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DEMIS RE:BORN Interview: Project Director discusses IP adaptation, long-term plans, and more

What's in store with the upcoming title?

DEMI RE:BORN, a collectible RPG for mobile devices by Netmarble, is in development based on Netmarble F&C’s original IP, Grand Cross. Among the games that were showcased at the recently concluded G-STAR 2023 event, the game is under development with a focus on a launch in 2024. To get more insights on the game before its global launch, we at GamingonPhone sat with Chris Park, the Executive Project Director of DEMIS RE:BORN for an interview to discuss Grand Cross IP adaptation, in-game details, long-term plans, and more interesting details.

What was the reason for renaming Grand Cross S to DEMIS RE:BORN?

Grand Cross S was the project name, but we needed a formal name to brand the game itself. I wouldn’t say we changed the name of the game from Grand Cross S to Demis Re:born, but rather we finalized the name of the game.

The visuals in the trailer are fantastic. In your opinion, how do the art style and graphics contribute to the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of the game?

demis re;born gameplay
Image via Netmarble

We want our players to enjoy our story, immerse themselves in the Demis Re:born’s world, encounter events, and become attached to our characters. Therefore, we put a lot of thought and research into the art style to represent our world and our characters’ compelling superpowers. We’re very focused on making a visually pleasing experience that seeks to excite and draw the player in.

How does the original IP, Grand Cross, contribute to the storytelling and world-building in DEMIS RE:BORN?

The phenomenon of connections between dimension to dimension in the IP is referred to as a Grand Cross. This phenomenon allows transcendent beings to appear in the world. The individual stories of each of these transcendents are currently being serialized as webtoons and web novels.

While we can’t disclose it at this time, there is a Korean-related transcendent faction in our game, and the transcendent already revealed in the webtoon belongs to that faction. As the story of our game progresses, transcendents that are naturally related will appear in the story. In addition, there are many settings and designs related to webtoons and web novels – fun easter eggs for fans to look out for.

With the mention of Connectors and Transcedents, what Character classes and abilities can we expect to come?

Connectors (the protagonists) have the ability to detect and retrieve OOPARTS(Out-of-place artifacts). Transcendents are aligned with different factions for their own purposes. As the scenario progresses, the Transcendents will have the same goals as the Connectors and will naturally join their allies (or not), so it’s a partnership with a common goal.

demis re_born gameplay 2
Image via Netmarble

The Connectors and Transcendents will also have many emotional interactions as they face adversity together through various events. The way the Transcendents look at and treat the Connectors will change slightly, and we expect that users will find the Transcendents charming and enjoyable. Character classes and abilities will be revealed progressively, so please stay tuned for more information.

How does the game approach in-app purchases and monetization without compromising the player experience?

Basically, there will be monetization regarding collecting characters as you would expect. However, we want to make sure that they are valuable by making it fun to use them in a variety of ways. We’re still working on the details of this system, focusing on the quality and fun of the game itself.

What challenges did the development team face in adapting an existing IP with carrying the original?

Demis Re:born is part of the Grand Cross universe. However, we are preparing our own original story for the title based on the Grand Cross universe, so we don’t have to deal with the difficulties of a separate adaptation process but we are focusing on creating a fun and engaging original story for Demis Re:born.

What features are in place to encourage long-term engagement and player retention in DEMIS RE:BORN?

I think the high-quality graphics and characters with their own personalities and charm also set Demis Re:born apart as a new collectible RPG. But most of all, I want to highlight the world map. There have been games that have borrowed world maps before.

demis re:born gameplay 3
Image via Netmarble

However, in my judgment, they have a PC and console-centered operation, or they have the convenience of mobile operation, but the fun factor is somewhat lacking.

Therefore, we are trying to fully show the charm of the transcendents through main quests and subquests within the world map, and we are also actively borrowing exploration/collection elements, puzzle and arcade elements, etc. to construct a world bursting with rich personality that’s fun to explore.

That’s all for our DEMIS RE:BORN interview! Did you feel we missed out on any query in this DEMIS RE:BORN Interview? Let us know in the comment section below!

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