War Thunder Mobile Tanks Tier List for August 2023

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War Thunder Mobile is an amazing online multiplayer game where the players get into a 5v5 format match to capture a particular area and defeat their enemies. Tanks are another set of armed forces apart from Ships, present in the game, and thus players get to witness a lot of them. Pretty common among amateurs after observing so many Tanks which will get them confused at the start itself. Thus, to clarify all the doubts here is our War Thunder Mobile Tanks Tier List for the beginners to figure out which Tanks are considered as the best ones in the entire game.

War Thunder Mobile Tanks Tier List for August 2023

The game categorized all the Tanks into three different tiers: S, A, and B:

Strong (S)Platoon Cornet I, 
Platoon Panther D,
Platoon Black Prince,
 Platoon ST-A3,
Platoon Char 25t,
Platoon Panther F, 
Platoon IS-2 “Revenge”, 
Platoon FV4202,
Platoon M26E1,
Platoon Tiger II (H) Sla.16,
Platoon T-54 (1949),
Platoon M47,
Platoon Leopard I, 
Platoon Turm III,
Platoon T54E1,
Platoon Leopard A1A1,
Platoon M601 (AOS),
Platoon T-55A,
Platoon Chieftain Mk 3
Good (A)Platoon Pz.IV F2
Platoon Pz.IV G
Platoon Chi-Nu II
Platoon Avenger 
Platoon Tiger H1
Platoon M4A1 (76) W
Platoon T-34-85 (D-5T)
Platoon M4A4 (SA50)
Platoon Sherman “Trzyniec”
Platoon T20
Platoon KV-220
Platoon SR-A1
Platoon M4A3 (76) W
Platoon T-34-85
Platoon T-44
Average (B)Platoon M4A1
Platoon T-34
Platoon T-34E
Platoon M4A4
Platoon M4A2
Platoon T-34 (1942)
Platoon Colliope
Platoon E.B.R. (1951)

Best Meta Tanks in War Thunder Mobile for August 2023

1. Platoon Chieftain Mk 3

Platoon Chieftain Mk 3 is the best-considered tank over the entire game. This tank has one of the finest rates of Front Protection along with Side and Rear Protection as well.

Image via Gaijin Distribution KFT

The Platoon Chieftain Mk 3 comes along with a speed of 41km/h which is expected to boost up after regular upgrades and has a Bullet Penetration unit of 315mm which is the highest among all the tanks present in the game. 

2. Platoon Leopard A1A1

Platoon Leopard A1A1 is yet another versatile tank in the game players can witness. This tank comes up with a speed of 65km/h which is considered as the highest speed value any tank has in this game.

Image via Gaijin Distribution KFT

The Front Protection of this tank is good but not the best to be considered. The same is with the Sides and Rear Protection. But the main key is its Bullet Penetration unit which is 302mm

3. Platoon Leopard I 

Platoon Leopard I is again another best tank players can witness in the game. This tank also has the same stats on the aspect of Front Protection and Side and Rear Protection as the Platoon Leopard A1A1.

Image via Gaijin Distribution KFT

Still, players can count on this tank more because the stats over Protection is slightly here in Platoon Leopard I. Platoon Leopard I comes up with a speed of 65km/h and also has a Bullet Penetration value of 302mm

4. Platoon Turm III

Platoon Turm III is a very strong Tank in the game. This tank has great Protection stats on the basis of Front, Side, and Rear protections.

Image via Gaijin Distribution KFT

This means that opponents cannot easily penetrate their bullets through this tank. Platoon Turm III has a great speed which is of 65km/h and also has a Bullet Penetration of 302mm

5. Platoon T54E1

Platoon T54E1 is the last tank in the top tanks list and thus do not doubt its power as well. This tank also comes up with great Protection stats that confirm that the Front, Side, and Rear Protections are really very supportive and strong compared to all the tanks.

Image via Gaijin Distribution KFT

On this list, Platoon T54E1 is a bit slow with a speed of 43km/h but not the slowest among all. Also, this tank has a Bullet Penetration rate of 267mm which is pretty good. 

Final Thoughts

Thus, this is our detailed War Thunder Mobile Tanks Tier List for beginners. Amateurs must go through this thoroughly so that they clarify their doubts and choose the best tank from the entire list of tanks present in the game to become the ultimate beats over the battlefield.

Did you find this War Thunder Mobile Tanks Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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