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Tower of Fantasy Clouds of Cangwu Event Guide and Tips

Complete the event with ease!

Tower of Fantasy released Version 3.0 where they added a brand new map expansion called ‘’Domain 9’’ along with new Simulacrums and limited Events centered on the Domain region. The flagship event of this patch is called the “Clouds of Cangwu” which is a limited event in Tower of Fantasy that takes place in 4 separate Event parts.

It acts as a central location for various activities and interactions related to the event. During the specified event duration, players have the opportunity to receive Cloud Giftboxes containing valuable rewards by simply logging into the game daily. 

Tower of Fantasy Clouds of Cangwu: Event Overview

The event will last throughout the whole patch of Version 3.0. There will be 4 separate Events that focus on the new region Domain 9 with many types of puzzle activities, battles, and exploration. Collecting the in-game currency of this event will allow players to purchase items in the Cloud Store. Additionally, players can log in for 7 days to obtain 7 Cloud Giftboxes filled with various rewards. 


Cloudscape introduces a special area called Domain 9, where Wanderers can explore and gather materials. These materials can be collected during the event period and exchanged for exclusive rewards. This encourages players to engage in the event and actively search for these materials within Domain 9.

Tower of Fantasy Clouds of Cangwu Event
Image via Level Infinite

Additionally, during the event, players have the opportunity to earn Green Beetle, a currency used within the game, by upgrading Vermilion Statues. Upgrading these statues during the event period allows players to accumulate Green Beetle, which can be used for various purposes such as purchasing items or unlocking certain features. 

There are multiple ways for players to participate and earn rewards. Here are the different modes and activities within the event:

  • Rare Finds: In this mode, players can discover various creatures scattered throughout Domain 9. By locating these creatures, players can exchange them for rewards in the Event Store. It encourages players to explore and interact with the environment to find these special creatures and earn valuable items.
  • Through Brambles and Thorns: In this mode, players are challenged to defeat specific enemies within Domain 9. These enemies will drop certain items, and players can exchange those drops for rewards in the Event Store. It incentivizes players to engage in combat and strategically defeat these enemies to collect valuable resources.
  • Cloud Exploration: This mode involves puzzle-solving within Domain 9. Players need to explore the area, solve puzzles, and unravel secrets to progress. By successfully navigating and solving these puzzles, players can earn rewards.
  • Astrological Blessing: This mode revolves around interacting with statues within Domain 9. Players need to explore the area and interact with the statues to unlock blessings and bonuses. These blessings can provide advantages and rewards to the players.

Additionally, the event offers an Event Store where players can exchange their accumulated items for various rewards. Players can check the requirements for exchanging specific items in the Event Store. To locate these items in the game world, players can refer to the Macrograph, which provides information on where to find them. This allows players to plan their strategies and focus their efforts on obtaining the items needed for exchange in the Event Store.

Cloudtop Asunder

Cloudtop Asunder is a battle event where players are tasked with defeating a powerful enemy named Zhuyan, a new World Boss located in Domain 9 specifically at Ignisville. By successfully defeating Zhuyan, players will receive event currencies as a reward.

Tower of Fantasy Clouds of Cangwu Event
Image via Level Infinite

These event currencies can be exchanged for various rewards within the game’s event system. The specific reward for defeating Zhuyan is the Penannular Jade, and players will receive 500x PJ upon successfully deciphering Zhuyan’s Tai Chi Chest.

Tiles of Qingge 

In this particular game mode, Tiles of Qingge is a multiplayer-focused event where in each match there will be four Wanderers who can participate. Each Wanderer has their own set of tiles that they can interact with during the match. The objective is to hit and remove connected tiles of the same color to earn points.

Tower of Fantasy Clouds of Cangwu Event
Image via Level Infinite
  • To successfully remove tiles, a Wanderer must charge their bow for at least 0.5 seconds before launching an arrow in the direction of the crosshair. Releasing the arrow before the 0.5-second charge will result in the arrow drifting off course.
  • The primary goal is to shoot and remove as many connected tiles as possible, as this earns the player more points. For instance, hitting 3, 4, or 7 connected tiles will reward the player with 10, 15, and 40 points, respectively.
  • Players also can shoot at tiles belonging to other Wanderers. However, doing so doesn’t grant any points to either the shooter or the opponent. This mechanic is mainly designed to interfere with and prevent opponents from gaining more points. For example, shooting at an opponent’s area where there is a stack of tiles of the same color can disrupt their strategy and hinder their point accumulation.
  • At the end of the match, the ranking of the Wanderers will be based on the total points they have earned throughout the game. The player with the highest number of points will achieve a higher rank.

Wild Goose Array

In this event, Wanderers engage in a 1v1 duel after being matched up. The objective of the duel is to survive longer than the opponent. The mechanics of the duel involve launching light kites at each other while also dodging the laser attacks originating from their respective bases.

Tower of Fantasy Clouds of Cangwu Event
Image via Level Infinite
  • To launch a light kite at the opponent, Wanderers need to step on the glowing wooden pillars located within the arena. Stepping on these pillars triggers the launch of a light kite toward the opponent’s area. The light kite will travel across the arena and transform into a laser cutter upon reaching the opponent’s side.
  • Both Wanderers must also be cautious and agile, as they need to dodge the laser attacks coming from their base. These laser attacks pose a threat to their survival and can reduce their HP. The primary objective is to deal damage to the opponent by successfully hitting them with the light kite-turned-laser cutter, while simultaneously evading the incoming lasers from their base. Each successful hit with the laser cutter inflicts damage to the opponent’s HP.
  • The Wanderer whose HP reaches zero first loses the match. Therefore, the key to victory is to effectively launch light kites at the opponent, avoid getting hit by the opponent’s laser cutters, and carefully dodge the lasers from one’s base to ensure survival.

By utilizing quick reflexes, accurate timing, and strategic movement, Wanderers can outmaneuver their opponents, deal damage, and ultimately emerge as the winner in this 1v1 duel.

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