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Tower of Fantasy: How to quickly obtain the Mira Coins in the game

Easy ways to get Mira Coins!

 In Tower of Fantasy, the newest currency comes in the form of Mira coins. You can find these coins all over Vera, and they’re essential for buying items in the game. While Mira coins are relatively easy to come by, there are a few ways to get them even faster and more easily. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best ways to get your hands on Mira coins so you can start spending them right away.

Introducing the Mira Coins in Tower of Fantasy

In the game Tower of Fantasy, Mira coins are the currency used to buy items throughout Mirroria. You can find Mira coins all over Vera, and they are mainly used for buying items from vending machines, service stations, restaurants, and other places.

The Mira coin was added to the game with the Vera 2.0 update, and it has quickly become the primary currency of Tower of Fantasy. If you’re looking to buy something in Mirroria, you’ll need a healthy supply of Mira coins.

How to get Mira Coins easily in Tower of Fantasy

Here are the easy ways to get Mira coins in the game:

1. Password Chest Openings

The easiest way to get the Mira Coins is by opening the password chests but how can we know the location of password chests? The interactive map is the answer. The password chests are scattered all over the Vera Map in 39 different locations extending in different directions of the Vera Map.

Tower of Fantasy Password Chest Openings
Image via Level Infinite

Each password chest opening gives 10 Mira coins and every chest can be opened 5 times which gives us a total of 50 Mira coins from just a single password chest. Follow the map below and players can easily get all 39 locations with ease. To calculate precisely, players can get a total of 1950 Mira coins from all these known locations up until now.

2. Searching for Lost Items

Tower of Fantasy lost items mira coins
Image via Level Infinite

Players can zip through the world of Mirroria and search for the places with lost items. Level up your searching game and you can get more than 200 Mira coins and some exclusive rewards along the way.  

3. Mini Games

Players can easily get their hands on 100 to 120 Mira coins by just doing the 6 mini-games every day. We will help you out with the locations of the mini-games.

Players need to enter through the Hazardous Materials Lab and move on to the Asset Management Center and complete their first mini-game. Then go just a bit north of the previous location and enter the second Mirroria fun zone. Next, go to the Mirafleur Hall and finish the third mini-game. Players need to move north now and complete the next game. 

Tower of Fantasy mini games
Image via Level Infinite

The next two locations of the mini-game are south of Oasis Club and west of Oasis Club. After completing all the mini-games, players can get their Mira coins now. Players can also get the Mira coins with the main storyline and roam around the Vera Desert if they are lucky enough.   

So there you have it – our guide on how to get Mira Coins fast and easily in Tower of Fantasy. We hope you found this helpful, and that you enjoy the game. Remember to stay vigilant and keep gathering those coins so you can reach your next goal!

What are your thoughts on our guide to getting Mira Coins in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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