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Tower of Fantasy: The in-depth Home System Guide and Tips

With the latest update of Tower of Fantasy version 1.5, Artificial Island has opened up for exploration for the players. One of Artificial Island’s most exciting and important features is the House System. The Housing System in Artificial Island is dedicated to each player in-game. In this guide, we will look at the in-depth Home System in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Guide: How to access the Housing System

To access the housing system, players have to enter the Artificial Island first. To access the Artificial Island, players can follow the following steps.

  • Players need to satisfy the following conditions to get access to Artificial Island: 
  • Player Level must be 50 and have at least 840 exploration points.
Tower of Fantasy Home System access
Image via Level Infinite

Once players have reached the Artificial Island, players can select the Menu option on the top right of the screen. There the players can find the “Build” option. On tap/selecting the option, players would enter the Artificial Island: Building Mode.

House System: Building Mode

In House System, players can construct 6 buildings at specified locations. The buildings are:

  1. Development Center
  2. Machine Pod
  3. Pumpkin House
  4. Pawpaw House
  5. Kitty House
  6. Turtle House

Among all these buildings, Development Center has the highest importance. The level to which the other buildings could be upgraded depends on the level of the Development Center. Other buildings can be upgraded to the level of the Development Center and not more than that. So, players should try to upgrade the Development Center first.

Materials would be required to construct and upgrade the buildings. Another building present is the Exchange Store. Finally, there is the Workshop. In the Workshop, players can fuse the resources to obtain valuable resources.

Farming for materials for Buildings

Constructing buildings and upgrading the buildings require materials. The materials can be farmed by killing monsters, animals, and bosses in the Building Mode. The drops obtained by killing them are the materials used for the buildings. These drops can be obtained only in the Building Mode.  

All monsters have specified respawn time. The bosses respawn weekly once and the other monsters and animals have a respawn time of 72 hours. All monsters are killable in Solo. Players necessarily don’t have to team up to be able to farm the required materials. Different monsters drop different resources but the Bosses drop all kinds of resources in large quantities.

Efficient Route

Efficient Farming Route
Image via Level Infinite

The buildings would also accumulate resources. The resources from the buildings can collect for up to 24 hours. It is suggested that players collect the resources once every 24 hours. Each building collects a different type of resource.

The number of resources that could be collected in a building per hour, increases with the level of the building. Therefore, upgrading the buildings would help in collecting the resources quickly.

Building Levels

Resources will accumulate for 24 hours, after which they must be collected.

LevelMaterials per hourMax Materials (24 hr)

Tower of Fantasy Home System Guide: Buildings for rewards

Exchange Store

The Exchange store is also very important for players, as players can exchange the resources found in the Building Mode to obtain some other important in-game resources. Some of the resources that can be obtained from the Exchange Store are Special Vouchers, Joint Weekly Supply Chip, Tech Store Token, Weapon Augmentation Boxes,  SSR and SR Relic shard boxes, etc

Tower of Fantasy Home System Guide Exchange Store
Image via Level Infinite

Mounts can be exchanged from the Exchange Store, so, once players have obtained all other resources, players can try to get some mounts.

The Workshop

In the Workshop, players can fuse the resources obtained in the Building Mode, to obtain other items. Items that can be obtained by fusing, depending on the building we are choosing and the level of the building. As the level of other buildings increases, players can fuse to obtain much better resources like even SSR matrices. At higher levels, players can obtain 3 items which are mentioned in the preview.

Tower of Fantasy Home System Guide Workshop
Image via Level Infinite

Similarly here, if players feel, then players would get randomly anyone of the 3 rewards, which is shown in the Preview.

SSR Matrix relation with the buildings

  • Machine Pod Level 5: King Matrix, Huma Matrix
  • Pumpkin House Level 5: Shiro Matrix, Random SSR Matrix
  • Pawpaw House Level 5: Samir Matrix, Tsubasa Matrix
  • Kitty House Level 5: Meryl Matrix, Crow Matrix
  • Turtle House Level 5: Cocoritter Matrix, Zero Matrix

Depending on which Matrix the players are trying to get, players should prioritize leveling up corresponding buildings.

Tips and tricks

  • Players can farm all camps and fight all animals present on the map. All of them would drop the resources. They must try not to miss out on any of them. Respawn time is 72 hours, which is other than the Bosses who respawn only once a week.
  • Players must upgrade the buildings of their choice. One which can help you get the desired Matrix or helps you farm the desired materials.
  • Collect all the resources from the buildings every 24 hours. Any more time than that would result in missing out on resources.

Final Thoughts

When players are taken to the Artificial Island, they are informed that the whole of the island has not been opened up for exploration. In future updates, more locations would be unlocked and similarly, more buildings would be available for construction for the players. The Building Mode would be providing players with many important resources to build up their characters. Farming for resources for the Buildings has been made very easy. Hence, players can very easily obtain important in-game resources.

What are your thoughts on our Home System Guide in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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