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UNDECEMBER: The Complete Builds Guide and Tips

Pick your build according to the playstyle!

UNDECEMBER is a brand new ARPG from Line Games and is similar to the likes of Diablo Immortal in terms of action and features. In this game, players will have to go forward by hacking and slashing enemies and by navigating through a bunch of missions, and creating their own custom characters with various options available. Every ARPG player needs to select a good build for themselves in order to thrive in the game. And in a game like UNDECEMBER, where there are so many options available, it might be a little confusing and first. So in this guide, we are going to talk about the best Builds in UNDECEMBER one can have depending on their preference and attack style.

Introducing the Builds in UNDECEMBER

One of the main reasons for the wide range of options is that it has a classless system for its characters which means anyone can be anything and customize themselves however they want to, which opens the door to a large number of possibilities and outcomes. This is why it becomes even more confusing to choose a build for oneself when one is a beginner because of the sheer number of options available.

Undecember Builds Guide
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For a new player, it becomes extremely complicated and overwhelming to choose from, that’s why this guide is going to help them choose between a few certain types of basic builds to narrow down their choices and make it easier for them.

A built-in UNDECEMBER can be made up of a specific combination of Gear, Zodiac, Skill Runes, and Link Runes. Technically, hundreds of builds can be made in this game each unique from the others designed for certain unique things, so we are going to narrow it down to the three rune types available in the game namely Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.

Strength-based Build

In this build, players who want to go down a path of pure strength can choose it as it has a lot of options available in terms of both skill and link runes. In terms of gear, players should try to use strength-enhancing weapons to further strengthen their build and deal higher damage.

UNDECEMBER Monsters Guide
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They can also choose any skill rune which boosts damage area and effect even further or have elemental powers to fight with specific enemies. Here is the list of options available from which they can choose to form a build of their choice.

  • Skill Runes: Whirlwind, Channeling Enhancement, Strong Regenerative Power, Quick Attack, Toxic Flame, Fireball
  • Link Runes: Any of the link runes which boost strength or attack damage abilities.
  • Gear: Players can use any gear with elemental resistance along with prioritizing poison damage. For this build, any two-handed weapon can be used along with boots that have a high-speed level.
  • Zodiac: Zodiac points for Strength should be the first priority, with Intelligence coming in second. Zodiac points for Dexterity are required for this build.

Dexterity-based Build

In this build, more importance is given to dealing with opponents who have high HP levels as this is mostly used as a good archer build. The runes which can be used in this build need to have a lot of speed and agility, along with good range.

Dexterity based build
Image via LINE Games

They must also have an increase in critical rate or the ability to dodge attacks. Link runes that improve speed are good options along with having the ability to deal with multiple enemies at once. Here is the list of options from which they can choose to form the build of their personal preference.

  • Skill Runes: Toxic Flame, Piercing Arrow, Find weaknesses, Slaughter, Illusion arrow, Teleport, Attack DMG increase
  • Link Runes: Any of the link runes which help in boosting dexterity and movement speed can be used along with multishot.
  • Gear: The gear for this build can consist of any bow with high attack damage, physical damage, speed, gear critical rate, and critical damage. For use with the bow, the quivers should have high critical damage, attack speed, and physical damage.  Players can also use accessories that improve speed and physical damage and also provide some good resistance along with armor which should have high resistance, high projectile, and attack damage.
  • Zodiac: Zodiac points for Dexterity should be the first priority, with Strength coming in second. Zodiac points for Intelligence can be ignored for this build.

Intelligence-based Build

This build is normally used as a mage build can players can focus on a certain type of skill rune if they want to be a master at just that specific form of magic or they have the option to choose more runes and be able to do many things at once.

Intelligence based build
Image via LINE Games

Runes that provide illusions and distractions on the battlefield can be used along with link runes which boost dexterity and intelligence. Here is the list of options from which one can choose to form the build of their own choice.

  • Skill Runes: Flamethrower, Fire Ball, Channeling Enhancement, Spell activation while channeling, Multishot, Teleport, Spell Damage increase, Use Count, Minion HP, Summoning Abyssling, Minion Armour.
  • Link Runes: Link runes that boost dexterity and intelligence can be used.
  • Gear: The gear for this build includes a magician’s attire, equipment that deals in high magical damage along with a concise Steel Buckler.
  • Zodiac: Zodiac points for Intelligence should be the first priority, with Strength coming in second. Zodiac points for Dexterity can be ignored for this build after coming to Level 10.


This guide will help any player choose their build experienced or beginners alike as we’ve talked about all the main builds that one will want to use in UNDECEMBER. Complete beginners should try to prioritize movement speed and skills along with runes that increase Agility. Link runes that increase area damage, the damage inflicted and speed, in general, should be used and as they are at the beginning of the game, they should focus on improving their dexterity the most and later focus on other aspects as they progress in the game.

That’s all from us for UNDECEMBER Builds Guide! Did you find our UNDECEMBER Builds guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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