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If you love action combined with sports, then you’re probably into sports that involve fighting and martial arts. Game developers took inspiration from such forms of sports and came up with the fighting games genre. Over the past decades, we have seen numerous game franchises such as Street Fighter, Tekken, Injustice, WWE, UFC, etc. UFC Mobile, derived from its PC and console counterpart, is developed by Electronic Arts (EA) and has millions of players around the world. Users can choose to play as a fighter, from a roster of over 70 of them, each from a different category. Choosing a fighter and attempting to climb through the ranks is going to be a little confusing for you when you start. However, this UFC Mobile Beginners Guide will help out the amateurs, providing them with certain dos and don’ts of the game along with some basic tips and tricks. Additionally, if you are just starting with UFC Mobile, don’t hesitate to check our Redeem Codes article and our specially curated list of the best Five fighters to choose from your initial fights!

1. The best Defense is a good Offense

A lot of beginners think it’s best to pull back your punches and wait for the opponent to attack. That may not be a good idea since your ultimate objective is to lower his health. It is best to attack your opponent constantly giving him no room for an opening. While attacking, many players stick to heavy attacks. While heavy attacks do deal a lot of damage, they are slow and might give your opponent a chance to hit you.

UFC Mobile 2 final action gameplay
Image via Electronic Arts

Instead, combine your attacks. Use fast attacks when your opponent is right in front of you. Use medium and heavy attacks when they are a little farther. This will ensure you are not giving your opponent any chance of hitting you back.

2. Learn using Special moves

In addition to three traditional attack forms, the game also features special moves. Special moves deal a lot of damage, but unlike other attacks, you have a limited number of special moves that you can use for a fight. Do not spam special moves.

There is no point in using a special move if your opponent is blocking or is farther away. Instead, start with traditional attacks and once you see your opponent is vulnerable, use your special move to deplete their health greatly. Whenever you get the opportunity to perform a ground takedown, go for it. It’s best to end a fight as early as possible. Make sure you do not miss the submission move when the slider comes on screen.

3. To Block or to Dodge

While attacking your opponent is pivotal to winning a match, you should also make sure you are not getting hit. A lot of players share divided opinions when it comes to whether they should block an attack or dodge it. If you have fast reflexes, it’s best to dodge an attack. Dodging your opponent gives you a quick window to perform a counter-attack which can come in handy.

Image via Electronic Arts

However, if your reaction time isn’t great, tap, and hold to perform a block. When you’re blocking, after throwing a few punches, your opponent will eventually stop. Immediately start hitting back before he goes for a combo or a special move.

4. Training your Fighter

You can unlock skills for your players which will improve their statistics. The higher your stats, the higher your chance will be against a tough opponent. Make sure you train your fighter by assigning him skills as you unlock them.

Waiting would not help you in the long run as there will be opponents who will easily defeat you in a fight if your attack power and health are not high enough. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you frequently or regularly train your fighter and assign him new skills. However, once your fighter has high enough stats, you may want to wait to get a skill card that matches with your fighter. This will greatly help out your fighter and will turn the tide in your favor.

5. Grinding makes a gamer perfect

Getting Gold to purchase a fighter or a new set of skills requires silvers. You earn silver by winning matches. Completing objectives in a match will give you even more silver. Now it may be possible that after a while, you run out of silver and cannot buy any new skills for your fighter. This might result in defeat while trying to move up the ladder of champions.

Image via Electronic Arts

If you are in dire need of silvers and need match wins, simply go back to fighting opponents you have defeated before. This grinding may seem irritating but it’s the easiest way to earn silvers in large quantities over time. You can then use the accumulated silvers to get skills and upgrade your character.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, playing UFC Mobile is not hard. The beginning levels are really easy and the tutorials will give you an idea of what the game is about. Climbing up the ladder of champions will take some time but eventually, you will make it up. Be sure to purchase new skills for your fighter and get new fighters whenever possible to diversify your roster. And if you’re ever stumped as to what to do, be sure to check back the above beginners’ guide for the tips and tricks for UFC Mobile.

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