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Wuthering Waves Jiyan Build Guide: Best Echoes, Weapons, Team comp, and more

Build Jiyan to the max potential!

Wuthering Waves is a popular action RPG that has generated significant excitement with its global release. If you’re looking to build Jiyan, a 5-star limited character, my Wuthering Waves Jiyan Build Guide is here to assist you. This guide covers the best way to build him, discussing his optimal team composition, echoes, and more.

In January 2024, the developers launched a creator program, outlining how interested individuals can join or apply. Additionally, various resources are available to aid you in the game, including redeem codes, a reroll guide, a beginner’s guide, an element guide, information on weapon types and echoes, how to play with friends, tips to earn astrite, and a tier list. You can also find details on the version 1.1 banner, troubleshooting bugs, Twitch drops, opportunities for free rewards, and instructions on how to claim them.

Jiyan Playstyle

Jiyan is a 5-star Aero character in Wuthering Waves, using a Broadblade weapon. He’s an easy-to-play DPS with some of the highest damage output. His ultimate attacks cover a large area, making it easy to deal with groups and bosses. Jiyan can also immobilize non-elite enemies for quick kills.

Wuthering Waves Jiyan
Image via Kuro Games

He excels in both AoE and single-target damage, especially with Mortefi, a 4-star partner on his banner. To keep Jiyan effective, focus on building Energy Regen and pair him with characters that can quickly recharge his energy. Overall, Jiyan is strong, straightforward, and perfect for beginners, making game progression smooth.

Jiyan upgrade materials

Most materials for Jiyan can be obtained through various means in the game, except for Pecok Flowers, which require gathering them from the map. As you gather these materials and invest them into Jiyan’s upgrades, you’ll unlock his full potential as a formidable character in your roster. Building and ascending Jiyan to maximize his potential requires gathering several materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

Character Ascension (total)

  • LF Howler Core: 4x
  • MF Howler Core: 12x
  • HF Howler Core: 12x
  • FF Howler Core: 4x
  • Roaring Rock Fist: 46x
  • Pecok Flower: 60x
  • Shell Credits: 170,000

Skill Upgrades (total)

  • LF Howler Core: 25x
  • MF Howler Core: 28x
  • HF Howler Core: 40x
  • FF Howler Core: 57x
  • Waveworn Residue 210: 25x
  • Waveworn Residue 226: 28x
  • Waveworn Residue 235: 55x
  • Waveworn Residue 239: 67x
  • Monument Bell: 26x
  • Shell Credits: 20,300,000

Jiyan Best Weapons

Choosing a weapon for Jiyan requires careful consideration of his elemental type, playstyle, and team strategy. As an AoE DPS, several excellent weapons are suitable for him. Using his signature weapon offers optimal synergy. Here are some of the top weapon choices for Jiyan:

Wuthering Waves Verdant Summit
Image via Kuro Games

Verdant Summit

Jiyan’s signature weapon is excellent for him and other damage-focused Broadblade users. It offers a huge main stat boost to critical damage, a permanent 12 percent generic damage boost, and up to 48 percent increased heavy attack damage after using one or two skills or a Resonance Liberation.

Lustrous Razor

This top Broadblade option competes only with some four-star weapons with multiple copies or limited five-star weapons. It has high base attack, attack percentage, good energy regeneration, and a stackable Resonance Liberation attack damage bonus that increases with Resonance Skills.


The best four-star Broadsword, it grants a main stat boost to critical rate and an easy-to-access ability that provides a stacking attack percentage buff with basic or heavy attacks.

Helios Cleaver

A generic option that grants a stacking attack percentage buff after using your Resonance Skill. It starts at zero and gains one stack every two seconds up to four stacks, reaching a maximum after eight seconds. The buff resets after reaching the stack cap limit, making it less consistent than other options but still viable if you lack better choices.

Jiyan Best Echoes

Selecting the best echoes for Jiyan is essential to fully unlock his potential as a top-tier AoE DPS character. Echoes provide vital enhancements that can significantly boost Jiyan’s damage output and overall effectiveness in battle. Below are the top echo choices for Jiyan, each tailored to amplify his strengths and mitigate any drawbacks.

Wuthering Waves Feilian Beringal Echo
Image via Kuro Games

Feilian Beringal

Feilian Beringa is the best main echo to equip for Jiyan, although the animation is quite long, the damage is worth it. Additionally, it can be swap-cancelled, allowing you to switch to a teammate immediately after using the skill. This lets you continue actions while the attack is still executing, effectively eliminating the drawback.

Sierra Gale

  • 2pc: 10% Aero DMG
  • 5pc: Aero DMG +30% for 15s when Intro Skill is used

Straightforward for Jiyan’s needs, the best option is to use a full set that enhances his capabilities. However, if you can’t obtain all five pieces of the optimal set, you can mix and match two-piece sets. Combining Sierra Gale and Lingering Tunes will grant you a 10 percent Aero damage boost and a 10 percent attack increase, effectively enhancing Jiyan’s performance.

Jiyan Best Teammates

For the last part of this Wuthering Waves Jiyan Build Guide, it’s crucial to consider the synergy between characters to maximize the effectiveness of Jiyan in a team. Considering these factors when assembling a team with Jiyan can lead to a well-rounded and synergistic lineup that excels in combat. Here are some top choices for Jiyan’s teammates:

Wuthering Waves Jiyan
Image via Kuro Games

1. Mortefi

Mortefi is an ideal teammate for Jiyan, specializing in buffing heavy attack damage with his “Deepen” Outro. This acts as a significant multiplier due to the special “Deepen” scaling mechanic. Jiyan demands a lot of field time, while Mortefi requires very little, making them a perfect combination of burst damage and buffs.

Mortefi’s Ultimate unleashes a series of coordinated attacks, needing a high hit counter to maximize its effect. Jiyan’s dragon strikes during his ultimate easily fulfill this requirement. Additionally, Mortefi’s Ultimate fires two coordinated attacks instead of one when triggered by a heavy attack, perfectly aligning with Jiyan’s empowered dragon strikes.

2. Aalto

Aalto is a solid support option for Jiyan, coming close to the total team damage output of Mortefi teams when all units are at S0, though with some downsides. Aalto’s main strength is his 23% Aero damage Deepen buff, which acts as a special multiplier boosting Jiyan’s entire burst window. This matches Mortefi’s Heavy Deepen bonus since not all of Jiyan’s attacks are heavy, but all are Aero.

While Aalto’s Aero buff is excellent, he lacks other damage-focused synergies with Jiyan, has a slightly longer rotation, and requires positional maneuvering around his Gates. Despite being harder to play, Aalto is a good substitute if Mortefi is unavailable or unpreferred.

3. Verina

Verina is an excellent healing support, capable of running the 5-piece Rejuvenating Glow set alongside a Bell-Borne Geochelone echo, providing both offensive and defensive buffs. Verina’s rotation options to access her Ultimate and Concerto are fast and easy to execute, allowing ample field time for other teammates.

Her Outro grants all allies a 15% generic damage Deepen buff for 30 seconds, making it the most flexible and powerful Outro in the game. Unlike other units, Verina’s buff is unrestricted and applies to all allies. Additionally, she provides a 20% attack boost and a Cheat Death ability, preventing one death every 10 minutes. Verina is universal, flexible, requires little field time, and excels in any team.

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