Total Football: The complete Resource Guide and Tips

Manage your resources efficiently to exploit them to the fullest!

In-game resources are a crucial aspect of any mobile game as they let users redeem a lot of players and booster items from the in-game shop section. The same goes for Total Football where players need to be extra calculative about managing their resources and going for the exchanges. Starting from in-game currencies and consumables to every Scout pack, we will talk about all the in-game resources that are available to exploit, in this Total Football Resource guide. We are also going to see what they bring to the table for you and share some useful tips and tricks on managing them efficiently.

Introducing the in-game Resources in Total Football

In-game resources in Total Football can be broadly classified under three categories, viz, In-game Currencies, Consumables, and Scout Packs. In this Total Football Resource Guide. we will come to each of these categories one by one. First, let us understand the in-game currencies available.

1. In-game Currencies

It is important that we are adept at the currency system of this game first because all in-game spending needs to be made with these currencies. These currencies provide a wide range of utilities. They can be used to sign Players and scouts, level up players, unlock new game modes and rewards, and various other in-game purchases. Let us jump into that next:

In-game CurrencyUtility
Total Football Coins1. Sign Players directly via Agent Searches.
2. Creating Alliances
3. Unlocking Decors, Stadiums, Fans, and Jerseys.
4. Purchasing Special Fan Bundles.
5. Swapping with other resources and currencies based on the Exchange rates on that given day.
Euros1. Upgrading and Levelling up your Players.
2. Redeem random Scout players from the Scout Packs you own.
Agent ContractsSign Club Players of the 22/23 Season via Agent Searches with 83+ Players guaranteed in 16 Searches.
Glory PointsA special in-game asset that can be used to unlock various in-game modes and rewards depending on the number of points you have accumulated.
Scout Coins1. Redeem 5 or higher star scout packs from the Scout Shop.
2. Redeem Red-Card Players from the Matchup Shop.
Pick’Em Tokens(World Cup Special Currency)Redeem jerseys, frames, Player Cards, and Scouts from the Pick’Em Shop.

2. In-game Consumables

All the in-game currencies discussed, let us now move on to the Consumables that are there to exploit in this game. Consumables in sports titles are generally booster items that provide the much-needed boost to your squad members, either by providing them energy or by helping them level up. Having said that, let us look at the Consumables available now:

In-game ConsumablesUtility
Energy DrinkUsed to restore 50 Team Energy
Rank ProtectionA special booster item limited to Ranked Mode games. When you lose a Ranked match, this ability is automatically activated to protect your side from a star loss.
Rename CardUsed to Rename your team name.
Respec CardUsed to reset the Ability Points that you have allocated( A feature needed in Player Enhancement)
EXP Cards1. Available in 2 variants: 100 EXP and 200 EXP.
2. Used to level up your players by feeding them with the same number of experience points as carried by the Card label.
Enhance Card ISpecial item for enhancing players who are rated 3 stars or above.
Box Speed-UpProvides a 30-minute speed-up for the Duel Pack opening progress.
Locker Keys1. Special keys that are obtainable from Career and Ranked Mode Matches.
2. Requires 3 keys to open a Locker from the Locker Hunt event. Each locker would earn you a specific in-game resource.

3. In-game Scout Packs

Scout Packs are another handy resource that would help you search for potential talents of the said star rating. Players earned from Scout Packs and Scout Shop can often prove to be a useful addition to your side.

In-game Scout PacksUtility
Beginner’s Scout PackA random 1-3 Star Scout can be earned upon opening.
League Scout PackCan earn you a League Scout Card of the said Star Rating.
2-Star/3-Star/4-Star Scout PackA random Scout card with the said card rating can be earned.
Pro Scout Pack IA random Scout card with a 1-4 card rating can be earned.
Region-Specific Elite Scout Pack IA random League player of that region with a 3-5 star rating can be obtained.
Ranked Match Pack1. Special Packs that are obtainable from Ranked Mode games.
2. Can earn you Euros in addition to Scout Packs.

