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Tower of Fantasy: List of all the Artificial Island Boss locations

Here's all Boss locations in Tower of Fantasy!

Tower of Fantasy has been downloaded over ten million times. In Tower of Fantasy, players explore the beautiful world of fantasy to find treasures and battle bosses to progress. The latest 1.5 update has many areas but with the addition of the Artificial Island area, it is becoming a mystery to find all the boss locations and destroy them. We are here with our Tower of Fantasy guide covering all boss locations in the Artificial Island area. Players stuck on the Tower of Fantasy map can use these locations to help them progress through the levels with ease.

How to find all Artificial Island Boss locations in Tower of Fantasy

In total, players can find 5 bosses in the Artificial Island area with some waiting around on the floating island some walking down the roads, and all looking for their next battle with you. Here is the list of bosses with proper coordinates and exact locations to make it easy for all of you.

Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island Boss locations locations
Image via Hawaiiotaku Reddit

1. Guanglong

  • Map Coordinates: [-52,-363]

Moving northeast to the Feiyun mountain, players can easily find the boss Guanglong If you are at the Estuary, move South and you can easily spot the first boss. Follow the below coordinates and battle it out.

2. Philly 

  • Map Coordinates: [133,146]

After finding Guanglong, players need to move south towards the Natural Dragon Burial Mounds and they will get the boss Phily in between their paths. But you need not find him on the roads or plains, he is all flying around so, get your jetpacks on and defeat him now. 

3. Big Rat 

  • Map Coordinates: [250, 356]

We can call Big Rat a random boss spawning in some camp of Artificial island but players must look out for this boss near Mount Sandy. In case you feel confused, just follow the map with the coordinates mentioned here. 

4. Lockdown 

  • Map Coordinates: [250, 356]

The Lockdown boss can be found near the previous boss only but you just need to move a bit further away from Mount Sandy and look for him roaming down the road. Spot him and let the destruction begin.

5. Otto 

  • Map Coordinates: [252,91]

From Mount Sandy, players must move northwest towards Feiyun Mountain and will surely get Otto on the floating Island on their way. But it is also possible for Otto to spawn in other islands, so make sure to check out some islands while zipping through the places.

Tower of Fantasy wallpaper, Tower of Fantasy, ToF, Tower of Fantasy illegal activites
Image via Level Infinite

6. FrostFire Dragon

  • Map Coordinates: (-75.8, -50.1)  

After being done with these bosses, now it is time to fight the ultimate enemy, FrostFire Dragon. This Boss spawns in the Eagle’s Nest. Players can get to the boss even after defeating Philly as this strong Dragon force is just to the west of Philly. Follow the coordinates below to get the accurate location

7. Devourer

  • Map Coordinates:(188.7,– -284.9)

The ultimate boss is now here. Get your weapons together and go to the Ring Arena and look out for Devourer in the Arena. Players must use Volt as the weapon skill to defeat the Devourer easily.

Tower of Fantasy is a great game to play, and the Artificial Island area offers many challenges for players. We hope this guide has helped locate all of the bosses in that area. Good luck with your next adventure!

What are your thoughts on the Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island Boss locations guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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