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Wuthering Waves Yinlin Build Guide: Best Echoes, Weapons, Team comp, and more

Build Yinlin to the max potential!

Wuthering Waves, a popular action RPG, has generated significant excitement with its global release. If you’re looking to optimize Yinlin, a 5-star limited character, my Wuthering Waves Yinlin Build Guide is here to help. This guide covers the best strategies for building her, including her ideal team composition, echoes, and more.

The developers released a creator program in January 2024, detailing how interested people can join. Additionally, I also have available to aid you in the game, including redeem codes, a reroll guide, a beginner’s guide, an element guide, information on weapon types and echoeshow to play with friendstips to earn astrite, and a tier list. Lastly, you can check out the latest version 1.1 bannertroubleshooting bugsTwitch drops, some free rewards, and ways to get them.

Yinlin Playstyle

Yinlin’s playstyle is perfect if you like high damage and strategic gameplay. As a Hybrid character, she rivals main damage dealers and boosts Electro and Resonance Liberation damage. Her unique Coordinated Attack lets her deal massive, screen-wide damage even when she’s off the field, turning the battlefield into a constant thunderstorm. She can keep these attacks up all fight long, ensuring steady damage.

Wuthering Waves Yinlin
Image via Kuro Games

Yinlin is a 5-star resonator with the electric element and uses the Rectifier weapon, making her a powerful addition to any team. Yinlin is easy to start with but hard to master. Her basic combos are simple, but advanced tricks like “swap canceling” can boost her damage significantly. This pairs well with her best teammate, Calcharo, and is enhanced by the large amount of Concerto energy she generates. Overall, Yinlin is the top Hybrid character in the game and is sure to make a lasting impact.

Yinlin upgrade materials

Most materials for upgrading Yinlin can be obtained through various means in the game, except for Coriolus, which must be gathered from the map. Collecting these materials and investing them into Yinlin’s upgrades will unlock her full potential as a formidable character in your roster. To build and ascend Yinlin and maximize her potential, you’ll need to gather several materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

Character Ascension (total)

  • 4x LF Whisperin Core
  • 12x MF Whisperin Core
  • 12x HF Whisperin Core
  • 4x FF Whisperin Core
  • 46x Group Abomination Tacet Core
  • 60x Coriolus
  • 170 000 Shell Credits

Skill Upgrades (total)

  • 25x LF Whisperin Core
  • 28x MF Whisperin Core
  • 40x HF Whisperin Core
  • 57x FF Whisperin Core
  • 25x Lento Helix
  • 28x Adagio Helix
  • 55x Andante Helix
  • 67x Presto Helix
  • 26x Unwarranted Feather
  • 2 030 000 Shell Credits

Yinlin Best Weapons

Selecting a weapon for Yinlin requires careful consideration of her elemental type, playstyle, and team strategy. As a hybrid character capable of both support and damage, she has several excellent weapon options. Her signature weapon provides the best synergy. Here are some top weapon choices for Yinlin:

Wuthering Waves Yinlin Stringmaster
Image via Kuro Games


Stringmaster is a great weapon for Yinlin, boosting her Resonance Attributes to enhance both her support and damage. When her Resonance Skill hits a target, it increases her attack, and this effect can stack, making her even stronger. Additionally, when she’s off the field, her attack is still boosted, allowing her to contribute to the fight continuously. This makes Stringmaster ideal for maximizing Yinlin’s role as a hybrid character.


Augment is a strong choice for Yinlin, increasing her attack when she uses Resonance Liberation. This effect lasts for a good amount of time, helping Yinlin keep her damage high during important moments in battle. The weapon’s simple attack boost works well with her playstyle, making it easier to maximize her damage. Augment is perfect for players who want to enhance Yinlin’s offensive power.


Rectifier#25 is versatile, offering both attack and healing benefits. When Yinlin’s Resonance Skill is used, it heals her if her health is low, improving her survivability. If her health is high, it boosts her attack, ensuring she stays strong in battle. This dual effect helps Yinlin adapt to different situations, maintaining high damage while staying alive. Rectifier#25 is a good fit for her hybrid nature.


Variation focuses on energy management, and restoring Concerto Energy when Yinlin uses her Resonance Skill. This helps her keep using her skills regularly, improving her overall effectiveness in battle. By ensuring she has enough energy for her abilities, Variation boosts Yinlin’s performance in long fights. This weapon is ideal for players who want to keep Yinlin’s skills active and powerful.

Yinlin Best Echoes

Choosing the best echoes for Yinlin is crucial to fully unlock her potential as a sub-DPS character who provides both strong support and damage. Echoes offer essential enhancements that can significantly increase Yinlin’s damage output and overall effectiveness in battle. Here are the top echo choices for Yinlin:

Wuthering Waves Tempest memphis
Image via Kuro Games

Tempest Memphis

Equip Tempest Memphis to transform and execute tail swing attacks followed by a claw strike. The lightning strike from the tail swing deals significant Electro damage each time, while the claw strike deals even more Electro damage. After the claw strike, boost the current character’s Electro damage and Heavy Attack damage for a duration. This echo enhances Yinlin’s damage potential and is crucial for maximizing her effectiveness in battle.

Void Thunder

  • 2-pc: Electro damage is increased by 10%
  • 5-pc: When releasing Heavy Attack or Resonance Skill, Electro damage dealt is increased by 15%, stacking up to two times, each lasting for 15 seconds.

Void Thunder is an excellent set for Yinlin because it boosts her Electro damage, making her attacks more powerful. With a two-piece set, her Electro damage is increased, providing a consistent boost to her damage output. The five-piece set is even more beneficial, as it increases the Electro damage further when using Heavy Attacks or Resonance Skills, stacking up to two times for longer-lasting damage boosts.

Yinlin Best Teammates

Concluding this Wuthering Waves Yinlin Build Guide, when creating a team with Yinlin, it’s essential to focus on character synergy to maximize effectiveness in combat. By considering these factors, you can create a well-rounded and synergistic lineup that excels in battles. Here are some recommended teammates for Yinlin to consider:

Wuthering Waves Yinlin
Image via Kuro Games

1. Calcharo

If you’re looking for an excellent teammate for Yinlin, consider Calcharo. They synergize well together, with Yinlin’s Outro Skill enhancing Calcharo’s Liberation Damage and Basic Attack Damage. Plus, Yinlin boosts Calcharo’s damage potential with Resonance Liberation Deepen and Electro Damage Deepen. Whether Yinlin is equipped with the Void Thunder set for Sub DPS or the Moonlit Clouds set for full support, both options enhance the team’s damage output.

2. Jiyan

Consider Jiyan as a top choice for Yinlin’s teammate. Jiyan’s high damage output and straightforward playstyle make him effective against single targets and groups. His partnership with Mortefi further boosts his potential, and his crowd-control abilities add versatility to the team.

3. Encore

Encore is a valuable addition to Yinlin’s team, offering versatile playstyles and significant damage potential. Her self-empowerment Ultimate enhances her damage output, and her swap-cancellable Resonance Skill makes her adaptable to different strategies, whether as a Hyper Carry or in Quick Swap teams.

4. Verina

For healing and support, consider Verina. She excels in sustaining the team with superior healing abilities and utility. Her Inherent Skill provides a one-time death immunity effect and a team-wide attack buff, enhancing survivability and damage output. Verina’s versatility in contributing damage based on her ATK makes her a valuable asset to Yinlin’s team.

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