UEFA EURO 2020 Fantasy Round of 16: The complete analysis

Make the best use of the unlimited transfers!

The group stages of the UEFA EURO 2020 Fantasy campaign are out of the way, and 16 teams have qualified for the upcoming knockout stages starting with the Round of 16. From now, all players will have to be on top of their game, as a loss would instantly send the squad on their way back home. The race to the Euros 2020 final begins from now!

From a Fantasy player’s perspective, the knockouts mark the start of a dynamic run of match-days. Fortunately, all players have been given unlimited transfers for the Round of 16 and so you will be able to reset and refresh your squads with the players from qualified teams, now with an increased budget of 105 million. Furthermore, you will receive an increasing number of transfers with each match-day, to allow you to adapt to the changing teams still in the tournament. In this article, we have analyzed each fixture in detail, with the ones to target, the must-have player picks, differential choices and insight to the coming matchups after this Round of 16 too.

Note: Many Fantasy managers are aiming to activate the Wildcard during the Quarterfinal stage. If so, players shouldn’t hesitate to take up some risky picks in some of the less likely to win teams too, as they won’t be an issue to you for the next week.

UEFA EURO 2020 Fantasy Round of 16

Wales vs Denmark

This seems like a pretty balanced game on paper. Both sides have shown a real drive in the group stages and have earned themselves a place in the tournament’s Round of 16. It will be difficult to predict the outcome of this match, although there are some useful assets that may have an impact here. Although not a fixture to target, this is a good opportunity to pick up some differentials.

EURO 2020 Fantasy Round of 16: Wales vs Denmark

Gareth Bale (9.6 million)

Welsh attackers have generally been avoided so far this campaign, but it was said from the start that Bale would be key to Wales going forward. That has been true, with Bale contributing 13 points to the 6% that owned him, making him the highest points-scoring attacker for that nation. He is pricey at 9.6 million, but this is a great differential option if you can squeeze him in.

Danny Ward (4.7 million)

This has been a fantastic differential pick throughout the group stages, consistently returning each game. His total of 14 saves makes him the 2nd highest out of all GKs. He has saved Wales many times before and will look to continue adding to his tally of 14 points in the knockout rounds.

Yussuf Poulsen (8.2 million)

Poulsen is another great differential that has been silently putting up high numbers under the radar. He hasn’t yet blanked at all in this tournament, scoring 4/6/6 points in each of the 3 games. Denmark’s target man is the top scorer for points out of both Wales and Denmark (16) and will look to add to that in the next matchup. It may be difficult trying to squeeze Poulsen in amongst the heap of quality forwards, but he is a good pick nonetheless.

Joakim Mæhle (€4.5m) 

The Denmark defender scored against Russia last time out and, despite not having achieved a clean sheet so far, could finally get one on the board in what is likely to be a tight encounter with Wales. No other defender has taken more touches in the oppositions’ box than Mæhle with 20 and his price continues to make him an invaluable asset for all Fantasy managers.

Italy vs Austria

It seems like a no-brainer for this fixture, Italy hasn’t yet conceded at all in this tournament, with 3 wins in 3 games so far. However, we can’t write Austria off completely though, we’ve seen the unlikely teams cause upsets already in the tournament, so anything can happen. Still, out of all the RO16 fixtures, this is definitely one to target.

EURO 2020 Fantasy Round of 16
EURO 2020 Fantasy Round of 16: Italy vs Austria

Giangluigi Donnaruma (5.6 million)

Donnaruma has been one of the most reliable GKs so far in the tournament, having not conceded a single goal. The consistent tally of 6 points per game put him high up as the top-scoring GK in the tournament, alongside Pickford. With one of the more approachable fixtures at hand, Donnaruma is a must-have as one of your GKs.

Leonardo Spinazzola (5.6 million)

This is another heavily owned player, but he has been consistent;y putting up high numbers whenever he’s been on the pitch. His 15 points in 2 games give him an average of 7.5 points per game, the highest of all defenders. This is definitely someone you want in defense.

Ciro Immobile (10.1 million)

Another Italian player rested for the third round of group action with progress assured. The Lazio forward had already made his mark on the tournament, however, scoring against both Turkey and Switzerland, and will be confident of adding to his 16 points when the Azzurri take on Austria at Wembley.

Netherlands vs Czech Republic

Here is another fixture to target, with the Netherlands being favorites to go through. They’ve been unbeaten in their last 5 international games and were one of the teams to be through to the knockouts just after MD3. The Czech Republic is no push-around either though, they’ve got some great assets for Fantasy too.

EURO 2020 Fantasy Round of 16: Netherlands vs Czech Republic

Patrick Schick (8.4 million)

Schick is the perfect differential for this fixture, as he has been scoring wonders and producing a remarkable number of points too. The 3 goals throughout the group stage contribute to him being the 4th highest points-scorer in the whole tournament. With just 4% ownership, Schick can do wonders to your leaderboard ranks. Obviously, Depay poses more of the attacking threat for this fixture, however, Schick is the perfect differential.

