Ultimate Golf Beginners Guide and Tips

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Ultimate Golf is the latest addition of Miniclip to its sports genre. The game promises to provide you with realistic Golf gameplay with an endless variety of courses. The game has many modes to offer like Multiplayer duels, tournaments, and an exciting Golf Battle Royal mode. Like all Miniclip games, a lot of features and rules from the real golf game are added to this 3D simulation, giving players a rich Golf experience. If a player has previously played a Miniclip game like 8 Ball Pool, this game would surely stimulate some interest. The gameplay is a little simpler, but to the players who are new to the sports genre of gaming and finding difficulty understanding the game, here is a Beginners guide to know the game better and all tips and tricks to become a pro in Ultimate Golf


In the game, the player competes against another player to putt the ball in as few plays as possible. To be the best in the game, a player needs to practice a lot.

How to Win in Ultimate Golf

The player with the minimum number of turns/shots/plays to putt the ball in the hole is the winner.

In the case of a tie, the two players will take a play each. After playing the shot, the player with less distance between the ball and the hole wins.

Aim the ball properly

In Aim Mode, you are able to have an aerial view of the ball’s trajectory course before you swing the club. This helps you to position the ball, where you want it to land, and the direction. This view also shows the final position the ball needs to be put in, the entire golf course showing the rough patches, the sand, etc.

Ultimate Golf Guide

So, in this Aim Mode, you decide the position where the ball will land after it has been hit. The trajectory shown is quite accurate to expect the wind factor taken into account. That is where the skills of the player would be tested.

Hitting the Ball

After aiming, the player would need to hit the ball. Here comes the complexity in the gameplay. First, tap the swing button on the lower right corner of the screen. The player has to drag the ball back to the circle until it glows green.

The player needs to perfectly align else it may go farther or shorter depending upon the position. After aligning, release the ball once the pointing arrow is in the dead center, else it may go right or left as per the position of the arrow when you release.

Play with the wind

While aiming, the player can see the wind speed but the wind speed wouldn’t be represented in the shot view arc. The player has to take the wind speed into account separately. Basically, if there is a heavy wind from right to left, then place your aim slightly right and if there is heavy wind from left to right, then place your aim slightly left.

Draw/Fade the Ball

Draw/Fade is when the ball curves gently to the left/right after it is hit.

When you pull back on the ball, if you pull back to the right, then the ball will fade to the right when struck. When you pull back to the left, the ball will draw to the left, when struck. The amount of fade/draw the player wants to apply depends on the how far left/right the ball is pulled, the attributes of the club and the ball.

How to add Sidespin, Topspin, or Backspin to the shot

Spin here refers to the direction, the ball will bounce after its landing. To add spin, click on the ball icon in the lower left corner of the spin. The amount of spin will be determined by the attributes of the club and the attributes of the ball.

Ultimate Golf Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips and tricks to guide your way to victory in matches and become a Pro in Ultimate Golf.

1. Never rush while taking a shot

Consider, the wind speed, the landing area, the course, etc. before taking the final shot. Also, take time and release the ball when the arrow is in the green zone.

2. Get better Clubs

Clubs have special attributes like spin, strength, etc. The more distance, the player covers in the first shot, the easier it is to putt the ball.

3. Open Bags Regularly

Ultimate Golf Guide

Regularly open bags to obtain, club pieces, and coins. This may help the player get better clubs.

4. Practice more and more

The more the player plays, the more acquainted s/he becomes with the wind speed and club attributes. Therefore, practice a lot to be the best in the game


Ultimate Golf is a fairly simple and easy-going game. Here the gameplay is completely independent of the opponent as to how the opponent is playing, isn’t going to affect the way of your play. The winning is dependent on the skills and the acquaintance of your gameplay. The game will be popular among the players who want to enjoy the game of golf. The games are simple and finish quickly so not much time is consumed. It will also be a great time killer for many players, through its simplistic yet realistic gameplay.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find these Beginners guide useful for playing and winning in Ultimate Golf

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