Warpath Guide: Tips to change servers in the game

Warpath is an RTS game developed by Lilith Games for Android users. The game has adopted the World War II theme as gameplay and the gaphics settings. Like many RTS games, players spend time between base building and doing combat. And the base is located in a large open-world map, surrounded by resources and enemies. It also has options to form alliances and enjoy growing together or playing with friends. To team up with friends or to just move to other servers for restart, Warpath offers the option of Migration. Using the Migration features, players can easily relocate and change to other servers in Warpath. In this article, we will cover all the details about migration in Warpath.

How to change servers in Warpath

Follow the following steps to migrate from one server to another in Warpath:

1. Drop from Alliance

The first step is to drop out of the existing alliance. No matter if you are a new player or an old player, the very basic step is to get out of an alliance to migrate. If you are a new player, then directly go to supplies and then click on others.

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There would be a starter pack with a validity of 5 days or till you reach level 12 or above. Using this you can straightforward jump to other servers without much issue.

2. Go to the World Map

Globe Icon Warpath Servers
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If you are an experienced player, you have to follow a couple of more steps and meet certain conditions to migrate. To start with, Go to World Map and click on the Globe icon on the bottom right corner.

3. Choose from a list of available servers

Now you can browse through the list of all the servers available in Warpath. The servers will provide additional information or eligibility to migrate to that particular server is possible or not.

Stats Warpath Servers
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To know more, click on the target server and check out the conditions for migrating to that server. Every server has the condition of attaining the minimum level of 25 to migrate to a different server.

4. Note the consequences of your migrating to servers

If you have satisfied the conditions for transferring your base to the target server, then click on the move option.

Information Warpath Servers
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This will list out all the detailed information on migrating from one server to another with all the regulations that would come into effect. The information will also show the item requirements for migrating to a different server.

5. Purchase the Migrate Commands and Select your new City

The major items required are Migrate Commands that can be purchased from Shop/Alliance shop. The number of Migrate Command required will vary from player to player, depending on the power.

Alliance Store Warpath Servers
Image via Lilith Games

After confirming, you will be asked the city you want to migrate and that’s it. You have successfully migrated and are free to go on the new map.

Select City Warpath Servers
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After migration, the player cannot again migrate for 30 days. So there will be a cooldown time for using the migration option again. Additionally, Ranks or Points collected for events will get reset after migrating. Therefore, do collect the rewards before deciding upon migrating.

Final Thoughts

This is all about the migration feature that has been rolled out in Warpath. The migration is possible in a nearby server or server with a similar power level. Players do feel about the insane amount of Tickets required for higher power levels, but that is somewhat justified since with a higher power level you can just conquer any area. So a checkpoint has been established by the developers. Anyways, Warpath has been doing pretty well and has significantly increased its player base, which eventually will make players change serves for many perks and rewards to dig upon.

Did you find our guide on how to change your in-game servers in Warpath useful? How often do you change your in-game server? Let us know in the comments below!

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