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Tower of Fantasy: The ultimate world exploration guide

Here's how to solve Exploration puzzles!

Tower of Fantasy is the new open-world MMORPG game developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite. While having similarities with Genshin Impact by HoYoverse, the game has shown potential signs of making its way to the player’s library as soon as the debut day. Just like other MMO games, Tower of Fantasy also offers a vast map with details and quests at every corner of the game. As a result, it has become quite important to understand all the puzzles and how to solve them. In our Tower of Fantasy guide, we will cover all the exploration tips to solve puzzles and get the best rewards.

Tower of Fantasy Aids exploration tips

1. Supply Pods

Tower of Fantasy Exploration
Image via Level Infinite

Players can find different supply pods on the maps. While it’s quite common to get Gold as the reward, other rewards are often found with Gold. To open the supply pod, just interact with the pod and it will open up. Oftentimes, enemies guard the supply pods nearby. Unlocking supply pods also helps increase the exploration progress for the area.

2. Dandelions

Tower of Fantasy Exploration
Image via Level Infinite

Dandelions are present in different places on the map. Dandelions can brake with one hit from any weapon. Black nucleus and dandelion seeds can be found after harvesting the dandelions.

3. Kerosenia

Kerosenia is an interesting plant. It is said that the plant is rooted with petroleum veins underground. If attacked with a weapon with a fire element, it will burn. As soon as the buds are destroyed, you can claim rewards which are usually 1 black nucleus.

4. Destroyable Rocks

Destroyable rocks can be found in different parts of the map. The wall can be broken by equipping and using the relic Missile Barrage.

5. AI Servants

AI Servants are sometimes a part of the story. They are found guiding the player to the contextual NPC of the specific part of the story.

6. Chowchow

Tower of Fantasy Exploration
Image via Level Infinite

Chowchow is found in many places on the map. The plant loves to consume water cores. Oftentimes, players can find a water core near Chowchow. By throwing a water core inside Chowchow, the plant rewarded with 1 black nucleus.

7. Thornvine

Singularity Rock
Image via Level Infinite

Thornvine can be found in different places. Thornvine hides a secret supply pod. Players can only interact with supply pods after destroying the Thornvine. Thornvine can be destroyed by hitting with a weapon with a fire element.

8. Singularity Rock

Singularity Rock is often found with enemies nearby. Sometimes, with Hyena elites, sometimes with others. Use the relic Strange cube to push the top off.

9. Ruins

Tower of Fantasy Exploration
Image via Level Infinite

Ruins are the leftovers from the Cataclysm. Players can find different types of relics inside the ruins. But different enemies also await for prey to fight with. They can clear each ruin with a total of 3 opportunities for different difficulties. Harder the mode is, the higher the minimum level requirement is.

10. Tar pits

Tar pits are often present in different locations on the map. Unlike other puzzles, enemies nearby do not guard this. To break it, it needs to be attacked by using a weapon with a fire element. The common reward is a black nucleus inside it.

11. Glowshrooms

Glowshrooms are easy to find in different places on the map. Jumping on the grow shrooms in the correct order gives audio and graphic feedback.

12. Rings of Echoes

This is an interesting puzzle of the game. It unlocks a box that contains rewards and unlocking contributes to increasing world progress. First, start with the tile on the left side of the square in the middle. Then confirm if you have a tile on your left side between two small plants. If it doesn’t check out, then you are at the wrong tile.

Rings of Echoes
Image via Level Infinite

Re-align yourself to start solving this puzzle. After aligning properly, jump on the tile. Then jump on the tile which will glow. Don’t jump on a tile twice as it will result in doing the whole thing again from start.

13. Training Facilities

Tower of Fantasy Exploration
Image via Level Infinite

Training facilities help players in gaining skills in different moves and practicing them. Every training facility offers different amounts of training points. Some pieces of training are locked if the minimum level requirement is not achieved.

14. Mushroom Man or Mogden

Mushroom Man or Mogden
Image via Level Infinite

Mogden can be found in different parts of the map. Players will often see them watching at the night. During the nighttime, mushroom man becomes violent and attacks the player when he can. But at the end part of the night, players can interact with the mushrooms. They offer a minigame to the player. Mogden fears flame core.

15. Energy Screen

Energy screen is found in places and usually at the entrance. To solve this, the player needs to put in the correct passcode at the terminal.

16. Lava Pit

Lava pits can be found in many places on the maps compared to other rare puzzles. You can solve it by attacking it with an ice-element weapon.

17. Force sensing plate

Force Sending Plates can also be found in many places. The way to solve this is to perform an aerial smash attack on the plate with any weapon.

18. Pillar Induction Stone plate

Pillar Induction Stone plates can be found scattered in different places on the map. To solve this, one needs to use the relic Omnium Handcannon.

19. Telescope

Telescopes are only a handful and only available in certain places on the map. The way to solve this is to connect the stars in the shape of a constellation. Correct connections are retained, so players can try it again without losing progress.

20. Abandoned truck

Abandoned trucks are present in a few places on the map. To solve it, just put in the right passcode at the terminal. After that, the truck gets unlocked.

21. Concentration Ray

Concentration rays can be interacted with to transfer energy between them. One concentration ray starts from where one stopped. So the whole thing can be found in the ray is found.

22. Spliced metal box

Spliced metal boxes are a few parts that are present near each other. Push the pieces in the correct order to connect the pattern on them.

23. Earthphyte

Earthphyte is found in the greeneries. To solve it, one needs to throw in a matching color flower bud in the Earthphyte.

24. Nucleus Drone

Nucleus drone has a nucleus underneath it. The way to solve this is to attack it with any weapon. However, due to its nature, it is preferable to use ranged weapons.

25. Silver Cap Tree

The silver cap tree is found only in specific areas of the map. This tree can be interacted with and it gives a mini-game.

26. Rusted Iron Box

Tower of Fantasy Exploration
Image via Level Infinte

Rusted Iron boxes are quite common in the game. You can open it by only interacting with it. When you open rusted, you can commonly get Iron Boxes, battery, and experience points.

That’s it for all the Exploration Puzzles currently available in Tower of Fantasy. To check out the Passwords for Electronic Lock and Deconstruction Devices, check out our article on the same here.

Did you find our Tower of Fantasy Exploration guide on completing Exploration Puzzles helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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