Total Football: Tips to level up players quickly in the game

Level up your Players in no time!

Just assembling a line-up of ace players is not all that one needs to do in the new soccer title, Total Football. To bring out the best version of your squad members on the pitch, you need to level them up and increase their ability score under various attributes. A player would perform to his full potential only when he is maxed out. In this Total Football guide, we are going to decode the Player Card Upgradation and Enhancement system in the game and share some useful tips on how you can level up and upgrade your players quickly and bring the best out of them.

How to upgrade and level up your Players quickly in Total Football

Whenever you want to level up a Player card in Total Football, you need something known as Experience Points. Experience Points are nothing but an in-game asset that allows your players to level up. There are essentially two ways by which your players earn Experience points:

1. Playing the Game

Playing matches is the primary means of gaining Experience. Every game that your player cards participate in, regardless of the game mode, awards them experience points. The number of Experience points a player receives at the end of a match would depend on your Player’s Affinity with the Team Formation and his performance in the game.

2. Consuming Level-Up Materials

Experience Cards

Experience Cards are an in-game consumable resource that can be fed to your players for increasing their Experience Points and thereby allowing them to level up. There are two kinds of Experience Cards present in the game:

  • 100 EXP Cards- Adds 100 Experience Points to your player’s tally upon feeding.
  • 200 EXP Cards– Adds 200 Experience Points to your player’s tally upon feeding.

Experience Cards are easily available in the game and can be obtained by just grinding the game and accumulating Glory Points. They can be additionally obtained in bulk from the Special Training Drills, a section you visit every day.

Player Cards

You may even make your player consume other Player Cards to gain Experience Points. However, in that scenario, you can only compromise with the players that do not feature in your Starting XI and Subs. If you want someone from your squad to be converted to an EXP Card, then you must remove him from your Starting XI, and then only he will be available for the conversion. Once the conversion is complete, the number of Experience Points that your player will receive would depend on the star rating and overall statistics of your former player.

How to upgrade your Players in Total Football

Now that we know the back mechanism on how player cards level up, let us glance through the steps to level up Player Cards by feeding them Level-Up Materials.

  • From the in-game home screen, navigate to the Upgrades tab that you will find somewhere at the bottom.
  • This would take you to the Upgrades Menu which has 3 sections, namely, Level-Up, Enhance, and Details. Under the Level-Up section, you need to select which player card you want to level up by tapping on the humanoid icon, present somewhere at the bottom of your screen.
  • Once you have filtered out the player you wish to level up, from the list, tap on the EXP Cards that you want to feed your player.
  • As you go on selecting/de-selecting EXP Cards the Level bar of your player would fluctuate up and down. It would be displayed beside your player card.
Image via Gala Sports
  • Once you have chosen all the EXP Cards you wish to feed him, tap on the Level-Up button to initiate the Level-Up. This requires a certain number of Euros depending on the number of EXP Cards fed.
  • As you tap on Level-Up, the said number of Euros would be automatically deducted from your balance. The stats of your player after the Level-Up would also pop up on your screen.

How to perform Player Card Enhancement in Total Football

Leveling up your players alone is not everything. To further boost his overall stats and in-game performance under various attributes, you need to Enhance your Player Card. There are two ways to perform this action.

1. Feeding another Player card of the same position and Card Type

You will be required to compromise with another Player Card of the same position and Card Color. Say, for instance, you want to enhance the statistics of a Red Card Player who plays at the Center-Forward Position. To do so, you must make that Player card consume another Red Color Center-Forward Player. Doing so would gift you with another in-game asset known as Ability Points which you need to invest in boosting certain attributes of your Player Card.

2. Utilizing the Enhance Card I Resource

Feeding the Enhance Card I Resource can also fulfill your Enhancement Requirement provided, your Player Card is rated 3 stars and above. The rest of the story is all the same. You get some Ability Points which you need to invest under specific attributes. This would guarantee an OVR rise by +2 or +3 irrespective of the attributes you spend the Ability Points under.

