Ultimate Golf Beginners Guide and Tips

Ultimate Golf is the latest addition of Miniclip to its sports genre. The game promises to provide you with realistic Golf gameplay with an endless variety of courses. The game has many modes to offer like Multiplayer duels, tournaments, and an exciting Golf Battle Royal mode. Like all Miniclip games, a lot of features and rules from the real golf game are added to this 3D simulation, giving players a rich Golf experience. If a player has previously played a Miniclip game like 8 Ball Pool, this game would surely stimulate some interest. The gameplay is a little simpler, but to the players who are new to the sports genre of gaming and finding difficulty understanding the game, here is a Beginners guide to know the game better and all tips and tricks to become a pro in Ultimate Golf


In the game, the player competes against another player to putt the ball in as few plays as possible. To be the best in the game, a player needs to practice a lot.

How to Win in Ultimate Golf

The player with the minimum number of turns/shots/plays to putt the ball in the hole is the winner.

In the case of a tie, the two players will take a play each. After playing the shot, the player with less distance between the ball and the hole wins.

Aim the ball properly

In Aim Mode, you are able to have an aerial view of the ball’s trajectory course before you swing the club. This helps you to position the ball, where you want it to land, and the direction. This view also shows the final position the ball needs to be put in, the entire golf course showing the rough patches, the sand, etc.

Ultimate Golf Guide

So, in this Aim Mode, you decide the position where the ball will land after it has been hit. The trajectory shown is quite accurate to expect the wind factor taken into account. That is where the skills of the player would be tested.

Hitting the Ball

After aiming, the player would need to hit the ball. Here comes the complexity in the gameplay. First, tap the swing button on the lower right corner of the screen. The player has to drag the ball back to the circle until it glows green.

The player needs to perfectly align else it may go farther or shorter depending upon the position. After aligning, release the ball once the pointing arrow is in the dead center, else it may go right or left as per the position of the arrow when you release.

Play with the wind

While aiming, the player can see the wind speed but the wind speed wouldn’t be represented in the shot view arc. The player has to take the wind speed into account separately. Basically, if there is a heavy wind from right to left, then place your aim slightly right and if there is heavy wind from left to right, then place your aim slightly left.

Draw/Fade the Ball

Draw/Fade is when the ball curves gently to the left/right after it is hit.

When you pull back on the ball, if you pull back to the right, then the ball will fade to the right when struck. When you pull back to the left, the ball will draw to the left, when struck. The amount of fade/draw the player wants to apply depends on the how far left/right the ball is pulled, the attributes of the club and the ball.

How to add Sidespin, Topspin, or Backspin to the shot

Spin here refers to the direction, the ball will bounce after its landing. To add spin, click on the ball icon in the lower left corner of the spin. The amount of spin will be determined by the attributes of the club and the attributes of the ball.

Ultimate Golf Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips and tricks to guide your way to victory in matches and become a Pro in Ultimate Golf.

1. Never rush while taking a shot

Consider, the wind speed, the landing area, the course, etc. before taking the final shot. Also, take time and release the ball when the arrow is in the green zone.

2. Get better Clubs

Clubs have special attributes like spin, strength, etc. The more distance, the player covers in the first shot, the easier it is to putt the ball.

3. Open Bags Regularly

Ultimate Golf Guide

Regularly open bags to obtain, club pieces, and coins. This may help the player get better clubs.

4. Practice more and more

The more the player plays, the more acquainted s/he becomes with the wind speed and club attributes. Therefore, practice a lot to be the best in the game


Ultimate Golf is a fairly simple and easy-going game. Here the gameplay is completely independent of the opponent as to how the opponent is playing, isn’t going to affect the way of your play. The winning is dependent on the skills and the acquaintance of your gameplay. The game will be popular among the players who want to enjoy the game of golf. The games are simple and finish quickly so not much time is consumed. It will also be a great time killer for many players, through its simplistic yet realistic gameplay.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find these Beginners guide useful for playing and winning in Ultimate Golf

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Rev. Gary A. Daniel

When I land on the fringe, the game selects a lofted club. Sometimes I would rather use a putter. How do I change to the putter?