Total Football Resource Guide: Tips and Tricks

Now that we are familiar with all the in-game resources available, let us jump onto some useful tips and tricks on how to manage and utilize them efficiently:

1. See Glory Points as a potential substitute for Total Football Coins

Even though the basic in-game currency, you would face extreme scarcity when it comes to Total Football Coins. As of now, there is no in-game Mode or Event that rewards you with Total Football coins unless, of course, you buy them with real money. Hence we must look for substitutes.

Total Football Glory Points Section
Image via Gala Sports

The main utility that TF coins bring to your table is of course signing Players via Agent searches. To be honest, even Agent Contracts would get the job done for you initially as they can get you decent enough cards from the 22-23 Season. There is no better way to earn more and more Agent Contracts than accumulating Glory Points.

Glory Points can be easily accumulated by just playing the game, be it Career Mode or Special Training. As you go on accumulating Glory Points, you earn loads of in-game resources besides Agent Contracts. So it is a win-win for you. They can be also obtained by completing the R10 Academy Event sessions. So, make sure to grind the game on a daily basis.

2. Recycle your 3 or lower star rating Scout Packs for Scout Coins

This is a feature that may be still unknown to many but the game allows you to recycle your Scout packs for a special in-game currency known as Scout Coins. The game has a dedicated Scout Shop and Matchup Shop where these Scout coins can be utilized.

While much higher-rated scout cards can be redeemed from the Scout Shop, some sure-shot Red Card players can be signed from the available list, with these Scout Coins. With Scout packs, it is always a game of probability. So, it is better to recycle these packs and use them in this way to obtain sure-shot players.

Total Football Scout Card Recycle
Image via Gala Sports

To recycle their available Scout cards, one must:

  • Go to the in-game market section and navigate to the Scouts, sub-section.
  • Switch to the Recycle tab under the Scout menu and tap on the Scout Card you wish to recycle.
  • The number of obtainable Scout Coins would pop up on your screen. Just tap on Confirm next, to complete the transaction.

3. Predict the winners on each Matchday from the Pick’Em 2022 Event

The Pick’Em 2022 Event is a special in-game event revolving around the FIFA World Cup mega event. Each day when you log in, you will earn 300 Pick’Em tokens during the course of this Event. You need to spend these tokens on daily prediction. A correct prediction sends back all the used Tokens to your inbox and a wrong prediction rewards you back with only 30% of these tokens.

Total Football Pick'Em 2022 Event
Image via Gala Sports

At the end of this event, all your unused Pick’Em Tokens will be replaced with Euros(1 Pick’Em token= 10 Euros) that can be used to level up your players and search for scouts. Hence, look to cash on this section as it is fun and rewarding at the same time.

4. Claim your earned Energy Drinks from the Inventory when you run out of them

Total Football Energy Drink Resource
Image via Gala Sports

Energy Drinks basically restore the energy lost after playing games, to your line-up. For entering every Career Mode game, you need to spend 25 Energy Drinks. Hence, there would be a time when you would run out of Energy Drinks. Fret not, they can be easily earned from the in-game Events and even by accumulating Glory Points. You just need to claim them from the in-game Inventory section at the right time. 50 Energy Drinks would be added to your tally per claim.

5. Preserve your Respec Cards for the right moment

At the very look of it, Respec cards might not seem that useful. But, consider a scenario where you have Enhanced your player card by feeding him Ability Points in some non-essential attributes. Even though his OVR has increased, his performance in-game will have an impact due to this.

Total Football Respec Card Utilization
Image via Gala Sports

In this scenario, if you own a Respec Card, you can reset the ability points allocated for enhancing a player card and feed them those points in the essential attributes. The OVR of your player card would remain unaltered even though you are using those points in different attributes. This way, Respec cards do come in handy at times.

6. Do Not exchange your Total Football Coins for anything

As you know that Total Football Coins come with a special Exchange feature that gives it the luxury to be swapped with any in-game resource. However, do not think in that direction, even in your wildest of dreams. TF Coins are at one point, a mere pay-to-get resource. Hence, when you have them, utilize them as they are rather than converting them into resources that are already available aplenty.

That’s it for the Total Football Resource Guide. Did you find our Total Football Resource guide useful? Let us know in the comments.

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