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Tower of Fantasy: Tips to find and use Rose Leaf

Find Rose Leaf easily with this guide!

Rose Leaf may be found in a number of places around the world in Tower of Fantasy. It pays to be vigilant because they are frequently hidden from view. Many of the most cherished dishes served in the Tower have the Rose Leaf as a significant ingredient. You’ll need to know where to seek this elusive ingredient if you want to prepare something unique.

How to find all Vera Rose Leaf locations in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Rose Leaf location
Image via Level Infinite

There are a total of 10 locations for Rose Leaf that are only found in the desert climate of Vera as stated in the in-game map. Within the wilderness surrounding Evil’s Clutch Oasis, eight rose leaves grow, making the northeast mountains the most likely place to spawn Rose Petals. The last two rose leaves of Mirroria grow in two unmarked oases northeast and southeast. Here are the accurate locations for your assistance.

Evil’s Clutch Oasis (6 Locations)

TOF Evil’s Clutch Oasis
Image via Level Infinite
  • Coordinates (1012.6, -639.4)
  • Coordinates (625.0, -709.2)
  • Coordinates (573.7, -750.1)
  • Coordinates (665.9, -940.7)
  • Coordinates (872.9, -1003.0)
  • Coordinates (959.2, -873.0)

Billows Valley (2 Locations)

Tof Billows Valley
Image via Level Infinite
  • Coordinates (422.9, -838.9)
  • Coordinates (489.4, -1008.4)

Mirroria Outpost (2 Locations)

Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Outpost
Image via Level Infinite
  • Coordinates (252.4, 313.3)
  • Coordinates (131.9, 907.1)

How to use Rose Leaf in Tower of Fantasy

Gathering raw Rose Petals may not seem like a high priority, but these petal-like decorations contain ingredients that cook into Tower of Fantasy. They come with different effects and can be used to make some powerful foods. The most well-known is probably the endurance-boosting tea made from them. 

If you’re looking for something quick or need extra health care then this could help your character on their way towards victory in battle after mealtime has passed (and they still have the energy). Another great use? Eating one pan-cooked rice layered atop another creates just enough resistance against volt attacks. This gaming guide has shown you where to find a rose leaf and how to use it. We hope you have found this information helpful and will enjoy using the rose leaf in your game adventures.

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