Not possible unfortunately


I realize the Nautilus Diver has more accuracy and draw/fade ability but the Outlaw Driver has more distance which is the primary objective of a driver. Why is a less powerful driver a higher ranking/ more expensive club?


i players a tourenement enden with 25 place . they shou\w i got a price but how can i get the price an add the coins to my account. win is 1540 coins but no chance to add them to my left coins (86)


Once the tournament ends, the time set for it to end, if you are not on at that time, the next time you log in after, usually 12pm eastern time for overnight or 12am eastern time for daily, it will automatically bring up a screen that shwill your final finishing place and then give you coins based an that place not where you were when you finished your round.


What are the rings distances from center of where the ball would drop? Does it move in incriminates of 3. 6, 9, 10? And where does the distance start/ stop, on the outter edge of the first ring or or in the center of each ring?

Need to know for wind adjustment and tired of trying to experiment to figure it out.


Yes I understand that but in the picture what would be the ring distances from center cup/ center ball…there has to be a reason for the rings and those would change if the ring is smaller or larger but there should be a standard..meaning if I was driving what would the ring distance be regardless of wind speed?


So if looking at the center ring (the inner circle) based on long distance range it would go 0 to 3 to outer edge..and from the 3 mark it might go to next outter edge of say 6 so that 4, and 5 would be inside that ring…and so on. The rings seem to stay the same based on range..meaning if driving far then big rings but if close to hole the rings are smaller meaning the ranges might change…but there should be a standard again regardless of club or wind speed..if not then it defeats the purpose of having… Read more »


OK thats what I was wondering…thank you for responding….I would say so far when the rings are large that it does appear to be what I described in the screen shot..if not its pretty close from my experiences when testing it.

Think it goes:
Large rings-
Center to first outer ring 3 feet
Next outer ring 6 feet
Next outter ring 9 feet

After that I’m not sure and the above is not fully confirmed but again if I use those increments I’m fairly close to the place the ball lands.

Last edited 3 years ago by Steve
Greg Mann

Although I do agree with creating a “select your club” feature I really think that the wind speed, rings in play, fade/draw, club upgrades and attributes are really close to what real play is like. If you get too scientific with the variables then it becomes like having exact pieces to a puzzle and that would make the game too surgical and exact. Think about it. When you’re out on a real golf course and thinking what club to hit according to pin distance, terrain, hazards, draw/fade, accidentally hooking or slicing the ball, etc. that’s a lot of variables to… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Greg Mann
Paul Stirling

I’d like to be able to practice without playing in a competition or Head to Head. I read the Tips and tip 4 it says.

4. Practice more and moreThe more the player plays, the more acquainted s/he becomes with the wind speed and club attributes. Therefore, practice a lot to be the best in the game

I can’t find out how to get into practice mode. Can anybody help?

Last edited 3 years ago by Paul Stirling

How do you know the distance from your ball to the cup? Once you switch from woods to irons, there is no way to no the distance to the cup. You have no idea if you should take a full swing or a half swing without knowing the distance from your position to the cup

Gary Baker

Good question!does anyone know?it would be nice to would make the game better .it doesn’t even tell you the distance at the start of the hole,then you could at least guess.


If you push the landing area ahead until it turns red then you can determine if you need to hit with more power or less power.


What do all the numbers mean on all the clubs ( golf bag section ) and do you do anything with them

Robert Sarkisian

I piggy back this question…it’s either guesswork or trial and error…one would think when money is spent on a product there would be some kind of explanation when making a decision…


The numbers on the top of the fraction are the number of “rewards” of that club you have earned, either by opening bags, or in tournament play. Once you get enough rewards for a particular club, you can upgrade it (although this will also cost you some coins). The upgrades to that club may provide more power (distance), more accuracy, more draw/fade, more top spin, more back spin, and more shot view (better prediction when you aim of where the ball will go). I don’t know what the bottom of the fraction means, other than you require that many club… Read more »

Don Somsen

Having trouble buying a better club. Any tips?


Why do they take an penalty ball from me I can’t take that shit

Chuck Taylor

Why am playing par 4 that I can’t teach in two and can hardly get a par when my opponents reach in two and get birdies? Why do I reach a certain area in a level then I can not win a match? Why does my putts go right or left when I am line-up dead center of the hole? If this game doesn’t get better, I will find something else to do with my time and money.


