Villains: Robot BattleRoyale Beginners Guide and Tips

Know the best ways to survive in Hellywood!

Villains: Robot BattleRoyale is an action multiplayer game developed by BIRDLETTER Inc. Villains: Robot BattleRoyale has amazing game mechanics along with extraordinary graphics. Players get a handful of interesting features such as Villains, Robots, and many more. Your main motive is to survive till the last zone, knock out enemies, and claim the Victory. So, here I’ve presented you a Villains: Robot BattleRoyale Beginners Guide piece that will help learn all about the basic features.

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Gameplay Overview

Villains: Robot BattleRoyale is an action multiplayer game where you’ll have to survive till the end and fight against other opponents to win. You’ll have characters who are termed Villains and Robots to support you. Robots mainly help the Villains for the locomotion all over the Map.

Even the Robots help the Villains in combat during the rampage. The only way to win matches is to kill your opponents and survive till the end of the round. The gameplay mechanics are simple for every individual whether a novice or a legend. 

Image via BIRDLETTER Inc

You’ll see a joystick on the left side of the screen. On the right side of the screen, you’ll get 5 buttons, 4 for combat and 1 for health restoration. Players can use those four buttons to use normal and special attacks on robots and villains. You’ll be able to collect Shield, Health Capsules, and Burgers.

These resources help provide a minute Defense, Health Points, and Boost the special attacks of villains respectively. Hellywood is the only map you’ll see in the game. Players can also locate their initial point just by tapping at a point on the map before the match begins. 

Villains: RobotBattle Royal Basics

Game Mode

Villains: Robot BattleRoyale provides you with 3 game modes. Remember, there’s only one map, Hellywood, you won’t be able to see any other map for now. Here are the following game modes:

Villains Robot Battle Royal game modes
Image via BIRDLETTER Inc
  • Solo: The Solo mode is the mode where you’ll be playing along with the rest of the other players. Here, you are a lone warrior who has to survive till the end with all the provided resources and win the round. 
  • Duo: You will be partnered with any random or paired with one of your friends in this mode. A duo can easily survive till the end by making fine strategies and knocking out all the other duos. 
  • Friendly Match BETA: Players can create a room and enjoy the world of Villains: Robot Battle Royale together. You can set up the match in a Solo or Duo format, invite your friends, and then go for the rampage!


Villains are the main characters in the game. You can check the stats for all the 23 villains present. This will help you to select the desired villain for yourself and you’ll be ready to slay on Hellywood.

Villains Robot Battle Royal Villains
Image via BIRDLETTER Inc

It’s quite easy to upgrade the unlocked villains, you need to have villain boosters for a particular villain, then use Golds to upgrade them. 


Villains Robot Battle Royal Robots
Image via BIRDLETTER Inc

The robots section lets you check out all the robots in the game. Just like villains, you can follow the same steps in this section and upgrade your desired Robot. Robots mainly help in locomotion during the match, thus it has an integral role.

Villain Pass

Unlike other games, you’ll be able to enjoy a Villain Pass in the game. Here, by completing all the Villain Pass tasks and missions, you’ll get amazing rewards such as Chests, Golds, Villains, Robots, Hell Points, and Diamonds.

Villains Robot Battle Royal Villain Pass
Image via BIRDLETTER Inc

There are 2 types of Passes to witness, the Free one and the Premium one. To get facilities from the Premium Pass, you need to buy it with a certain amount, which I won’t insist on. 

Villains: Robot BattleRoyale Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Check out the hideouts in Hellywood

Hellywood has so many places to hide! You must keep your eyes on the dark bushes and the smokey vents. Here, you can move your Villain and hide from other opponents. These will give you some time to escape from your opponents boost up the special attacks and restore your health. 

2. Grab up resources in between fights

While you knock down your opponent, you’ll be getting Burgers, Shields, and Health Capsules. Take your time, and collect all of them. Utilizing them will help you enhance your special attacks and Health Points during the match. Players can also witness some Aid boxes, Air Drops, and Mystery Boxes all over the map. Breaking them will help you grab these goodies in between the matches.

3. Upgrade your Villains and Robots

Villains and Robots are the primary assets of all you’ve in Villains: Robot BattleRoyale. You need to save up the Gold and utilize it on these assets. Players must check out the stats of all the unlocked characters and then go to the Formation section.

Villains Robot Battle Royal upgradation
Image via BIRDLETTER Inc

Here, you can check the initial Health Points you’ll get when you start the match. So, upgrade your characters and come up with the most accurate formation. 

4. Don’t forget the Events section

Villains: Robot BattleRoyale has an Events section where you’ll witness so many ongoing, daily, and 7-day login events. You need to check out the tasks and complete them. This will help you grab all the primary resources as rewards. Hence, keep an eye on the Events section and snatch away all the rewards. 

5. Survival is the Key to Rank higher

If you want to witness the real heat in Villains: Robot BattleRoyale, then you need to focus more on Survival. You indeed need to knock down enemies, but don’t rush to another opponent after defeating one. Take your time, collect the required resources, boost up your special attacks, and then search for other opponents. Rushing will lead you to die sooner and you won’t even get any sort of reward. So, be patient and play strategically!

Final Thoughts

Villains: Robot BattleRoyale is an outstanding action-packed game. This game requires key rules of survival. So, you need to play all the matches with sheer strategies. Understanding the algorithm of this game is just a child’s play so not to worry about that. Also, don’t forget to go to fall back to our Villains: Robot BattleRoyale Beginners Guide whenever you face any issues!

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That’s all from us for the Villains: Robot BattleRoyale Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Villains: Robot BattleRoyale Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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