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Tower Brawl Beginners Guide and Tips

Welcome to Tower Brawl!

Tower Brawl is one of the newest PvP online multiplayer RPG which is now available on Android and iOS devices. The game is very fascinating and has great 2D graphics. It also has great gameplay UI and mechanics that keep up the interest inside the heart of the players. The game has many interesting characters with unique powers that help out players to strategize a strong team while on a battlefield. Thus, let us jump into a detailed Tower Brawl beginners guide for the players and check out some great tips and tricks for them.

Gameplay Overview

Tower Brawl is an online multiplayer PvP game that allows players to fight against other players from all corners of the world. Players need to upgrade their tower and add characters in the empty areas so that they can fight against the opponent, defend their own tower and destroy the opponent’s one so that they can snatch the victory on their name.

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While playing a match, players receive coins automatically as a reward for their performance. The winning individual also receives Trophies, in this game Trophies resemble the experience of the player. Trophies are also required in many sections of the game where players need to have a minimum number of trophies to play under that segment. Players receive coins while playing a match. Using those coins, players can select characters and upgrade their cart.

The gameplay mechanics are very easy, players have to only tap on the character’s card to use the special ability after it is activated. The melee attack goes on automatically throughout the match and thus saves enough energy for the players.

Introducing the Basics of Tower Brawl

The game comes up with many interesting features; but here are the best and most required ones that will help out players to progress further into the game.


Quests are the section where players can go up to check out the assigned tasks given to them by the game. Players can thus complete them and receive great rewards such as Gold, Diamonds, and EXP points as well. There are two subsections as well;

Tower Brawl Beginners Guide
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  • Daily Quest
  • Achievement Quest

The tasks under the Daily Quest section change every day and thus players have to face exciting challenges every day when they open up the game. On the other hand, the tasks in Achievement Quest are fixed and players have to go through a lot of challenges to complete them and get rewards.


Activity Tower Brawl Beginners Guide
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The activity section is the section where the game provides more in-game modes rather than the main ones so that players find the algorithm much more interesting and thus enjoy playing the game. There are two activities;


Arena Tower Brawl Beginners Guide
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In Arena, players with more than 1000 trophies can only take part and thus fight against the best players around the corner of the world and win great rewards. The game takes place every Saturday from 20:00 – 22:00 as per the Server timings. In the form of rewards, players will have legendary heroes along with Golds and Diamonds as per their rankings.


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The Royale section is also similar to that of the Arena but it’s a bit more interesting than Arena. Players with more than 2000 trophies can easily take part in the game and enjoy themselves. Every player gets 2 chances every day and they can utilize their 2 chances to take part in the Royale event and thus win exciting prizes as well.


Tower Brawl also offers an in-game Pass to the players. Just like other games, this game also provides two Passes; Free and Deluxe. The Free Pass comes up with exciting prizes such as Gold, Diamonds, and Raid Tickets.

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On the other hand, Deluxe passes do have Golds, Diamonds, and Raid Tickets but additionally, it also gives mystery boxes from where players can unlock any character, Chests through which players can get exciting prizes and a fixed legendary character.

Drawing Cards

Draw cards
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The Draw cards section has only one area through which players can unlock heroes. Players need to have 200 or more Diamonds to unlock characters from this area. Players also get an offer of summoning 10 Heroes for 1800 Diamonds and it also guarantees to give a Legendary card as well.


Heroes is the section where players can check out all the heroes present in the game. At the top, they can check out the heroes they have unlocked and at the bottom of that section, players can check out all the other heroes that are yet to be unlocked.

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Players can easily upgrade the heroes from this section only; follow up the easy steps to figure out the process to upgrade the heroes:

  • First, go to the Heroes section and check for the hero that has received enough hero cards and is ready to be upgraded.
  • After this, tap on that hero, and then players can see an option, “Level Preview”. Tap on that option to upgrade your hero.
  • At the left bottom of the screen, players can then see the Level Up option, for which players need certain Golds
  • Tap on the Level Up option and use that amount of Gold to upgrade your hero.
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Thus, by following these easy steps players can easily upgrade their heroes in the game with the help of a few Golds.


The clan is the section where players can join a group of players and thus enjoy the game together. Players can even make friends through there and play together as well. In a clan, players always come under one roof to support each other and thus players can even progress well this way.

Mastering the Game Modes

Tower Brawl has two main game modes through which players can progress themselves. The game modes are:

1. Co-op mode

Co-Op is the section where players join up in a Duo match with another random player from the server players are playing. The main task of the players is that they have to survive the Waves of attacks from dragons and monsters.

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The Waves get difficult consecutively and thus both players have to upgrade their cart, fill up with heroes and pass through as many Waves as possible until their health ends. Additionally, players have to gather 500 trophies, or else they cannot play the Co-Op mode.

PvP mode

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The PvP mode is the main mode where players have to fight against another player with no such time limit and apparently win. Players receive Coins while playing and thus they have to use those coins to upgrade their cart and summon hero cards so that players can choose from those three options and place them in their cart. The last one to survive wins the round.

Image via DOMO ZOO Tower Brawl Beginners Guide

Players can upgrade their cars 5 times, and thus after the fifth time, the cart gets upgraded to its max level. Players can shuffle up their heroes as many times as they want and make an ultimate strong team of 6 heroes. The winner of the round is rewarded with 30 trophies and the loser gets a trophy decreased from its collection.

Tower Brawl Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Spend your Coins wisely

Players receive coins while playing a PvP match against another random player. Use those coins wisely while you play. Prioritize the upgrading process of your cart and the 6 heroes you want to place over the cart. Save some for the end, it might help you to change any hero if required as well.

2. Draw more Hero cards

Heroes are the most important reason behind your victory. If the players have strong and legendary heroes, it is very obvious that they will snatch away the victory from their opponent’s hand. Thus, summon more heroes and make the best 6 man team for yourself.

3. Upgrade the heroes just after you receive the hero cards

Players will receive hero cards in many ways. These hero cards get collected and thus by collecting a certain number of hero cards, players can easily upgrade their heroes with the help of Gold. Try to upgrade the heroes in regular intervals so that the heroes get more powerful than before and thus contribute more towards your victory.

4. Complete your Quests on time

Quests offer many challenges every day. By completing them, players can receive many interesting rewards such as new Heroes, Golds, Diamonds, Raid tickets, Chests, and Hero cards. These all rewards help a lot to the players towards their progress and thus players can make their team much more powerful than before.

5. Try to win and gather more Trophies

Players receive 30 Trophies just after they claim victory over the PvP mode. Thus play more and gather more trophies. This will help out players compete against the world’s best players through the activity section and gain more experience as well. Gathering more trophies can even unlock certain other interesting game modes that will also contribute to the player’s progression.


Tower Brawl is an online multiplayer PvP game where players build up a cart and place some heroes and thus with their team standing with pride and power, fights against other players to claim victory and experience. Thus, go through the detailed beginners guide to know about the game and flourish like the best budding Tower Brawler in the world.

That’s all for today’s Tower Brawl Beginners Guide! Did you find this Tower Brawl Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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