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Uncharted Waters Origin Beginners Guide and Tips

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Uncharted Waters Origin is an MMORPG genre game developed by LINE Games. In this game, you will be filled with exploration from island to island, country to country by sea by sailing across the vast ocean. Apart from exploring, you can also trade by either trading, selling, or buying. And even more interesting, you can do battle at sea with your ship and fleet. In this Uncharted Waters Origin Beginners Guide, we will do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Introducing the basics of Uncharted Waters Origin


Before you start your adventure in the game Uncharted Waters Origin, you need to choose one of the five existing admirals. Of the five admirals, there are three fundamental differences regarding the abilities they have, namely the focus of the admirals which affects their statistics.

Uncharted Waters Origin Beginners Guide
Image via LINE Games

If in this game you want a great admiral in adventure, then we recommend choosing Joao Franco or Ernst Von Bohr. If you want a strong admiral in Combat, then you can choose Catalina Erantzo. Then if you want a great admiral in terms of Trade, then you can choose Ali Vezas.


There are 3 types of focus in this game and each focus will have a different effect on the tasks and quests that will be given by the developer.

Uncharted Waters Origin Beginners Guide
When you choose to adventure, the union requests and tasks given will focus on adventure, which can get masts to build ships. Tasks here are like doing land exploration, looking for discover for collections, and so on.
Uncharted Waters Origin Beginners Guide
When you choose a trade, the union request and task given will focus on trade, which can get wood to build ships. Tasks here such as trading, seeking profit through selling goods, and others.
Uncharted Waters Origin Beginners Guide
When you choose combat, the union requests and tasks given will focus on combat, which can get gun ports to build ships. Tasks here are like winning combat against certain ships, and others.


Image via LINE Games

In this game, the map is very important, especially when you are in an area. Within the area, there are several buildings that have their respective functions and you must visit them to be able to interact with the facilities of these buildings. Here are some of the buildings and facilities they provide.

HarborHere you can supply your fleet and set sail. If you want to sail, then you need to go to this harbor.
MarketA market is a place where you can buy and sell goods in that city or area
ShipyardIf you want to build new ships or destroy old ones, then the shipyard is the place. Besides that, here you can also buy and sell ship parts.
BankThe bank is your place to keep your riches safe, sign up for a savings account to earn interest or purchase an insurance plan.
InnThis inn is a place for you to find and recruit mates. And can manage the loyalty and injuries of your mates.
CathedralIf you want a useful effect, then you can go to the Cathedral. You can participate in religious activities to get it
VenturerHere it functions to view and carry out special missions.
AssociationTo strengthen your mates, you can go to the item shop to buy gear with various tools that are essential for sailing
Item ShopThis union contains quests that are given according to the focus you choose, which later earn rewards, Fame, and EXP.
UnionTo develop a city, you can invest through this Bureau.
BureauHere, you can earn titles by completing Royal Orders.
PalaceTo predict luck and find out the secrets of your mates, you can go to this place.

Uncharted Waters Origin Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Uncharted Waters Origin Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Understand the mechanics of voyage battle

In this game, you will be asked to do quests such as winning combat. To be able to do combat, you need to first sail through the Harbor and choose the ship that will be your opponent in those waters.

voyage battle
image via LINE Games

The mechanism in this combat is based on the turn to action. Therefore, you can see it through the captain of each fleet above. Some of the actions that can be done are changing positions to the tiles provided, except for the tiles with red color with thin outlines, because these tiles can be attacked by enemies. Besides that, you can also use the skills or tools on the right. And also understand the advantage and disadvantages of each type of attack to maximize your attack

2. Focus on your Trading skills

In this game, apart from doing combat, you can also trade, such as trading or selling and purchasing. Apart from that, you will definitely find quests to get a profit by selling goods. Then when you want to sell goods, but there aren’t any or only a few, so you can’t fulfill those quests.

How to trade
Image via LINE Games

We have a tip, that is, you can’t buy goods in one city and then sell them again in that city, but by buying goods in one city, then you need to move to another city because the logic is like this. You won’t buy goods where the city actually produces them, so the goods will be cheap, therefore you need to export them out of town to get a high price.

3. Hire Mates

In this game, to lead a war, you need to have a captain in a fleet which is called Mates. To get it, you can go to the Inn building and select hire. There are various mates with different focuses. Now from here, you can determine which mates you can choose.

Hire mates
image via LINE Games

For example, if your admiral specializes in combat, then you need to choose partners with a different focus, such as traders or adventurers. Besides that, to obtain various benefits from the buildings, you can assign a mate the “Required Language”.

4. Building your Ship

Build your ship
Image via LINE Games

To build a ship, you need to go to the shipyard building first. There are quite a number of ships with various focuses and LVs and to unlock all types of ships, you need to increase your Build LV first. If it’s open, you can choose the ship and buy some building materials and some blueprints needed. If so, then you can only build the ship at a certain price.

Final Thoughts

Uncharted Waters Origin is a very complex game in terms of mechanics and several features. You need to understand each of its uses, especially each building which has its own function.

Did you find this Uncharted Waters Origin Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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