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Idle Strikers 1945 Beginners Guide and Tips

Become the best commander!

Idle Strikers 1945 is a new RPG brought to you by Com2uS. The game, Idle Strikers 1945 is based on Strikers 1945 Fighters and brings forth a variety of fighter jets that not only can assemble but also merge to form even stronger units in battle. In Strikers 1945, you’ll command a squadron of historical fighter planes, devise tactical formations, and face off against formidable enemies in fast-paced, autopilot battles. In this Idle Strikers 1945 Beginners Guide, I will provide you with essential tips and strategies to help you navigate the skies and achieve victory.

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Idle Strikers 1945 Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Battle Basics

In Idle Strikers 1945, your journey kicks off at the Stage, where you’ll tackle different levels and earn rewards as you go. Every 10 stages you conquer boosts your Player Level, showing off your progress. The game’s autopilot combat system lets your historic fighter planes do the fighting, leaving you to focus on strategy and upgrades.

Make sure to position your toughest planes up front to take hits, while the heavy hitters hang back for maximum damage. Don’t forget to keep your squadron in top shape by regularly launching new fighters and fusing them to create stronger versions. I’ve found that you can easily fuse these fighters just by tapping the screen.

Idle Strikers 1945 Battle, Idle Strikers 1945
Image via Com2uS

To level up your game, stay online to beat your best score. Once you hit Player Level 5, the Return Button becomes useful, allowing you to replay earlier stages for rewards to beef up your Fighters. If you’re facing challenges clearing new stages, tapping the Return Button is your solution. For a speedy journey to success, use the Speed Up Button to zip through stages faster, claiming rewards along the way.

Upgrading Fighters

Upgrading your fighters is key to strengthening your squadron and dominating the skies. Evolving a fighter significantly boosts its stats, making it more powerful in battle. Not only does evolution enhance strength, but it also increases attack range and speed, giving you an edge over your enemies. Remember, the more fighters you evolve, the stronger their overall effect becomes.

Idle Strikers 1945 Fighter, Idle Strikers 1945
Image via Com2uS

However, keep in mind that the effect of evolving fighters doesn’t stack with duplicates of the same fighter. To upgrade your fighters, head to the Fighter list, select the Elite tab and choose the fighter you want to upgrade. Look for the Upgrade button and use Enhance Stones corresponding to each attribute. You can obtain Enhance Stones during returns, with higher stages yielding greater rewards.

Upgrading Pilot

To upgrade your pilots in Idle Strikers 1945, head to the Pilot menu and utilize Power Stones. Each pilot can boost their stats through these upgrades, and upon unlocking a pilot, you gain the ability to change their appearance. Even if a pilot isn’t equipped, their effect still applies.

Idle Strikers 1945 Pilot, Idle Strikers 1945
Image via Com2uS

I’ve found that defeating legendary bosses rewards you with more stones as you progress, while higher rankings in legendary boss battles yield greater rewards. Additionally, completing recapture missions also gives you Power Stones. Prioritize upgrading your pilots to enhance their capabilities and gain an edge in battle.


Understanding the attributes in Idle Strikers 1945 is essential for maximizing your squadron’s effectiveness in battle. Each fighter possesses its attribute, and using Enhance Stones corresponding to these attributes is crucial for upgrading them. These stones grant different effects upon upgrade, enhancing your fighters’ capabilities.

Idle Strikers 1945 Fighter Attributes, Idle Strikers 1945
Image via Com2uS

Moreover, I’ve found that there’s a relationship between different attributes that impact the amount of damage dealt or received. For instance, [Fire] attributes deal 20% more damage against [Wood] attributes but 20% less damage against [Water] attributes, and so on. However, [Neutral] attributes remain unaffected by these bonuses or penalties.

Leveraging this attribute relation strategically can significantly influence battle outcomes. Keep in mind that the additional damage between attributes is calculated from the final damage dealt. To further enhance this, consider utilizing Reinforce Attribute to increase the amount of additional damage per attribute.

Joining Legion

In my experience, joining a legion is the best way to get resources and make progress in the game. Start by exploring the Legion menu to find a suitable group, considering factors like activity level and member count. Once you’ve joined, contribute to Legion activities such as legion elimination and ranking battles to earn rewards.

Idle Strikers 1945 Legion, Idle Strikers 1945
Image via Com2uS

Take advantage of Legion benefits, including exclusive bonuses and rewards, and consider taking on leadership roles to further contribute to Legion’s growth. By actively participating in Legion activities, you’ll enhance your gaming experience and achieve greater success as part of a unified team.

Idle Strikers 1945 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Use the launch Speed up

Use the Speed Up feature to accelerate your progress through stages and missions. This allows you to advance to stages preceding your highest record quickly, claim rewards promptly, and make efficient use of your playing time.

2. Use the Return feature when you can’t clear a stage

If you find yourself unable to clear a stage, don’t fret! Utilize the Return feature to replay previous stages for rewards to strengthen your fighters. This allows you to regroup, gather resources, and strategize for success before tackling the challenging stage again.

3. Upgrade your Fighters and Pilot

Prioritize the regular upgrading of both your fighters and pilots. Upgrading your fighters enhances their combat abilities and stats while upgrading your pilots ensures they can effectively support your squadron. By continuously improving the capabilities of your fighters and pilots, you’ll build a powerful team capable of dominating the skies.

4. Participate in Events regularly

Participate in events to earn exclusive rewards and accelerate your progress. Keep an eye out for special events and limited-time challenges, as they often offer valuable prizes such as rare fighters, enhancement items, and currency.

5. Utilise your Resources wisely

Allocate your resources wisely, focusing on upgrading your most effective fighters. Regularly check for opportunities to fuse and upgrade your fighters to strengthen your squadron and stay ahead of the competition.

Final Thoughts

As you embark on your journey in Idle Strikers 1945, remember that mastering the skies requires strategy, persistence, and teamwork. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this beginner’s guide, you’ll lay a solid foundation for success. Stay vigilant, adapt to new challenges, and forge alliances with fellow commanders to soar to new heights of glory.

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