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Traha Global: The complete Character and Factions Guide

Traha Global is a newly launched MMORPG action game that has come into play with the best set of insane graphics players can ever witness. The mobile game gives a real-time experience for the players and thus, every RPG lover out there will love playing this game. The game has different sets of Heroes along with pets and companions following a single storyline that makes the game more interesting. Thus, let us continue towards the Traha Global Guide for the players so that they can know thoroughly about Characters and Factions in the game.

Traha Global is one of the most interesting cum fascinating MMORPG games that came into play recently. Players are given the best choices to choose the characters as per their wish and thus can play with more interest due to these features. Also, look out for both of the Clans to choose wisely the best one you feel like.

Selecting your Faction in Traha Global

1. Vulcan

Members of the Vulcan clan firmly believe in violence. They frequently refer to the Naiad family as their archrivals, who they want to decisively defeat. According to what is stated there, the battle is a response to previous setbacks as well as a way for the traditional competitor and the haughty Naiad Kingdom to hear our cries.

One of the most enraged clans, the Vulcans only care about their own people and have no regard for any other tribe. The clan is referred to throughout the game as a greedy clan, and they identify themselves as the antagonist.

Traha Global Character and Factions Guide
Image via Moai Games

2. Naiad

One of the quietest and most serene clans you will ever encounter is the Naiad family. You won’t find a more dangerous one than them, though, if they are drawn into a serious situation. Since Naiad has a long and complicated relationship with the Vulcan clan, they are said to have a strong sense of justice and hegemony. According to them, the Vulcans are excessively greedy, and the Naiad must despise this in their minds.

Choosing your Faction in Traha Global

The players have four character options from Traha Global. These characters share a base-level set of abilities, skills, and strengths. Each character has proficiency with many types of weaponry, including:

  • Greatsword
  • Shield
  • Dual Blades
  • Knuckles
  • Staff
  • Bow
  • Scythe

The game has 2 Female Type and 2 Male Type characters for the players.

Female Type 1

Traha Global Character and Factions Guide
Image via Moai Games

The Female type 1 is a character for those who like to play more of the character of an Assassin. The character seems way too innocent and players with that mindset will love to play like that. The best weapons to use with this character will be the Dual Blades and Scythe.

Male Type 1

Traha Global Character and Factions Guide
Image via Moai Games

This character seems very confident and bold with his attitude and skills at the same time. Players who love to play a character with a very delightful personality must go with this one. The best weapons to use with this type are Greatsword and Shield.

Female Type 2

Traha Global Character and Factions Guide
Image via Moai Games

This female character is very bold and resembles a rogue personality. The players who love to play with a character being rough and tough but a female at the same time, here’s the perfect choice for you. The best weapons with this character are the Dual Blades and Knuckles.

Male Type 2

Traha Global Character and Factions Guide
Image via Moai Games

The Male Type 2 is the most furious character you can find in this list. The players who love to play the muscular characters and wanna have a glimpse of the experience of playing like God of War, must go with this one. The best weapons with this gigantic character will be Shield and Dual Blades.

Final Thoughts

Traha Global is a multi-server-based online MMORPG game that has recently launched with a great banger into the minds of the players. The game has a lot of interesting features and the game does, which makes it more interesting. The storyline of the hate between two clans which is continuing from centuries to centuries is an outstanding portrayal of a perfect RPG game.

That’s all from us for Traha Global Character and Factions Guide! Did you find our Traha Global beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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