Gini Wijnaldum (8.1 million)

Wijnaldum is another player that has been consistently returning for owners in the tournament, the total of 23 points makes him the 2nd highest point-scorer in the tournament alongside Forsberg. From his midfield role, he has fired in 3 goals and is deadly going forward in general too.

Denzel Dumfries (5.6 million)

It’s always great to see a defender on the scoresheet, but Dumfries has gone and done it twice in just 3 starts for Holland. Along with that, he has earned his teammates a penalty too. This player loves to drive into the box which makes him a huge threat to opposition defenders.

Memphis Depay (10.1 million)

Starting slowly in the tournament with only two points on Matchday 1, Depay increased his tally to six with a penalty second time out and then added another goal and two more assists for 12 points on Matchday 3, making him a key Netherlands selection against the Czechs.

Belgium vs Portugal

This will definitely be one of the most-watched fixtures in the RO16. Belgium is coming off the back of a comfortable group finish whilst Portugal has just been released from a tough battle in the Group of Death. From a Euro Fantasy perspective, this will be a tough scrap and a difficult prediction.

EURO 2020 Fantasy Round of 16
EURO 2020 Fantasy Round of 16: Belgium vs Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo (12.2 million)

This man has been sensational for Portugal so far, scoring 5 goals and assisting 1 for his teammates. He has hit 10/9/10 points in each of the 3 games which is simply incredible, especially considering this was all done in the Group of Death. It is very safe to say fixtures aren’t an issue for Ronaldo, this is pretty much a must-have for as long as Portugal is still in Euros.

Kevin De Bruyne (10.6 million)

After missing Matchday 1 through injury, the Belgium midfielder has spent the last two games making up for the lost time. After coming off the bench on Matchday 2 to supply both an assist and the winning goal to help the Red Devils come from behind to beat Denmark, De Bruyne followed that up with an assist in his first start at EURO 2020 on Matchday 3. Having racked up 16 points over the course of his last two appearances, there is no doubt that the Belgian playmaker is amongst the most enticing assets in the competition.

Romelu Lukaku (11.2 million)

Lukaku is presently owned by more than half of the entire player base. After suffering frustration on Matchday 2, his vast ownership was rewarded on Matchday 3 as the 28-year-old got back on the scoring trail, netting his third goal of the tournament against Finland. Lukaku and Ronaldo are set to lock horns on Matchday 4 in a match that will have major ramifications for Fantasy managers, with one of these highly-owned forwards set to be eliminated from the competition.

Croatia vs Spain

Spain has not been their best so far this campaign, however, the 5-0 victory against Slovakia will surely have given them a strong boost. Croatia will also be on the full drive after their narrow 3-1 victory against Scotland. This could turn out to be a real tussle. For Euro Fantasy purposes, we’ve got some great assets lined up. As there aren’t many big-hitters from this fixture, use this as an opportunity to pick up some great differentials.

EURO 2020 Fantasy Round of 16: Croatia vs Spain

Ivan Perisic (8.6 million)

Perisic has done very well for his nation, with his 2 goals and 1 assist, plus a further 5 chances created proving crucial to Croatia’s RO16 qualification. He is on sensational form, with 19 Fantasy Points under his belt already, out of any Croatian asset, this is the one to go for by a country mile.

Pablo Sarabia (6.5 million)

Sarabia struggled to get himself established in the Starting XI for the first 2 match-days. However, MD3 was when he was finally given a chance, and he performed very well. The 2 assists and 1 goal, with a 14-point haul against Slovakia, speak for themselves, with Sarabia a key drive to Spain winning 5-0. Priced at just 6.5 million, this is a fantastic bargain, who looks to be cemented in the lineup after the last performance.

Gerard Moreno (6.6 million)

After a very impressive performance with Villareal, Moreno earned his inclusion for the Euro 2020 Spain squad. However, Ferran Torres was the ideal starter ahead of him for MD1. This changed from MD2 though, as since then, Moreno has not yet blanked. Although missing a penalty, the Spaniard has still assisted 2 goals and created a further 3 chances. Here is another bargain player from Spain, at just 6.6 million too – very cheap compared to most other strikers.

Aymeric Laporte (6.1 million)

A goal and a clean sheet for the Spain center-back brought him a large haul of 12 Fantasy points as Luis Enrique’s side romped to a 5-0 victory over Slovakia. Laporte has started every game of Spain’s EURO 2020 campaign and has accumulated 20 points, which is the second-highest score among all defenders left in the competition. With two clean sheets under his belt, Laporte and Spain are in excellent form defensively and the Man. City star represents an excellent differential option on Matchday 4.

France vs Switzerland

France topped the Group of Death, and looked a strong team in front of the difficult opposition they came up against, and they should find themselves breezing through the Round of 16 too. Switzerland is the opposition, a nation that managed to squeeze themselves into the knockouts despite a 3rd place finish. France assets are ones you should look to triple upon for this fixture.

