significant damage when he’s the last character standing.

Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains Uta
Image via Komoe Technology Limited

Also, Uta boosts the attack-related stats of his team if they haven’t taken damage, levels up a random skill at the start of the battle, and enhances skill levels when gaining Power Burst, making him a versatile and essential character for strengthening any team.

Skill – Eto

From what I’ve seen, Eto is one of the best characters in Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains because she offers a powerful combination of offensive and defensive support. Her ability to boost allied damage upon using an active skill for the first time in a turn gives her a significant edge in battles. Moreover, her skill to restrict debuffs on allies above a certain HP threshold to just one provides crucial protection.

Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains Eto
Image via Komoe Technology Limited

Additionally, Eto enhances the basic stats of allied SKL characters, further strengthening the team. Her Power Burst Enhancement grants immunity to loss-of-control and Weak effects, ensuring survivability. Eto’s versatile skillset makes her invaluable for any team strategy, enhancing both offensive capabilities and defensive resilience.

Strength – Hinami Fueguchi [Growing Maiden]

In my experience, Hinami Fueguchi [Growing Maiden] is one of the best characters in Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains due to her exceptional support and defensive abilities. Her Inspired passive skill reduces damage taken and removes debuffs, ensuring the team’s survival in battles. Additionally, her Heal passive skill provides extra healing on critical hits, enhancing the team’s longevity.

Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains Hinami Fueguchi [Growing Maiden]
Image via Komoe Technology Limited

Hinami’s Mass Barrier ability shields the entire team at the start of battles or her turn, boosting their defense. With the bonus of gaining a stack of Inspired upon activating Power Burst, Hinami proves invaluable for maintaining the team’s resilience and sustainability throughout encounters.

Final Thoughts

Our Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains Tier List is comprehensive, yet it remains a living document, subject to regular updates as new characters make their debut. It’s crucial to understand that our tier list is a blend of personal perspectives and practical experiences, not intending to determine the absolute strengths or weaknesses of characters conclusively.

Rather, our objective is to give readers insights into the diverse situations and roles where characters thrive, serving as a useful guide for the continuously evolving Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains meta. Stay tuned for future updates as the game continues to evolve and new characters emerge.

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