I’ve found there are some tricks for some holes to reach in two shots. Other holes, I’m still struggling to reach in two. Also, make sure you’re upgrading your clubs as that becomes available. The upgrades provide more power, accuracy, etc., which can help you reach the par 4 holes. You don’t necessary need to spend money – use the in-game coins to perform the upgrades. I also find head-to-head matches a bit frustrating, as I rarely seem to win. Sometimes, I think the game is against me. But, then I win a couple and I get a bit of… Read more »


Your opponent reaches it because they have better clubs or added more spin or pulled back harder on the shot. Balls miss left or right due to wind which you have to adjust for plus the lie of the land… watch real golf – the ball will veer off to one side sometimes. This is why you have to practice this is why the game is good! Because it’s real.


You might try playing at a lower level to avoid the really good and well-equipped players. The problem with your putting may be too much power, which will result in not taking the break.

Douglas B Mcintire

We were teeing off, I had a driver and my apo opponent was using a wood; how is that possible: The game is rigged.

Mark A Tompkins

Because he/she has upgraded their wood and it will go further than yours. You can’t reach with your wood so the game sets you up with the driver. You can select your wood by pulling back on your aim and adjust the top spin and swing hard in case you hit it..


Do we ever get a chance to buy a new putter


It certainly doesn’t appear that you can ever upgrade your putter. I’ve recently noticed that with the better balls, the putting performance also increases. I didn’t know that before, it makes sense to use the better balls when possible. I’ve missed many putts with the better balls, so it’s not like it was when you first started – and never missed a putt!

Ernest Johnson

What is the best ball for putting

Ron Smith

What brand of putter do you want? Ping?LOL:)

bob roybal

My pin slots are full. How do I retrieve the pin slots??

Nick Jordan

Sane issue Bob, I’m guessing it may be a bug


I just figured it out. They are the locked bags on your Home Screen. Select them. The 1st one I selected will unlock in 3 hours or pay $16 UG bucks. The others were for various $UG bucks 👍🏻


Also, it appears that you can only “time unlock” one at a time. Once unlocked you can go to the next, without the expenditure of $UG


Good afternoon. Trying to find out if my progress will be saved when moving the UG app from my old iPhone to my new iPhone.


If you have your account saved (like through Facebook, it other means) and you download the game on your new phone you will be able to log into your account.


Ultimate Golf often won’t let me putt. I draw the ball back with a green trajectory at the hole, but when I release, nothing happens. I do this 5 or 6 times and still nothing. Finally the timer gets to zero and I lose the game. How can I stop this from happening?


So I get that a lot myself. I’ve found that wiping my screen real quick between attempts seems to work. I guess the phone will get film on the screen from the oils in your hand. Keep glass cleaner handy and wipe the screen from time to time.


Use a stylus.


A Stylus tends to slip a little if you have your device sitting at an angle, like on a pillow or lap. I also think (in my case, anyway, at age 82) that my reflexes are a little better with just lifting a fingertip than moving the hand holding a stylus. I tend to lift just an instance too late anyway!


What is the difference between Common, Rare and Epic in level of club? Which is actually best Epic or Rare?


Epic, but the common and rare seem to rate higher in Accuracy, at least at the lower levels (where I am).

Jim D

How come when I’m putting I pull back and release the ball doesn’t move. I try repeatedly and still won’t putt. Then it runs out of time? I lost many games because of this!


So I get that a lot myself. I’ve found that wiping my screen real quick between attempts seems to work. I guess the phone will get film on the screen from the oils in your hand. Keep glass cleaner handy and wipe the screen from time to time.


I think I find that the application looses contact with my server sometimes, resulting in loss of interaction. I notice that sometimes when I am not actually playing the application reconnects.


Can’t you go from hole 1 to hole 9 or 18? When I have played it only goes from 9 or 10?

Ron Smith

all information on tournaments are on the screen when you enter and tells you 9,18 or even more rounds will be played to end the tournament.

Jim Mills

I keep winning head to head matches but my total points won’t go higher than 85 no matter how many games I win!


Each bet level has a max number of wins. You need to play at a higher level (bet higher amounts) to increase your points. You can then play at the lower levels. It can be frustrating to win loads of games and coins, but not increase your points.