EURO 2020 Fantasy Round of 16
EURO 2020 Fantasy Round of 16: France vs Switzerland

Karim Benzema (10 million)

Benzema is back for France, and out of all the nation’s top strikers, this is quite easily the most favorable. He has already netted twice and has 7 attempts to his name too. On top of that, it looks as though he is the man on penalties too – a must-have pick against a Switzerland side who have conceded at least once in each of their three fixtures.

Paul Pogba (8.5 million)

Pogba doesn’t seem all the most attacking option out of all the French players, but he has been producing some good underlying stats. He has registered an assist as well as 5 chances created for his teammates, in total bringing in 10 points for Fantasy managers. This is definitely an option with strong potential, one you can opt for if you’ve been priced out of the costlier France players.

Xherdan Shaqiri (7.2 million)

Easily the best option from Switzerland, Shaqiri has tallied 21 points so far, making the 4th highest point scorer of all players in the tournament. If there is one person that can give hope to Switzerland, it is Shaqiri, and his 2 goals + 1 assist make him a great differential pick too.

England vs Germany

This will be the real test for England fans, to confirm whether it can “Come Home”, Germany is a strong side coming off a 2nd place finish in the Group of Death. This will definitely be one of the most competitive fixtures in the RO16. It will be difficult to pick out reliable options for your Fantasy squads for this fixture, but here are a few potentials.

EURO 2020 Fantasy Round of 16: England vs Germany

Harry Kane (11.5 million)

Obviously, Harry Kane has not looked himself at all in the last 3 match-days. He has been poor with his chances and is yet to register a goal or an assist. Despite that, he still makes a very strong differential pick. If there is any time for him to step up for England, it is now. He earned the Golden Boot and the Golden playmaker award for Spurs this season and scored 10 goals in the Euro Qualifiers too. This is a very risky punt but can pay off huge.

Kai Havertz (9.1 million)

Havertz has looked like the bright shine in a rather dull German side, with his 2 goals in the group stages providing a huge helping hand for Germany getting this far. His xG of 2.63 shows he can do better, expect him to make a difference for Germany. The Chelsea man’s goals should ensure he is given another start in Germany’s round of 16 ties against England at Wembley, and his relatively low ownership makes him even more appealing.

Robin Gosens (5.2 million)

Gosens set the Fantasy world alight in MD2, with his 14 points against Portugal. He pulled the strings in the match, despite being a defender, assisting 2 goals, and scoring another 1. Goals from defenders have been the ones that make a difference in Euros Fantasy, and despite Gosens blanking in MD3, he will be expected to come back strong against England.

Raheem Sterling (9.6million)

With the in-form England flier having been England’s biggest goal threat at the tournament to date. Sterling struck both of his side’s goals in the group phase – both winning goals in 1-0 victories – which has helped him amass 19 Fantasy points in total. Although the pacy winger comes at a premium price, he may be worth the cost considering that he faces a German outfit that has shipped two goals in each of their last two fixtures and is yet to earn a clean sheet.

Sweden vs Ukraine

Both teams are coming into this fixture off the back of a strong group finish. Although not the flashiest matchup on paper, Sweden and Ukraine have both been impressive teams to watch, and this fixture could go both ways. From a Fantasy manager’s perspective, this is a great opportunity to pick up differentials.

EURO 2020 Fantasy Round of 16
EURO 2020 Fantasy Round of 16: Sweden vs Ukraine

Emil Forsberg (7.7 million)

Forsberg always performs for his national team, and he is playing his magic once more in the Euros campaign. He is the standout pick from this fixture, having registered 3 goals from 8 shots this tournament. He also should be the designated penalty-taker too, this whole package comes at just 7.7 million, which is a true bargain. Having accumulated a total of 20 points across two games, Forsberg’s overall bounty of 23 points isn’t only the joint highest among midfielders, it is also the joint-second highest score of all players remaining in the competition.

Robin Olsen (5.1 million)

Olsen has easily been one of the better GKs in the tournament, playing key to Sweden’s unbeaten run so far in this Euros competition. He’s only conceded 2 goals, keeping 2 clean sheets and saving 11 shots. All this has made him the 2nd highest scoring GK with 16 points. Olsen boasts 16 points to his name having made 11 saves in the tournament, with only Wales’s Danny Ward of the goalkeepers still involved managing more saves. With such low ownership, this appears to be a very strong differential option.

Roman Yaremchuk (7.3 million)

Priced at just 7.3 million, Yaremchuck is a very affordable striker in comparison to other big-hitters. He has 2 goals and an assist to his name, earning a total of 17 points so far in this tournament. Despite this record, only 5% of Euro Fantasy managers own Yaremchuck, making it very beneficial as a differential. Similar to Schick, it won’t require you to break the bank to include Yaremchuk in your Fantasy squads!

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