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Tower of Fantasy Guide: Tips to play co-op with friends

One of the best features of Tower of Fantasy is the availability of Co-op!

No matter what game it is, players love to play with their friends. One of the best features of MMORPG games is that players can play with their favorite characters along with their friends while showing off their characters. Here is a guide on how to play Co-op with friends in the open-world MMORPG game Tower of Fantasy.

How to play Co-op with friends in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Friends
Image via Level Infinite

After completing the prologue and obtaining the Jetpack, players will be able to see other players roaming around the world of Tower of Fantasy. Players can interact with other players in their world by clicking on the player’s characters. Then there would be different options like Add Friend, Spar, Team Invitations and other options would be available on the player’s card.

Another way to do co-op is by adding your friends and then, sending out Team Invitations. Players should add their friends. Then Press T and a flag would appear on the right side of the screen. Clicking on the Flag would open the Lobby then, friends can be invited to join in the co-op.

Tower of Fantasy Friends
Image via Level Infinite

Team Invitations could also be sent out from the Friend List menu. The Lobby menu also allows you to recruit Teammates for co-op. If a slot is empty, click on the Plus sign to see who is available for invites.

Also, while recruiting teammates, players can add certain conditions to the search. Like they can adjust the level of players they want to join them, the objectives are also set from the same menu.

Required conditions and importance of Co-op in Tower of Fantasy

There are certain conditions required to be met, if players want to invite their friends over to their world or if they want to go to their friend’s world. The most basic condition is, that they have to be on the Same Server. And the secondary condition is that they should have the same channel.

Tower of Fantasy Friends
Image via Level Infinite

In Co-op, players would be able to explore the world of Aida in Tower of Fantasy with their friends. Get Help or just help their friends. Also, there are many World Bosses in the game which are almost impossible for players to clear on their own. So, it is necessary for players to engage in co-op mode to easily clear those bosses.

Did you find our guide on how to play with friends in Tower of Fantasy helpful? Do let us know by comments below!

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