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UNDECEMBER: The Complete Gear Enchantments Guide and Tips

Upgrade your gears to their full capacities and become unstoppable!

UNDECEMBER is a brand new action role-playing from LINE Games and is similar to Diablo Immortal in terms of action and features. In this game, players will have to go forward by hacking and slashing enemies and by navigating through a bunch of missions and creating their custom characters with various options available. This is where Gear Enchantments help in upgrading the weapons and making players strong for further enemies and monsters in UNDECEMBER.

UNDECEMBER has a lot of weapons to choose from for the players. But over time, the weapons which are available at the start of the game will feel not so powerful to the players anymore as they move forward in the game.

Introducing the Gear Enchantments in UNDECEMBER 

Enchantments in UNDECEMBER can be used to upgrade a grade of gear, or its options type, option values, or qualities. Every gear is unique and has a different set of actions and abilities which can be enchanted depending on its gear part and equipment condition.

UNDECEMBER Gear Enchantments
Image via Line Games

The higher the level of the gear, the more the number of possible options for tiers become available. Gears can be enchanted up to the Legendary level and cannot be reverted unless it is sent back to their normal grade.

List of all the Enchantments available in UNDECEMBER

Players can enchant their gear by visiting Blacksmith Croco in the Equipment Shop. From there, they can either purchase weapons or enchant them, both of which require gold. After entering the shop, all the players got to do is select the weapon of their choice that they want to enchant and click on the “Enchant” option to equip any Enchantment of the player’s choice. Here is the list of Enchantments players can choose from:

  • Upgrade Magic Essence: This Enchantment costs 200 Gold and converts the weapon chosen from its standard form into a Magic Grade weapon and also resets its maximum option count.
  • Rare Change Essence: This Enchantment costs 150 Gold and converts the weapon chosen into either a Magic Grade weapon or a Rare Grade weapon randomly. There’s no way to choose which one it’ll convert into.
  • Birth Magic Essence: This Enchantment costs 100 Gold and re-imbues the weapon chosen into a Magic Grade item along with allowing the player to reroll a particular stat until they find a suitable one for themselves. 
  • Convert Magic Essence: This Enchantment costs 1000 Gold and randomly adds a new stat to the weapon.
UNDECEMBER Gear Enchantments
Image via Line Games
  • Imbue Magic Essence: This Enchantment costs 250 Gold and also randomly adds a new stat to the weapon too like Convert Magic Essence. The cost difference makes it clear that the former adds a more powerful stat than this Essence. 
  • Magic Expansion Essence: This Enchantment costs 800 Gold and enhances the max option count of a Magic Grade weapon which is chosen by 1.
  • Rare Essence: This Enchantment costs 300 Gold and degrades the grade of the weapon chosen from either Magic or Rare to Normal.
  • Upgrade Rare Essence: This Enchantment costs 2000 Gold and upgrades the Magic Grade weapon chosen by the player into a Rare Grade weapon and also adds 4 more stats to its increasing stats.

These are all the Enchantments that are available in UNDECEMBER to upgrade or downgrade the weapons according to the choice and liking of the players. Every strategy and plan is unique and requires different types of Gear and Build. These options help players make their plans with so many customization options, making it easier for them to mold their gameplay according to their style and comfort.

Did you find our guide on Gear Enchantments in UNDECEMBER helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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