Steps to perform Player Card Enhancement

Below are the steps for achieving a Player Card Enhancement:

  • Once again navigate to the Upgrade Menu and switch over to the Enhance tab this time.
  • Just as it was for Level-Up, you need to select which player card you want to enhance by tapping on the humanoid icon.
  • Once you have selected your Player Card, a Card design of the same card color and position would appear under Enhance Requirements. You need to tap on that.
  • A new window would appear, asking you to choose a Player Card of the same Card Color and Position, from the cards that you own. Select one and tap on confirm.
Total Football Player Enhancement
Image via Gala Sports
  • This would activate the Enhance button under the Enhance tab. Tap on that to head to the Attributes menu. You need to spend the Ability Points that you have earned under the attributes that you want your player to develop. Make sure to invest in the right attributes. Like, for a Defender, make sure that you are enhancing the Ball Winning and Defensive Awareness Capabilities. You may refer to the Recommended Attributes section under this menu for assistance.
  • Once you have utilized the Ability Points earned in the transaction, the Confirm button would get activated. Tap on it to complete the Enhancement. This process would require spending Euros. The said amount of Euros would be immediately deducted from your tally, once you tap on Confirm.

Total Football Level-Up and Upgrade Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are a few important cheats that one must know with regard to Player Level-Up and Enhancement.

1. Complete drills from the Special Training section daily

Just as we mentioned earlier, loads of 200 EXP Cards can be obtained by finishing the drills from the Special Training Section. The Special Training Section unlocks once you have accumulated a certain number of Glory Points. So if you are new to the game, make sure to unlock this special mode as soon as possible and visit this section daily, once unlocked, to maximize earning 200 EXP Cards. Make sure you are grinding the other game modes as well with it. Accumulating Glory Points also earn you 100 EXP Points after a certain number of milestones.

Image via Gala Sports

In addition to EXP Cards, Enhance Cards can also be earned by completing these drills. That is, it would contribute a great deal to Player Enhancement.

2. Make sure that your Player Cards are not playing out of position

We have already discussed in the previous section, that your Player Cards can level up on their own too, with each game that they play. However, the number of Experience Points that they gain would depend on their Affinity with your formation. Say, for example, you have a Left-Winger in your team and the formation that you play can only fit him in the Center-Forward position.

Team Formation
Image via Gala Sports

In this scenario, his OVR and affinity with your squad would automatically drop. Therefore, he would get a comparatively lesser Experience hike with each game that he plays. So, make sure that no player is out of position in your squad and adjust accordingly.

3. Use your EXP Cards wisely

It is important that you use your EXP Cards wisely and do not waste them unnecessarily:

  • First, look to feed the EXP Cards to your starting XI players. Once they are maxed out, then go for your sub and bench players. There is absolutely no use wasting your EXP Cards on players who will not feature in your Starting XI anytime soon.
  • While feeding Experience Points, keep an eye on the number of more experience Points that your player needs to attain max-level. The Experience Points attained and required would be inscribed on the Level bar for your assistance. Say, for instance, if he needs 100 more Experience Points to reach a certain level and you are spending 200, then that is a waste of available resources. Go for the 100 EXP Card instead, and save yourself a valuable 200 EXP Card.
  • Do not go about consuming a Player card for leveling up just like that. Even if you do not need that player in your team, he can come in handy in the Player Enhancement section. We suggest it’s better to consume a player for Ability Points rather than just for the sake of leveling up.

4. Invest the earned Ability Points under the essential attributes only

While Enhancing a Player Card, the rise in OVR would be the same irrespective of the attributes under which you are spending your points. However, the Overall Rating is not the ultimate decider. If you are investing in the non-essential attributes, it won’t add a boost to your Player’s in-game performance. Say, for a Striker, Finishing, Kicking Power, Offensive Awareness, and Heading(if he is tall) are some of the attributes that you can invest in. You may refer to the Recommended Attributes section for help.

Total Football Player Enhancement Attributes
Image via Gala Sports

However, you won’t have enough Ability Points to invest under all the recommended attributes. Spend on the ones you feel are a priority and you can plan on investing in the other attributes in the next Enhancement.

5. Utilize the Respec cards if you want to re-invest in other attributes

We have already discussed Respec Cards in our Resource Guide. If you have spent your Ability points in non-essential attributes or want to re-invest in some other attributes, you can always do that if you have Respec Cards in your inventory.

Respec Card Utilization
Image via Gala Sports

With Respec Cards, you can reset the ability points allocated for enhancing a player card and feed them those points in some other attributes. The OVR of your player card would remain unaltered in this process. Just grinding the game can earn you this Consumable card.

That’s it for the Total Football Guide on how to level up and upgrade your players quickly. Did you find our guide on how to level up and upgrade players in Total Football useful? Let us know in the comments.

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