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War of GAMA Guide: Tips to increase your Combat Power (CP)

Get stronger in the game with this guide!

War of GAMA is one of the best RPG games that has been released this year. The game follows up a storyline by choosing one of the characters from the best three provided to them at the beginning. The most important aspect of the game is the Combat Power that needs to be maintained by them. With more Combat Power, the player can defeat the enemy troops. Thus, let us go for the best 5 tips through which players can easily increase Combat Powers. 

How to increase Combat Power (CP) in War of GAMA

There are a number of ways to increase combat power in the War of GAMA. The top 5 are given below:

1. Turn on the AFK mode 

Players must turn on the AFK mode as this helps a lot when they exit the game. If this mode is on, the character will continue fighting the nearby enemy troops and thus it will help the character to increase its Combat Power. This must be done by every player, if the character stays on standby and does nothing, then the Combat Power will decrease gradually. 

2. Indulge more in Combats 

War of GAMA Indulge in Combat
Image via gamamobi

Even if you are AFK or Online, keep your character involved in defeating the enemies. This will improve the skills, and increase experience and Profile level as well. Fighting the enemy troops is the main source of improving the Combat Power stats, thus trying to utilize that source at its fullest.

3. Use the Potions to keep up the Combat Power

The Haste Potion and the Health Potion are the main sources through which players can increase the Combat Power of their character. Players can receive them by completing stages of the chapters, by daily login rewards, or by completing the server events.

War of GAMA use potions
Image via gamamobi

Players must equip them from their inventory and use them when required. Try to use it before going to fight any main villain, as it will help the character to regain its Combat Power after dealing with heavy damage. 

4. Craft more Gears

War of GAMA Craft gears
Image via gamamobi

Players must checkout for the raw materials and craft more Gears. Gears will help the players to put upon an extra layer of protection over the character, and thus it will increase the DEF attributes. As the DEF attribute increases, the Combat Power will also get improved due to this sole reason. 

5. Level up your profile and in-game Character 

Players must play the game on a regular basis and try to gain more EXP points. More EXP points will lead them to level up their profile and the character itself. This will by far then help them to improve the Combat Power of that particular character and therefore the character will perform with its finest form during battles. 

Final Thoughts

War of GAMA is an amazing RPG game with super cool features added up to the game. The game has a lot of sources through which players can increase their Combat Powers and here are the best five of them. This goes through them and makes your character the best one in the particular server you are playing.

Did you find this guide to increasing Combat Power in the War of GAMA helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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