Ultimate Golf – Is there a way that I can check where I am in the league, without waiting for me to win enough games/money to jump over the next person? How can I see if I am in the promotion or relegation zone?

Mr. Martin

If I’m on the fringe and I hit the ball straight into the hole instead of the green near the hole why is my score 0 instead of scoring some kind of points or is it added later & if so how much points do you get for a shot like that????

Mark A Tompkins

In case you have not figured this out yet you only get points for on the green in regulation. Par 4 would only give points if on in 2. Closer you get the more points earned. The fringe is not the green!


Often when I try to putt, the ball seems frozen and doesn’t move when I release the shot. After 3 or 4 tries, I increase the putt strength, staying in the green marker, not the red. But when the ball finally travels, it almost always hits the hole and bounces a few inches away.


What do the color represent when choosing which club you would like ? Red green and yellow ?

Robert Hunt

Can anyone explain the H2H sponsorship card to me please


H2H, from what I gather, is, rater than paying with coins to enter a match, you can use a sponsorship credit to cover you without paying any of your coins.

Cindy Gibbons

That is correct


Sometimes when im putting, there is a target at the end of of my line. Other times there isn’t. Is it because I’m above or below the hole?

Curtis Jr Hines

Why aren’t there any upgrades for the Putter?



Sometimes I get timed out when I am trying to hole a put. I can line the put up but when I release the ball it doesn’t move and I get timed out and lose the match.

is this a glitch or a cheat that some players are using?


Up until today I have been using the “white” and “yellow” to extend or shorten my shots…but according to the tips it must always be in the “green” I certainly have had a hard time controlling shots this way and wonder why the two extremes exist if you are only supposed to aim and shoot in the “green ( middle setting)


What is a pro b 1

Michael Hamilton

If I buy the ultimate pass do I receive all of the rewards until where I am now or that only start from the level I’m on


Are used to get much more Tops been on my drive and now it won’t allow me to make any increased tops been on the ball.. what is wrong?


Why on the head to head is it always played at whispering pines hole 9 or 10??? It’s boring


What are season points in ultimate golf?

Jon Fleming

What does TB stand for on scorecard for ultimate golf?


Hi, just finished two tourney’s First one is the Dubai tournament which I’m not very happy with. I have a photo i’ve target area and flight path that don’t even match. The flight path is maybe quarter of an inch out of line with a target on my screen. This is an iOS system. At the same issue I have my putter and I cannot hit it on center because I will miss the fact that twoo is out of line by almost the 16th of an inch. Support Suggest you delete the app and reinstall it. Without a profile,… Read more »


Delete her in the Dubai four day tournament which concludes today has made for Eagles on par fours plus the four par fives. I find that he’s probably using an android system with the ultimate golf guide add-on app. How is this fair to people like me who are doing this by instinct? When is the app guide going to be issued for iOS?


Excuse me, my bad it wasn’t a Dubai tournament it was Torrey Pines dated today demand turned in a 26 under par! I don’t think this is doing it by the seat of his pants he has a cheat sheet and or an app to help him gain those four extra points iOS users don’t have something like that only android


How do I read the club chart so I know what I’m getting when I upgrade?

Ismael Cardenas

How do I re-entry a tournament ??


How do you Play instant royal events ?
In my missions it says “play 2 instant royal events “ I can’t find them and therefore always miss out on those rewards

Ron Smith

They are list on your Home Screen”play golf” third item down says Golf Royale


That golf royale doesnt give you credit for instant royal events

Rick Norman

I get cannot complete purchase. Do I have to register somewhere?

Trinda Anne

Measuring how far to pull back: How can I measure my distance of how far I need to pull back prior to releasing the ball?


How to level up to rookie?


How do get the badge next to your profile pic?


Why does everyone seem to sink their chips no problem , what am I missing?

David M

What is the small shield-like icon on the left of many players picture? I have no idea where that comes from?

Flyboy 39

It is the country club they belong to. The country club button is on the lower left side of your home screen.

Mark Denton

Why is my screen jumping when I make a shot. Should I do something to stop this. I have high speed internet and a 5G phone, I haven’t had trouble until recently.

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